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Cambridge Immigration and Asylum Films & Forum

IMC Cambridge/Cambridge Action Network | 15.09.2004 13:54 | Migration | Cambridge

Cambridge Indymedia and the Cambridge Action Network presents the "Cambridge Immigration and Asylum Films & Forum"

films, 7:30pm Sun 3 October @ The Geldart, Ainsworth Street.

IOM The Film (Gina Bremen 2003, 30 mins) Tackling the International Organisation of Migration -­ learn more about an influential organisation that profits from border regimes.

"WELCOME" (Camcorder Guerillas, 2004, 20 mins) The story of three refugees - unable to return to their countries - living in a stateless limbo on Glasgow's streets.

Woomera Breakout (SKA TV 2002, 30 mins) Easter 2002, activists converge on the Woomera Detention Centre in Australia and around 50 detainees break out. This documentary tells the full story...

forum, 7:30 - 9: 30pm Wed 6 October @ The Bharat Bhavan (Old Library), 117-119 Mill Road

Speakers include: Bob Hughes (No One is Illegal), Linda Fiagbedzi (Cambridge Refugee Support Group), Louise Pirouet (Cambridge Oakington Concern), and a member of the Cambridge Bail Circle. Followed by an OPEN FLOOR DISCUSSION.

IMC Cambridge/Cambridge Action Network


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