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You are the media!

jamie | 03.08.2004 13:51

Dear friends, reports today that 917 U.S. GI’s have been killed in Iraq. Details follow. Please spread this news as widely as possible as corporate media is working hard to hide the truth. You are the media! jamie

Dear friends, reports today that 917 U.S. GI’s have been killed in Iraq. Details follow. Please spread this news as widely as possible as corporate media is working hard to hide the truth. You are the media! jamie

08/03/04 AP: Former Lebanese hostage says kidnappers wanted $5 million
A former Lebanese hostage said that his kidnappers held a sword to his neck, demanded a USD 5 million ransom and told him to close his business in Iraq, before Iraqi government forces rescued him in a raid on a militants' hideout near Baghdad.

08/03/04 Xinhuanet: Bomb attack halts oil exports through Iraq's northern pipeline
A major bomb attack happened Tuesday on the main northern pipeline from the oil fields of Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan stopped oil exports in northern Iraq, Qatar-based al-Jazeera TV reported

08/03/04 Centcom: Marine Killed in Anbar Province Confirmed
One Marine assigned to I Marine Expeditionary Force died of wounds received in action today in the Al Anbar Province while conducting security and stability operations.
08/03/04 Centcom: Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Bomb Attack
Two Task Force Baghdad Soldiers were killed and two were wounded when an improvised explosive device detonated around 11 p.m. Aug. 2

08/03/04 Xinhuanet: US Marine killed in western Iraq
A US Marine died of his wounds sustained in action in the restive al-Anbar province in western Iraq on Tuesday, the US military said.

08/03/04 AFP: Iraqi police chief killed in Baghdad roadside bombing
A Baghdad police chief was killed and two policemen wounded Tuesday when their car hit a roadside bomb in the capital, said police and hospital sources

08/03/04 Times of Oman: 7 hostages in ‘good condition’
India yesterday said an Iraqi mediator trying to secure the release of seven men, including three Indians, held captive in Iraq, has said the hostages were in “good condition”.

08/03/04 Turkey Confirms Hostage Killing
Turkey on Monday said it identified the victim of a shooting shown on a web-posted video as Murat Yuce, a cleaner working for the Bilintur catering company ... A third driver, Tevfik Alkan, is also missing ...

08/02/04 DOD: Soldiers Killed on 1st In Samarra Are Identified
Spc. Anthony J. Dixon, 20, of Lindenwold, N.J. ... Spc. Armando Hernandez, 22, of Hesperia, Calif. ... died Aug. 1, in Samarra, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device exploded near their guard post.

08/02/04 Knight Ridder: Troops clash with al-Sadr's supporters in Najaf
U.S. forces battled supporters of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in Najaf in southern Iraq Monday and may have surrounded a house where al-Sadr was staying.

08/02/04 Arabic News: Algeria, Bangladesh will not send force to Iraq
The Algerian Foreign minister Abdul Aziz Balkhadem announced that Algeria rejects the plans of sending foces to Iraq.

08/02/04 FOCUS: Another Employee of Turkish Transport Company Bilintur Missing
Shortly after the Turkish company Bilintur confirmed that one of its employees had been executed in Iraq, it announced that another of its employees had disappeared in Iraq, AFP reported.

08/02/04 AFP: No troops to Iraq under present volatile conditions: Pakistan
Pakistan said on Monday that it would not send troops to Iraq under the present "volatile and unstable" situation, after being criticised for not ruling out military deployment in time to save two Pakistani hostages from being killed by militants.

08/02/04 NYT: Scholar to go on trial in Iraq relic smuggling
Joseph Braude ... goes on trial soon, facing charges of smuggling three 4,000-year-old cylindrical marble and alabaster stone seals.

08/02/04 US forces arrest leading Iraqi editor
US occupation forces in Iraq have arrested Dr Muthana Harith al-Dhari the editor of al-Basaer newspaper (Insight) and media officer for the influential Association of Muslim Scholars.

08/02/04 AFP: Ukraine to discuss Iraq troop withdrawal
Ukraine made another strong hint on Monday that it planned to reduce or withdraw its 1,600 troops from Iraq, although the immediate date for the decision remained unclear.

08/02/04 Telegraph: American troops surround rebel cleric's house
American troops have been involved in gun battles with supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr, after they surrounded the rebel cleric's house.

08/02/04 AP: U.S. Forces Clash With al-Sadr's Gunmen
U.S. forces clashed Monday with gunmen protecting the house of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the holy city of Kufa. One woman was killed and three people were wounded, a hospital official said.

08/02/04 Reuters: Bullets fly in Iraq's holy city
A gun battle erupted on Monday evening in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf after United States troops approached the house of militant Shi'a cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, witnesses said.

US troops have surrounded the home of wanted Shi'ite Muslim radical leader Moqtada al Sadr in the Iraqi city of Najaf, according to reports.


Oil prices reach historic maximum at Asian markets
By: Itar-Tass on: 03.08.2004 [12:04 ] (14 reads)

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PARIS, August 3 (Itar-Tass) - Oil prices at Asian markets have reached a historic maximum of 44.10 dollars per barrel after the news was broken about a new attack on the Iraqi strategically important northern oil pipeline. Thus, the world market has sharply reacted to another stalemate in oil supply from the Kirkut area to the Turkish oil terminals in Ceyhan.

Oil market operators have reported that the risk bonus offered for the oil price per barrel rose to 10-12 percent. The risk surplus appeared as a result of the general strategic instability in the Near and the Middle East.

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Church/Religious Affairs, Brief

“The Christians and Muslims of Mossul have always lived as brothers, I am certain that those responsible for yesterday’s attacks in our cities were outsiders”, stated to MISNA Monsignor Paulos Faraj Rahho, Chaldean Archbishop of Mossul (350km north of the capital). “Yesterday’s explosion killed one person, some say two, and injured at least 12. The Church was practically destroyed; the windows, doors, décor, was all lost. The car-bomb exploded at around 6:45p.m. at the end of the function while the worshippers were leaving. I was celebrating mass in another Church and was informed of what occurred shortly after”, continued the prelate. “A second attack was foiled outside the Holy Spirit Church. Some Muslim neighbours warned us of the presence of a suspicious car. We immediately informed the police that brought away the vehicle”, added Monsignor Rahho, originally from Mossul. The Bishop explained that both Churches are Chaldean: “we do not know what to do, since the end of the war the nation is reigned by anarchy. I want to reiterate that these attacks are actions of few terrorists that have nothing to do with Iraqi Muslims. Since yesterday I have received constant visits and telephone calls from Muslim brothers, who are furious over what occurred and continue demonstrating their solidarity with the entire Christian community”.

Iraq's top Shiite cleric condemns coordinated bombings of Christian churches


Monday, Iraq's top Shiite Muslim cleric condemned as "hideous crimes" the coordinated bomb attacks on five churches in Baghdad and Mosul that killed 11 people and marked the first major attacks on Iraq's minority Christians since the insurgency began.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani said in a statement that Sunday's assaults on Christian churches "targeted Iraq's unity, stability and independence."