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Peace group warns IDF officers: We have evidence of war crimes

04-08-2002 21:18

Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace organization, has in past months sent threatening letters to Israel Defense Forces officers who are on duty in the territories. The letters claim that the officers are guilty of offenses tantamount to war crimes. The officers have been warned in these letters that the movement is monitoring their actions, and that Gush Shalom intends to compile information against them which will be submitted to the International Criminal Court.

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Sharon's creation, Hamas strikes again

04-08-2002 20:53

At least nine people were killed and 38 were wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up on an Egged bus filled with soldiers which was travelling near the northern town of Safed a short time before 9 A.M. Sunday morning.

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Seven Basic Propaganda Devices

04-08-2002 20:43

Jewish student groups in the Diaspora can use the flag of their own country side by side with the Israeli flag, where appropriate, to lend support to Israel. In a sports-loving country (such as Australia), students can make people aware of famous Israeli sportsmen and sportswomen, in order to transfer positive feelings (about a football team) to Israel.

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Unique health survey implicates Hinkley (Nuke Power)

04-08-2002 19:58

A group of committed parents has conducted a unique
doorstep survey of its own community and discovered
appalling levels of cancer just five miles from Hinkley Point nuclear power station.

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04-08-2002 17:36

... posting above is very typical for this “progressive” indymedia-web. There is:
a. pure biological racism
b. homophoby
c. pro-monarchism
d. anti-socialism
e. “traditional christian value”

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Two Sides to a Story

04-08-2002 17:11

Eye Witness Account

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15 Aug defend South African protestors against neo-liberalism

04-08-2002 16:22

Join the International Protest
4.30pm onwards, Thursday 15 August
South Africa House, Trafalgar Square (Charing Cross tube.)
On the day the protesters go to court in South Africa • Protests also in New York and Washington
Called by Globalise Resistance, supported by War on Want

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Fifteen inconsistencies that suggest there was a massacre in Jenin

04-08-2002 16:15

Fifteen major inconsistencies in the Israeli line on the Jenin invasion in April 2002 point to a systematic and large-scale cover-up of what I now believe was a massacre. Time and again Israel has been shown to have lied in its statements about Jenin. Despite a UN Report being unable to demonstrate that there was no massacre, it has been widely reported that there was no massacre. This article is intended to show that enough evidence exists for us to guess at what happened and to believe that - yes - there was a massacre.

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Selfridges protest dissappointing

04-08-2002 16:02

Few in number - little in effect - we must keep trying, and must spread the word further.

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04-08-2002 15:40

Anti-nuclear direct action group, Trident Ploughshares, are going to kick of their annual International disarmament camp at the nuclear bases on the Clyde with a blockade of faslane tommorrow morning at 7am.

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Boycott israeli goods!!!

04-08-2002 14:01

Boycott israeli goods!!!

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Chile: Movilización Mapuche

04-08-2002 10:56

Chile: Movilización Mapuche
Movilización en Santiago por la "Liberación de los Presos Políticos

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Paradoxes of injustice: war and crises

04-08-2002 10:12

This leads to the last and greatest paradox: The Bush Administration's use of war to resolve the domestic crises might just exacerbate all the internal contradictions...

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'Security' Eject Campaigners From Selfridges

04-08-2002 10:02

'Security' Eject Campaigners From Selfridges
A view from inside selfridges on the day people demonstrated against the store continuing to go against their own Christmas pledge to remove illegal products manufactured in Occupied Palestinian terroritories (3rd August 2002).

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demonstrators gather outside marylebone cop shop (audio)

04-08-2002 04:03

after todays actions at Selcoffins, activists and friends gather outside marylebone police station in solidarity with arested rythms of resistance sambista... [ good luck eva : ) from us all xxx ]

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His name is TERROR (by Latuff)

04-08-2002 03:27

His name is TERROR (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Drax, Trident, lowered immune systems and Legionnaires

03-08-2002 23:44

At the heart of the nuclear vortex, people fall ill. Some terminally

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call from

03-08-2002 23:38

Latin America is getting tensed. Here A translation from a call off read for more happenings in Latin America >>>>

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Spanish police monitored activists

03-08-2002 22:57 was under extensive surveillance by the Spanish police

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Glasgow radicals go it alone

03-08-2002 22:40

Glasgow - radical bookshop, the John MacLean Centre, a not-for-profit workers co-oprative serves notice on mutinational book-selling chainstores that their time is up.