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Copenhagen: timeline Friday 13/12

ronya | 13.12.2002 18:56

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13.00 - Copenhagen: Members of Indymedia have informed La Haine that yesterday the police entered the local of Modkraft (Danish web page of alternative information that covered with detail the incidences of the protests). The police copied all the files kept in the hard disks and they photocopied lots of information.

12.40 - Copenhagen: The Press commission of Global Roots has announced that the informative meeting foreseen for 1.00 PM is postponed until the action of massive disobedience concludes in front of the Summit.

12.15 - Copenhagen: After a stop, the march continue, even far from the Summit. It keeps arriving police troops, near 20 vans flank the manifestation in these moments. The atmosphere is still lively.

11.50 - Copenhagen: The manifestation has entered the street Torvetdegade. 4 police vans watch over the march now. Supposedly the legalized tract would conclude 500 meters before the Bella Center (building of the Summit), in the street Vejlands Allé. Starting from this point the demonstrators will use the help of the group of white overalls to continue advancing.

11.45 - Copenhagen: The mayority of the demonstrators has begun to chain its arms with others. Manu Chao sounds from the musical van.

Luca Casarini, leader of the white overalls, arrested

Copenhagen: The second informative meeting of Global Roots has finhished: 31 detainees in Copenhagen, among them, 5 representatives of the Italian disobedient movement. One of them is Luca Casarini, leader of the white overalls

Some 100-150 people have attended the second informative meeting (in Danish and German) organized by Global Roots at 8 this morning.

They give the repression info until the moment. 25 people were arrested during the night, for things such as refusing to be identified, to carry sprays or even boats of paste. Toward 6 in this morning 5 representatives of the Italian disobedient movement have been arrested, and apparently, they will be in police dependences until Monday to be deported later on. They were arrested by the Danish police at the frontier after refusing to be identified. It has not still been organized any action in solidarity with the detainees, although Italian parliamentarian have inciated contacts with the government in support to the detainees.

Global Roots has outlined the necessity that more people adhere to the proposal of confronting peacefully to the police in front of the building of the Summit. "Some 40 people are needed for the first line. We had the Italian partners but they won't be able to be there". German anarchists and disobedients of the group Avanti has offered to be part of the first line. At 9.30 all the assistants have left to the meeting towards Margareta Holmen (where thousands of activists accommodate), and later on they will go toward the Summit.

Global Roots has insisted in the symbolic and no-violent character of the actions. "The first lines will decide how much the action will last and in when it will finish", they pointed out. On the other hand "we won't accept that the police surrounds us, neither that they stop anybody in the manifestation. Likewise, we don't recommend that in the face of provocative attitudes of the police people take the disobedient decision of sitting down in the floor. We always intend to stand up chaining our arms."

In relation to the virtual blockade of the web page of Global Roots, a member of this community has declared to The Haine that "we don't know when we will be able reestablish the web page".

8.30 - Christiania, Copenhaguen: The second infomeeting started at 8 in the morning. The march against the summit willl begin after that.

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More updated info
by La Haine 4:16pm Fri Dec 13 '02 comment#34585

13/12/2002 - Last Update: 15.00

14.45 - Copenhagen: Global Roots reporting: "The massive disobeyance action is heading back to Christiania, after reaching by the Bella Center. The march is being blocked by a huge police cordon. There has not been a confrontation."

14.05 - Copenhagen: Barricade made out of 11 police vans is blocking the road. Apparently, there are no anti-riot cops standing, all of them gathered within buses. The march has crossed a police stripe marking the end of the legal stretch, and is heading towards the police barricade.

13.50 - Copenhagen: The march goes toward a police barrier that blocks the highway. The white overalls have been placed in the front part and to the lateral in an organized way.

13.30 - Copenhagen: The manifestation is arriving at the end of the legalized tract. Apparently, in this point waits a police barrier. A spokesman of Global Roots notices that "there are policemen infltrados in the manifestation and we should be careful with them."

13.20 - Copenhagen: Repressive actions against Scandinavian activists
Indymedia Sweden reports that in the last hours the Danish police has carried out diverse repressive actions against Scandinavian activist groups.

At 11:00 in today's morning the Danish police was carrying out a razzia against the internet server of diverse groups of Danish activists. About 45 policemen were registering and copying the logs of visits to the server that hosts pages like house web of antagonistic information), (site of the disobedient group Global Roots) and (site of information on the summit). is an informative service that sends short news by means of sms to the interested people. Another of the intervened places is Global Roots" that calls to carry out actions during the summit, among them an action in the net with the purpose of blocking the official server of the summit. This action is not illegal, but it is said that it is the reason given by the police for the razzia. Another effect of this police action is the that from njow on, all the electronic mail messages, user's names and passwords as well as the logs of visits in those computers is in the hands of the police. Although it is very difficult that the Danish police could make use of this information in a legal way, it will be saved, just in case...

On the other hand, at 10.00 PM yesterday, a bus with Swedish union activists was retained 2 kilometers before arriving in Copenhagen during two hours and forty minutes. After this period they were allowed to heading for the camp, but before that the danish police commited incidents of abuses to three activists, while one of the demonstrators was expelled directly of the country.

Demonstration Against Racism at 17.00: "No to Fortress Europe and Schengen". (Enghave Plads) :::

17.50 - Copenhagen: Between 3000 and 5000 people are now leaving Enghave Plads. Many demonstrators carry torches. Police units are few, there is scarcely one van leading the march.

18.25 - Copenhagen: Thousands of people stroll along Vestergarde St. towards Rodhuspladsen. ATTAC and United List blocks are remarkable, with the motto: "Stand for the right to asylum. Let's stop the European Fortress". There are placards pro- comunism and maoism ("Cheers to maoism. Free President Gonzalo", as reclaimed by a support gropu to Peruvian Communist Party) as well as anarchist and pro-palestinian flags. Also remarkable are the communist (Leftist Youth) and antifascist blocks from Sweden (AFA), as well as SOS Racism-Norway.

18.35 - Copenhagen:The atmosphere is very cheerful. Many organisations and networks condemn EU's policies of exclusion, besides from exposing a great variety of ideas. A placard claims: "Stop the plan against Batasuna".

18.45 - Copenhagen: The demonstration is now passing by Tivoli. No Border, SAF, Rod Ungdom (Left Youth), Norway Communist Party, Dansk Youth Sotialists and World People Resistance Movement blocks are also exhibiting their mottos within the march. About 10 police vans and 50 anti-riot cops watch the rear of the march.

18.55 - Copenhagen: The placard in the lead asks for "Rights for everyone. Stop racism and discrimination". People dances to the sound of "Oh bella, ciao".

19.00 - Copenhagen: An activist from ATTAC has reported to La Haine that "it is not true that moderate organisations are main in this march. We are not revolutionaries, we are radical reformists. For instance: we are not against the existance of propietors, we are for everybody to be one".

19.20 - Copenhagen: The demonstration has reached Rodhauspladsen, end of the course. An activist from the swedish antifascist organistation AFA has reported to La Haine that "we are not arranging anything along with ATTAC because we don't agree with their hope of marching towards a good-human capitalism. We're not radical reformists because we don't want to reform a thing. We understand that the system has to be completely destroyed in order to create a new one based upon solidarity and revolutionary socialism. Anyway, this march is against racism and we are not against anyone to participate, everyone with its own views".