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Cambridge boatpeople revolt!

03-08-2004 21:46

Cam residents step up campaign
Published on 03 August 2004

HOUSEBOAT owners have stepped up their campaign against plans to ban them from part of the River Cam in the winter.

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Murder of a Father

03-08-2004 21:42

Ahssan Abdul Azziz with daughters
Welsh Activist, Helen Williams, based in Baghdad, reports on a family's personal tragedy. Their father, Ahssan Abdul Aziz, is killed by American troops. A friend of the family - Helen can vouch for his innocence. The authorities will not even take the name of the deceased. This is a very moving account.

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HMP Forest Bank No Borders Demo

03-08-2004 21:32

A demo took place last Sunday, 1st August at HMP Forest Bank in salford in support of refugees and migrants detained there following riots at Harmondsworth Detention Centre. This was part of a national weekend of action opposing the governments racist and oppressive asylum and immigration policy.

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Darfur Refugees Intimidated?

03-08-2004 19:57

Propaganda about the Sudanese doesn't appear to be consistent...

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Scottish Reiki Festival 2004

03-08-2004 19:23

Scottish Reiki Festival 2004

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"Wars are Good for the Economy": The Global Free Trade System

03-08-2004 17:09

"The international free market was created artificially in the 18th and 19th centuries with the force of the English colonial state and did not develop naturally from the free exchange of goods as neoliberals constantly claim. According to Polanyi, foreign trade originally had the character of piracy, robbery and belligerent conquest more than peaceful exchange.."

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Military may stop animal rights extremists

03-08-2004 17:09

Scientists and senior figures in the pharmaceutical industry have been reassured by ministers that they are ready to use the Army to stop animal rights fanatics from blocking construction of a new research facility at Oxford University.

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Legal Aid

03-08-2004 17:00

Legal aid spending on immigration and asylum cases has risen more than five-fold over the last seven years.

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Eviction Alert - Two Mile Coppice, Weymouth.

03-08-2004 16:03

Eviction Alert: Two Mile Coppice, Weymouth, Dorset. A recently established protest camp, to stop the destruction of an ecologiocally rich habitat has been served it's papers. The Eviction could happen anytime from Thursday.

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Labour Party membership crisis

03-08-2004 16:02

labour membership below 190,000

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Action Alert: Help Cancel Showcase of Chinese Army

03-08-2004 15:55

Every year, Scotland hosts an event called the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, that showcases military bands from around the world. The prestigious event is attended by 217,000 people and broadcast around the world to a television audience of millions. This year, the Tattoo organizers have invited the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

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So where's all the outrage about Sudan?

03-08-2004 15:26

Far-left hypocrisy - so what's new...

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Nu Labour Apparatchiks destroy fire pay deal

03-08-2004 14:47

Nu-Labour apparatchiks/councillors pack meeting to destroy Fire pay deal

'Nick Raynsford has stepped in behind the scenes to wreck this deal. He does not want agreement on any terms, he only wants confrontation. He threatened to withdraw the £30 million transitional funding if a deal was reached'

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"First Light" award scheme presentation - 5/8/04

03-08-2004 14:24

Oxford Film and Video Makers presents

REEL ONE: The network evening at OFVM for scriptwriters, film makers and digital creators to meet and get to know who's doing what.

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One law for us...

03-08-2004 14:23

Let down again.

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URGENT - support eco-prisoner Tre Arrow

03-08-2004 14:18

Please email, phone, write to attorny general of BC, Canada in solidarity with eco-activist Tre Arrow

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03-08-2004 14:01

PRESS RELEASE From the Campaign to Close Campsfield Immigrant Detention Centre

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Ambient Green Picnic – August 2004

03-08-2004 13:56

The Ambient Green Picnic is an annual event in Guildford. This year it took place on Sunday 1 August 2004.

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Beenie Man's so-called apology

03-08-2004 13:52

Dancehall artist Beenie Man's office has released a statemnt "apologising" for his hate-lyrics. However, the "apology" neither mentions who he is apologising to nor whathe is apologising for. A satisfactory apology would go along the lines of:
(1) Acknowledging the suffering he has caused and apologise to the people he has victimized.
(2) Make a positive statement affirming his respect for gay people and his condemnation of homophobic violence.
(3) Come to an agreement with the record companies to withdraw his murder songs from circulation or, if this cannot be agreed, donate his royalties from these songs to a gay organisation campaigning against homophobic violence, such as J-Flag.

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You are the media!

03-08-2004 13:51

Dear friends, reports today that 917 U.S. GI’s have been killed in Iraq. Details follow. Please spread this news as widely as possible as corporate media is working hard to hide the truth. You are the media! jamie