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URGENT - support eco-prisoner Tre Arrow

wild at heart | 03.08.2004 14:18 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | World

Please email, phone, write to attorny general of BC, Canada in solidarity with eco-activist Tre Arrow

Tre Arrow (known to authorities as Michael Scarpitti) was arrested in mid-march for stealing some boltcroppers, and now being held in remand on suspicion of involvement with two acts of eco sabotage: arson of machinery in the United States. He is currently in a bad way and wants solidarity.

Tre's weight has dropped to 91 pounds. The jailers are refusing him raw vegan food. He is in segregation and locked down for 23 hrs a day. The jailers have taken away his blankets. After 10 yrs of vegan raw food, cooked food is indigestable for him, and he is now weak and near starving.

He is requesting we email, write and call the Attorny General of British Columbia, Canada. He is known by his former name of Micahel Scapitti, and is being held at the North Fraser Pre-Trial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Write to:
Honourable Geoff Plant,

phone: 250 387 1866

address: PO Box 9044 STN PROV GOVT
VIctoria, BC, V8W 9E2, Canada

Fax: 250 387 6411

this is a very critical time for Tre. Please don't feel it wouldn't make a difference, we have proof time and time again that it often CAN.

also, please keep his spirits alive by sending letts of support to him.
Tre Arrow,
C/O Rudy Kischer, Embarkation Law Group,
609 W Hastings St
6th Floor,
BC, V6B4W4.

and finally, he MAY be offered bail soon, which is likely to be a lot. if you have money and can possibly help, please send cheques payable to: Tre Arrow Legal Defence Fund
address: PO Box 29, Roberts Creek, VC, V0n 2W0, Canada

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