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Copenhagen: Italian disobedients arrested

13-12-2002 19:19

Update on Italian disobedients arrested in Copenhagen, Friday 13/12
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World Forum Movement: Abandon or Contaminate

13-12-2002 19:19

World Forum Movement (in particular the WSF and ESF) anaylsed according to its organisation, leadership, grassroots composition; potential dead ends for the movement explored.

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Copenhagen: high security at borders

13-12-2002 19:01

High security and refuse entry at Danish borders / summary from

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Copenhagen: Arrests of italian disobedienti

13-12-2002 18:59

Arrested activists in Copenhagen / summary from imc sweden

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Copenhagen: timeline Friday 13/12

13-12-2002 18:56

Summary timeline update from

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Nirvana meets the running machine: a report on the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline meeting

13-12-2002 18:43

a report on the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline meeting, to the strains of teen spirit and exercise machines.

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Copenhagen: summary actions, demonstrations

13-12-2002 18:32

Protest and counter summit Copenhagen 12-14th December:
Summmary actions, demonstrations, activities, workshops

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The Railroad Barons Are Back - And This Time They'll Finish the Job

13-12-2002 17:52

This administration is set to complete what the railroad barons pushed the Grant administration to start: to take democracy and its institutions of governance from the hands of the human citizen/voters the Founders fought and died for, and give it to the very types of monopolistic corporations the Founders fought against when they led the Tea Party revolt against the East India Company in Boston Harbor in 1773.

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Radical Radio Broadcasting: wkend + next week (fm/net)

13-12-2002 17:22

FM radio in the area! check it out - also streaming on the net...

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Glastonbury festival refused licence

13-12-2002 17:07

Glastonbury refused licence - Michael Eavis to appeal!

Back at Mendip District Council for another marathon Glastonbury Public Entertainments Licence (PEL) hearing. It's becoming like a second home. In the end the Council voted 5-4 to refuse the licence.

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EU Summit Update: Protests, ISP Raids, Arrests

13-12-2002 16:57

UPDATE - the cops who raided the ISP this morning took away log files for a couple of sites including +/+ Several sites including ulydighed and summitinfo are still OFFLINE, due to a major denial of service attack directed at them (summitinfo has a page mirror up at )

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Fairford latest - direct from the MOD

13-12-2002 16:52

The UK Government will have to be fully consulted and agree before any United States Air Force aircraft are deployed operationally from any RAF base, including RAF Fairford.

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The Coolies of the American Empire

13-12-2002 16:32

Americans following the British Empire in decline?

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Hackney Unison officers Suspended!

13-12-2002 16:32

Wednesday 11th December, the 2 Joint Branch Secretaries of the Hackney Council branch of Unison, Brian Debus and Will Leng, were suspended along with the ex-Branch Sec., John Page.

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Farnborough Airport -- risk contours

13-12-2002 16:29

The final conditions on Farnborough Airport are being pushed through.

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13-12-2002 16:19


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Firefighters Benefit at Red Rose 18th Dec

13-12-2002 15:35

Firefighters Benefit Red Rose Club 18th December Larry Love from Alabama 3 etc

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13-12-2002 15:33

On December 11, 2002, seven people were detained in London by British police who entered various residences. At one place the police claimed that their operation was under Britain's Terrorism Act. On the evening of the 12th the police applied for an extension to questioning until the afternoon of Saturday the 14th, and this was granted...

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Giveasuget plans to change consumerism for the better

13-12-2002 15:13

GiveAsUGet is a website with a whole new way of fundraising for charity attempting to improve our relentless consumerism somewhat by taking commissions from shops and giving them to charity

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democracy in Venezuela, how you can help right now

13-12-2002 12:36

help stop US interference with democracy in Venezuela