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Hungry for Justice? Come to this conference!

15-09-2004 17:22

Hungry for Justice: Power, sovereignty and people - A conference on achieving
world food justice

Saturday 9th October 2004

10 am to 4.15 pm

Quaker Meeting House
St. James' Street
Sheffield City Centre

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Countryside Alliance cartoon

15-09-2004 16:59

If this is any use to anyone

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???Why dident we do what the CA have done??????

15-09-2004 16:48

Why have we not made this much media impact. Why do we have such fucking stupid, Ignorable A to B marches.

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Pro Hunt Protestors Attacked By Police, Parliament Suspended

15-09-2004 16:34

The big demo in london today (10-20,000) by pro-hunt supporters was attacked by police, with many being injured.

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New Deal for Communities (burngreve)

15-09-2004 16:32

Ministers have recently published a report on the New Deal for Communities. Community infighting, lack of trust and lack of help from local authorities are blamed. The following article is from the Guardian/Press Association.

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6 dead in Nablus, 30 injured - Israelis kill 10 year old girl

15-09-2004 16:11

In the early hours of this morning there was a major invasion in the centre of Nablus, not far from Al Najah university. Six people were killed, one of them a girl of ten years old. Around thirty were injured, nearly all of them children. At least two of the injured are still in critical condition.

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Ruck in Parliament Square

15-09-2004 16:10

It couldn't happen to 2 nicer groups of people - the cops are clashing with the cuntryside alliance types down in Parliament Square as Toney attempts to atone with a meaningless ban on hunting ........

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ESF Update Report on technology, media centres, and politics

15-09-2004 15:22

Communications, Media and Technology at the ESF 2004

A report compiled from documents published over the last year, and updated to give the latest situation.

There's a lot missing from here, especially all of the positive and constructive proposals made by various of the "horizontal" activists around website tools and communications structures designed to increase participation and transparency in the ESF process.

We know that the details of the logistics of a particular social forum tend to be the responsibily of the local organising committee / process, however there are some areas that have an impact of the very real political shape of the event, and are themselves political, and which should concern us all.

Communication structures and tools, websites, mailing lists, computers, media centres, press policies, software platforms, and licensing of media are all highly political issues, yet they have been dismissed as mere practicalities by many involved in the uk ESF process.

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block the countryside alliance

15-09-2004 14:04

Below is the mobile number of the Countryside Alliance Press Officer.

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New Deal for Communities report

15-09-2004 13:56

Ministers have recently published a report on the New Deal for Communities. Community infighting, lack of trust and lack of help from local authorities are blamed. The following article is from the Guardian/Press Association.

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Cambridge Immigration and Asylum Films & Forum

15-09-2004 13:54

Cambridge Indymedia and the Cambridge Action Network presents the "Cambridge Immigration and Asylum Films & Forum"

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more blunket images

15-09-2004 13:52

another images from blunket protest created for imagedotlowtechdotorg & sheffield indy media..

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Public meeting IRAQ: Bring The Troops Home..

15-09-2004 13:17

7:30, Wednesday, 22nd Sep
The Library Theatre, Tudor Square, Sheffield (between the Winter Gardens and
the Crucible)

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Fadwa Barghouti, wife of prisoner Marwan Barghouti..

15-09-2004 13:10

1. Thursday 16th Sep

You are invited to a public meeting with Fadwa Barghouti, wife of political
prisoner Marwan Barghouti on Thursday September 16th, 7.30 pm. at St. matthews
Rooms, Carver St, off Division St.

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County Court Action of Closing down Nursery in Bournbrook Today

15-09-2004 11:31

Closure of the renovated Nursery by Birmingham Council in the Priory Court Today!

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IMC @ ESF: 4 days of Communication Rights +Tactical Media Production

15-09-2004 10:25

There will be an IMC centre open daily at the Camden Centre, near kings cross, and other imc / alt media access nodes in other autonomous venues. The camden centre will house four days of Communication Rights discussion and Tactical Media Production - a collaboration between progressive electronic networks, community media and privacy groups. This is but one of the many autonomous spaces and initiatives around the ESF. More info coming soon...

You can download this info as a one page A4 PDF flyer:

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The Walks Carnival stand has queues out of the door

15-09-2004 09:34

Visitors were queueing out of the tent to see the multi-colour version
of the trees plan at the Walks Action Group's stall in King's Lynn's
Charter Carnival on Sunday 12 September.

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THE COSTS OF WAR IN IRAQ — Homepage EMBEDABLE COUNTER — + 3 Important Websites!

15-09-2004 07:36

Now that well over 1,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and well over 11,000 (high estimates are up to 18,000) maimed and seriously wounded there — American soldiers who have killed at least 20 *TIMES* that many Iraqi civilians and maimed and wounded perhaps 10's of 1,000's of Iraqi civilians — it's time to post this again. This was first posted by me, JA, July 25, 2003 (just a little over a year ago):

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Council Seeks to Evict The Nursery Social Centre, Birmingham

15-09-2004 07:11

PRESS RELEASE - by The Nursery Social Centre

Occupiers threatened with eviction - court case today

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Sixteen documentary photographs from the Republican Convention in New York City

15-09-2004 05:23 2004 Republican National Convention protests, New York City
A sixteen-picture photo essay of the Republican National Convention protests in New York City