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The spying, carcinogenic fuckers

15-08-2004 19:35

Emissions from British Army spying equipment has been blamed for gross birth defects in livestock in the South Armagh area.

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frre media workshops by pavillion media in leeds

15-08-2004 17:58


MOOT is a unique opportunity for people over the age of 16 to attend three five-day workshops to express their ideas through cutting-edge media arts

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Venezuela Solidarity Demonstration at Edinburgh Festival

15-08-2004 17:34

start of demo at Bristo Place, in the background festival venue

A spontaneous demonstration in solidarity with the people of Venezuela took place in Edinburgh, Sunday, 15th of august, co-inciding with the simultaneous referendum against Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, and initiator of massive social reforms benefiting the poor. The Edinburgh Fringe festival also co-incided with the demonstration, lending a high profile of publicity to the cause of the demonstration, particular when the demonstration with comedian Mark Thomas accidently met the Edinburgh Samba School, the party rocked.

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15-08-2004 17:29

While scholars debate the legal definition of genocide and governments look the other way, thousands of civilians around the world succumb to the armies of hate. What do we need to know in order to take action and stop the slaughter of innocents?

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rampART cinema call for films/speakers

15-08-2004 16:26

This wednesday 18th the regular rampart wednesday night free cinema will be showing films about reclaimed spaces and struggles to retain them - land squats, eco-communities, evictions, travellers, social centres etc.

We also plan to get people to come in an speak about the current situation with projects such as Use Your Loaf, Sutton Street, Chalk Farm Autonomous Lab and the ex-Grand Banks plus some continental feedback from people involved in similar projects elsewhere....

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Blood Money: The Human-Capital Equation of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

15-08-2004 14:40

When a state is determined to pursue war, and all forms of indirect symbolic protest actions have failed to sway politicians to halt their imperialist aggression, the only remaining option is direct action by the working class. One option is a general strike by workers that can effect the production and transpiration of military capital, that is the materials essential for the war machine. The other is to deprive the military of the labor it needs to fight the war.

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Venezuela Solidarity, indymedia access point, plus party

15-08-2004 13:11

From 6pm tonight (sunday 15th august), RAMPART STREET E1 is hosting a party for those who have been taking part in the Venezuela Week of Solidarity and the demonstration outside the american embassy during the recall referendum in Venezuela.

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venuzuala solidarity / rampart video

15-08-2004 12:57

9 minute video
17 mb file
mpeg4 avi format (with mp3 audio)


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SUDAN: What's the TRUTH behind the crisis in Darfur?

15-08-2004 06:38


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Hands Off Venezuela! London demo outside US Embassy today

15-08-2004 05:02

picket the US embassy (grosvenor sq) today from 2pm, to tell them "Hands Off Venezuela!". meeting noon onwards near speakers' corner for a "Bolivarian picnic"...

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An open letter to Greece

15-08-2004 03:36

An open letter to Greece:
to its authorities, its media and its citizens

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Venezuelan opposition intent on disruption

15-08-2004 02:30

Desperate measures on the part of the Venezuelan opposition to obstruct and delay the installation of voting posts for the Venezuelan referendum.

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Venezuelan Opposition Press Preparing to Allege Fraud

15-08-2004 01:51

The private television stations in Venezuela have begun a campaign to create consensus in international public opinion that governmental fraud has taken place.

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Narco News on Venezuela Vote in English

15-08-2004 01:30

More English-language news appears on Narco News' "NarcoSphere" section, from half a dozen Narco News reporters who are in Venezuela...

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Cambridge local press pro-fascist?

15-08-2004 01:21

The Cambridge Evening News, monopoly local newspaper in Cambridge, seems to have been giving the National Front a remarkably sympathetic hearing in recent articles, uncritically reporting their boasts to get 100 people on their demo (which turned out to be about 12), and their slippery attempts to make their fascist position respectable. Are there fascists working for the Cambridge Evening News, or is this just a misguided attempt at 'objectivity'? And what can we do about it?

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Summary of news from Venezuela

15-08-2004 00:46

Extracts of news from Venezuela on Saturday 14th, from pro-Chavez site Asamblea Popular Revolucionaria (times below link to the original articles in Spanish - corrections or clarifications from Spanish speakers or Venezuela experts welcome):

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Venezuela: Communique of the Popular Bases Movement

15-08-2004 00:45

Translated communique on strategy regarding the referendum

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"Deportations of asylum seekers have taken a vicious new turn"

14-08-2004 22:29

Deportations of asylum seekers, abuse in detention centres...

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BLOCKADE FASLANE - Carry on up the Clyde: August 23rd

14-08-2004 22:23

On 23rd August, hundreds of peace activists will blockade, and shut down the base at Faslane, home to the UK's illegal nuclear weapons programme. This action, organised by Trident Ploughshares and Scottish CND, is just the latest in a series of mass direct actions bringing attention to UK government preparations for genocide. Be there, to uphold the law, and celebrate life over death, peace over war!