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Subvertising Ads-hell

15-05-2006 05:28

Noborders poster installed behind glass screen

A group of activists in Birmingham have managed to open Adshel bus shelters, where they put commercial adverts, using Allen keys, and have been using the space to advertise grassroots actions, such as the No Borders demonstration at Harmondsworth detention centre on 8 April, 2006.

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PRESS RELEASE: President Bush declares war on bicycles.

15-05-2006 04:22

The following is a transcript of the President's address to the Nation.

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In Defence of Human Rights

15-05-2006 00:46

This article criticises the attacks on the Human Rights Act being mounted by rightist political forces, debunking the arguments made against the Act and the idea that human rights go against the alleged rights of "victims".

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Hugo Chavez goes to Westminster 15th May 2006 at 4pm

14-05-2006 23:42

Hugo Chavez has been invited to speak with Brian Haw before he goes into Westminster.

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President Chavez in london today - pictures

14-05-2006 23:09

President Chavez in Kings Cross, London today - close up pictures

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An elephant in the Oval Office?

14-05-2006 22:41


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2nd Southend Critical Mass ends with 3 arrests

14-05-2006 22:00

Southend on sea’s second Critical Mass took place last Friday night. After being threatened with arrest (obstruction of the highway) on the first Mass, everyone was left wondering if the 2nd ride would take place.

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Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

14-05-2006 19:49

The mainstream media will never report the truth of 9-11 because the mainstream media HELPED SELL THE LIE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The mainstream media is stuck with Bush and 9-11. They signed on to help Bush sell his lies and his deceptions and his wars and there is no way they can bring the President down without brining themselves down in the process.

So, who needs the mainstream media. The public is abandoning the traditional media and getting their news from sites like this one.

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Peak Oil is so trendy!!!

14-05-2006 18:34

If there was no climate change, if oil was infinite, where would the infinite supply of oxygen come from for the car-drivers grand carbon-dioxide creating project? All considered, running out of oil might be no bad deal...

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The Oil Wars

14-05-2006 18:13

There is a lot of noise coming from Washington these days about uranium enrichment in Iran. We know the script, we've seen it all before. It's another petro-dollars war and the people of Iran are about to feel the terror.

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Short video of solidarity for Brian Haw.

14-05-2006 17:02

Sunday's defiant gathering in Parliament Square.

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Beep if U luv Brian

14-05-2006 16:23

Brian tries on his mask for size
Almost a week has passed since the courts found the Brian Haw protest to be illegal after all; yet Brian and- today - forty or fifty supporters are still very present in Parliament Square.

Add the constant beeping of passing motorists, responding to the new "Beep for Brian" sign, and it's pretty clear that the level of support and the focus of publicity is making it difficult for police to enforce the judgement.

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14-05-2006 13:58

Presidential Advisor and former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove aka (Bush's Brain) is indicted on charges of perjury and lying to investigators.

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George Galloway is unavaiable to confirm allegations on Mela corruptions

14-05-2006 13:04

Bethnal Green and Bow [London, UK] MP George Galloway was unavailable to answer questions that have arisen from his claims last week that there were crimes being committed over the Mela taking place in the Brick Lane Area today [Sunday 14 May 2006].

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Infotour G8 2007 in Greece

14-05-2006 12:54

Audiences in Athens and Patra
Around the European Social Forum ESF there were 4 audiences of the Infotour Group (dissent!) in Athens and Patra. In Athens there had been 3: At Autonomous Playground, Autonomous Spaces and the Antiauthoritarian, Egalitarian, Anarchist and Libertarian Forum. The Greek left is very segmented, also anarchist and autonomous groups. By this there had been a total of 4 parallel Forums against the official ESF (the fourth was the Antiimperialist Forum, where we didn`t show up). The audiences were mediocre attended, like 25 on the average. But discussions were interesting, many people are enthusiastic and like to be involved in further mobilizations. The new Anticapitalist Network for example would like to do their own presentations on G8 2007 in Mazedonia and Hungary.

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Petition against Pool Closure / Unwanted Change

14-05-2006 10:30

Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool!

Oxford City Council is planning to close Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, Gym and sauna suite, the only facility in the Oxford area with capacity for holding swimming galas.

This petition is sponsored by an ever-increasing group of residents who object to the proposed changes to their local swimming pool.

The views expressed in this petition are solely those of the petition's sponsor and do not in any way reflect the views of iPetitions. iPetitions is solely a provider of technical services to the petition sponsor and cannot be held liable for any damages or injury or other harm arising from this petition. In the event no adequate sponsor is named, iPetitions will consider the individual account holder with which the petition was created as the lawful sponsor.

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save our local swimming pool and gym

14-05-2006 09:57

City Council threatening to close or dramatically change our local pool againgt the wishes of the pool users.

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14-05-2006 09:50


contact: Kathleen McCarthy

Mary Sheridan, expecting her baby
in September, will be leading other
pregnant mothers from Dale Farm,
Crays Hill, Essex, at a rally in central
London on Thursday (18 May) protesting
against the threatened bulldozing of their