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Scottish Reiki Festival 2004

Elizabeth Harley | 03.08.2004 19:23 | Culture | Education | Health | World

Scottish Reiki Festival 2004

Aberdeen Reiki Reunion 2004
Press Information 27/7/2004
Beach Ballroom Aberdeen
Sunday 15th August, 11am to 6pm
Tickets £10 at the door.
All Welcome!
As usual the Reunion is dedicated to World Peace and all proceeds go to charity. As the 15th of August is the anniversary of Dr. Usui’s birthday (World Reiki Day,) the 4th Aberdeen Reiki Reunion will open with a special Gassho and Buddhist Dedication Ceremony.

Events Include:
Special guests this year will include Eileen Bray, sound therapist from America
to perform a sonic meditation on her quartz crystal singing bowls. Sonic meditation can calm the nervous system, release emotional patterning, open new levels of awareness and activate intuition. Please bring a cushion and blanket/mat so you can lie down for this meditation. Julia Miller will be with Eileen, and will have a display of quartz crystal bowls for sale.
Robert Jefford is coming from the south of England to do an Energy Workshop for us. Robert was initiated into Reiki at age 7 in Japan. He was trained by the Soke Dai, a direct inheritor of Reiki from Dr Usui. He is Director of the Reiki Educational Institute, Kei-Ko International and has addressed audiences of over 10,000 in Japan. As well as showing us a variety of interesting (and fun!) ways of using and playing with energy, Robert will be teaching us how we can increase our Reiki energy 100 Fold!

Lynne Todd will once again be with us teaching a Dru Yoga session. Dru yoga is an Indian tradition, brought to the UK by Mansukh Patel, head of the Life Foundation.

Mark Brinsden will be offering an introductory Workshop on EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and EFT are the new buzzwords in psychology, NLP & hypnotherapy circles. They both use focused awareness and the stimulation of various acupuncture points to assist us to easily and quickly let go of any distressing emotions, from fears & phobias to guilt & trauma.

We will be holding a UK Reiki Federation Meeting so you can meet your local area representatives Annette Brooks Rooney & Mark Brinsden and North of Scotland regional co-ordinator Elizabeth Harley. Robert Jefford and Mari Stevenson will be joining us from the UKRF committee to share the latest information on Research & Development and National Occupational Standards.

Zoë Toussaint will be leading a beautiful meditation on Angels & Archangels. Zoe, Susan Cloustan and Jodie Knox will be offering Angel readings throughout the day.
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