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George Galloway is unavaiable to confirm allegations on Mela corruptions

bricklane melan ews2006 | 14.05.2006 13:04 | Migration | London

Bethnal Green and Bow [London, UK] MP George Galloway was unavailable to answer questions that have arisen from his claims last week that there were crimes being committed over the Mela taking place in the Brick Lane Area today [Sunday 14 May 2006].

The allegations are very serious especially as they concern the image of the whole Bangladeshi community in the UK.

Galloway was party to A SERIES OF STAYTEMNNTS THAT ALLEEGD THAT OVE RTHE Mela, illegal immigrants were being smuggled into the UK and that there was a likelihood of serious violence engulfing the streets of the East End over the weekend when the Mela takes place.

Allegations of illegal immigrant smuggling under covers of cultural events that are linked with communities that are descended from Asian and other parts of the world are now new.

But such allegations whether based on actual evidence or not, cause people in society to feel apprehensive.Especially at a time when both Tony Blair and the Tories are embarked on a hysteric bid to undermine the UK's HUMAN rights legislation and curtail civil liberties by using alleged excessive behavior by alleged illegal immigrants and assorted classes of people who are implied to be non-European and Asian and African.. For that reason we wanted to ask George Galloway the questions about any evidence. He was not available.

It has been confirmed today [Sunday 14 May 2006] that Galloway was not even available on Saturday [13 May 2006] to present the first of his two-day two-hour radio slot on talksport, a commercial radio station run from London

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bricklane melan ews2006
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