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New government announcement gives us an opportunity to smash ASBOs

01-09-2004 01:05

The government's flagship "Asbo Ambassadors" are a sitting duck for activists to begin the fight against these fascist laws.

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01-09-2004 00:10


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Anti-Copyright Cinema : SUPERSIZE ME! : this friday @ rampART

31-08-2004 23:51

Friday Night Anti-Copyright Cinema @ the Rampart Social Centre

On the 25th August, Tufnells Parks' ex-Grand Banks Social Centre was evicted in a pre-dawn raid by baliffs and police. The liberated space had been a thriving centre of community activitiy for over six months. One of the regular events, held every Friday evening, was the Anti-Copyright Cinema. Described as acts of disobedience against intellectual property rights and the monopolisation of accumulative knowledge - free films in other words!

This week only (in defiance against the closure of autonomous spaces and in solidarity with those who have had their social centre taken away from them), the rampART is hosting it's own Friday Evening Anti-copyright Cinema, featuring a premiere of Supersize Me which gets it's official release in UK cinemas seven days later.

Also screening
* The Corporation (19 minute version)
* Consumption
and, if we can obtain copies in time
* McLibel Two Worlds Collide
* McSpotlight the video
plus loads of other amusing shorts.

There will be appropriate food and drink available (do you want fries with that?)
and a late night jam session (so bring your instruments) as we'll have the stage and PA setup for the gig on Saturday night [4th Sept : Gertrude + God Like Animals + The Rub]

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‘Hear Our Voice: Rosia Montana is Not For Sale!’

31-08-2004 22:55

The FanFest Project reached its climax last night when it attracted a crowd of 4000 people to the FanFest (Hay Party) Protest Concert in Rosia Montana. Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) which is 80% owned by the Canadian-based mining junior Gabriel Resources (TSX:GBU) intends to realize Europe's largest open cast gold mining project in Rosia Montana. This is the story of the people’s resist.

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Speech by Alan L. Maki of Minnesotans for Peace and Social Justice at the Sunday

31-08-2004 21:24

Speech by Alan L. Maki of Minnesotans for Peace and Social Justice at the Sunday, August 29, 2004 Detroit Lakes, Minnesota; United States of America; Peace March and Rally

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hatesingers cause ReggaeinthePark cancellation

31-08-2004 20:03

Reggae in the Park festie cancelled.

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Smash EDO! Peace Camp, Brighton - Action Update

31-08-2004 18:56

Brighton-based EDO MBM are part of the massive EDO corporation who manufacture all sorts of nasty weapons. EDO MBM themselves manufacture bomb release mechanisms for F-16 and Tornado fighter-bombers for use by the UK in Iraq. They have a massive contract with the MoD and are on record as being proud to support the occupation of Iraq. Activists are staging a protest camp from the 29th August to the 2nd of September to take action and build a successful campaign against the death profiteers.

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2 Videos: Peoples Photography 2004 / Going off the Rails

31-08-2004 18:54

2 Videos

Going off the Rails

Peoples Photography 2004

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women on waves

31-08-2004 18:08

information on the situacion lived by the boat women on waves that has been stopped from entering portueguese watters by the governement and appeal for action

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thoughts from a UK activist in New York

31-08-2004 17:52

It has been an extremely interesting week here in new york, I have never been at an event that has had such a consistent level of protests, actions, meetings and creative responses spread over more than a week. There have literally been thousands of people on the streets every day since friday protesting against the Bush agenda.

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Save Newsham Park

31-08-2004 16:11

Hipocrysy and double standards shown by one of the protagonists of the "Save Newsham Park" campaign

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Palestinian Political Prisoners. Demands and Contacts for Action. Sep 1st.

31-08-2004 15:26

Make demands with your solidarity actions.

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31-08-2004 15:25

Thought this may be of interest to you in Oxford

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The Scandal of Firgrove Court

31-08-2004 14:44

Pavilion, a RSL, is trying to kick out its tenants from Firgrove Court, a small of estate of 28 maisonettes in Farnborough town centre, to enable the estate to be demolished for a car park for a superstore, part of an unwanted town centre redevelopment. Pavilion claim they are making no money on this disposal! Why go through all the hassle, why is the issue extremely sensitive?

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Education is not a Commodity for Trade

31-08-2004 14:29

"Educational policy can and must bring light into globalization.. The world is no longer as simple as in biblical times when the traders could be simply chased out of the temple. Education must remain master in its own house. The dream of humanity of a global peaceful coexistence thorugh encounter and enlightenment is too precious.. Education itself is not merchandise or a commodity.."

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the deaths have started: Nablus inhabitants lay to rest female martyr-london act

31-08-2004 14:20

the point of the global day of action was to prevent the strickers from dying. we must show solidarity.organise locally.
meet 7-730 Autonomüs :Lab Resistance And Rebellion

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Taking up peace, putting down arms. c what some have to say about this one.

31-08-2004 13:11

" make the political and cultural case for peaceful resistance, that being a pacifist does not mean that you have been pacified. Unfortunately, the only people who have so far made that case are some Arab intellectuals and outsiders. Painful as it is, I hope the anarchy in Iraq will deliver at least this one hope." - yet another a pittyful use of the word anarchy,we know, anyway, we know what he means, so, lets move on to the artickle...

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Dr. Gandhi in the Holy Land

31-08-2004 12:57

Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, visited Israel and Palestine this past week.

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Protest Camp at Arms manufacturer EDO MBM underway

31-08-2004 10:43

Report back on peace camp at MBM/EDO technology from 29th August to Sept 2nd.

MBM/EDO, on the Home Farm industrial Estate, Moulsecoomb, Brighton has a $145 million dollar with the UK/US governments for the supply of bomb release mechanisms for the occupation of Iraq.

Activists hope the camp will kickstart a grassroots campaign of direct action to disrupt production at the factory.

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Actions Against the Labour Party Conference, 26th-29th September 2004

31-08-2004 10:14

The succesful 'Stop the City' protests on the first day of the Iraq war 2003
A summary of the announced counter-events to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, between the 26th and 29th of September 2004. Get down here!