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New government announcement gives us an opportunity to smash ASBOs

Skid Row | 01.09.2004 01:05 | Repression

The government's flagship "Asbo Ambassadors" are a sitting duck for activists to begin the fight against these fascist laws.

They call us problem child
We spend our lives on trial
We walk the endless mile
We are the youth gone wild

We stand and we won't fall
All for one and one for all
The writing's on the wall
We are the youth gone wild
(SKID ROW, "Youth Gone Wild")



The government have just handed us a great opportunity to create problems for their flagship fascist ASBO policy which is smashing civil rights and victimising those deemed socially deviant. They've declared that they will be setting up "Asbo ambassadors" whose job it will be to travel around councils to incite them to use ASBO's when they haven't been. (Some councils may be resisting using ASBO's for political reasons, because of their cost, or because they prefer to use other measures to deal with problems). Basically equivalent to the agents sent by authoritarian regimes to infiltrate local institutions and bring them in line, these "ambassadors" are labelled as "Asbo experts".

A good chance to try out one or two of the tactics which have served AFA and animal rights activists so well...


BBC article:
Ambassadors to fight yob culture

David Blunkett wants to cut anti-social behaviour by 15% by 2008
Experts are to be drafted in to local authorities to make them more yob-resistant, the BBC has learned. The so-called Asbo Ambassadors will urge councils and police forces to increase the number of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders imposed on hooligans. The hand-picked ambassadors will show authorities reluctant to impose the orders how the powers can be used. One, Bill Pitt, told BBC Radio Five Live Breakfast: "The Asbo is about the protection of communities." He added: "Our role will be to work through the problems agencies are encountering in implementing orders and it could indeed result in more orders. "Anti-Social Behaviour Orders are about the community, which takes back hope and aspirations for reasonable standards of behaviour. "They establish the line that must not be crossed and set down the things that the perpetrator cannot do, the harm they cannot repeat and put the community back in the driving seat."

But some youth workers fear the orders are just a short-term solution. Clare Greenhalgh, who works with youngsters in Manchester, told BBC Radio Five Live: "I realise the priority has to be the victims in these cases and I agree with that but all these orders do is move the problem.
"They don't tackle the cause so it's only a quick fix.
"These youngsters are the responsibility of all of us - they are society's problem - and we all benefit if the problems they cause are tackled in the long term.
"Moving them from one estate to another is just a short-term fix for a few people."

A Home Office spokeswoman said the introduction of the ambassadors for local authorities was part of the Together Academy Action Days programme announced on August 11. Louise Casey, director of the anti-social behaviour unit, said at the time: "This is a great opportunity for local areas to really raise their game through taking advantage, at no cost, of high quality consultancy from the best people around." Around 2,600 Asbos have been issued since their introduction in 1999 and Home Secretary David Blunkett wants to see more. He wants to cut anti-social behaviour by 15% by 2008. A poll earlier this month suggested Labour's pledge to crack down on unruly youngsters was one of its most popular policies among voters.


And just listen to the Nazi rhetoric! "Laying down a line which must not be crossed"! A society based not on dialogue, not based on freedom, but based on a line laid down from on high! Residents "liberated" through being enslaved by the state! The "community" is in the driving seat because the STATE is imposing its will! (Only a council or police force can apply for an ASBO, not a "community" or an individual.)


Here we have a clear enemy to target. Let's get a list of these "ASBO ambassadors" and do to them what we do to vivisectionists and to Nazis like David Irving! Set up a network and get victims of ASBOs and crackdowns mobilised in each area, and whenever one of these officials shows up, let's shall we say "make life miserable" for them. If they're academics, put propaganda out whenever they visit other universities, and get students to target them. It they're government officials, target their offices. Put personal details about them on the internet and see what happens. Let us make these new Nazis the pariahs of the present, to drive ASBO's from existence!



Here's some details on one of these scum:
"Bill Pitt, a tutor with the Home Office Anti Social Behaviour Unit and one of the Ambassadors, said the legislation was not being used as well or as often as it could be."
"Bill Pitt, Head of Neighbourhood Nuisance Team, Manchester City Council"

Manchester - that's Mike Lane's turf...

Here is a list of some others who MAY be "ambassadors" and who are involved in an existing intitiative to encourage ASBOs:

Bill Pitt, head of neighbourhood nuisance team, Manchester City Council
Claire Castle, chief executive of anti-social behaviour operations
Feizal Hajat, senior lawyer, Birmingham City Council
Mark Harrison, inspector, Kent Police
Niamh Noone, head of legal department, Lancashire Constabulary
Neil Pilkington, principal solicitor, Salford City Council
Sam McConnell, anti-social behaviour coordinator, Oldham Council
Trevor Kennett, assistant head of community development, Canterbury City

List is taken from:

This "together" partnership relies on people emailing and calling in for support. It should also be possible to put together fake bookings and otherwise cause trouble for these people.

Here's the official site (think: dDOS)
"Together - ganging up on the socially excluded":


So you think you'll cut me down to size?
Well there's something you should realise,
It's gonna take more than a break in the law,
To make me smile pretty for the wrecking ball!

Won't beg, won't plead
The end of sacrifice is a threat to society
Hard lines, You'll see
Once you've made your mark you've made a threat to society

(SKID ROW, The Threat)

Skid Row