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women on waves

albertina soares | 31.08.2004 18:08 | Culture | Repression | Social Struggles

information on the situacion lived by the boat women on waves that has been stopped from entering portueguese watters by the governement and appeal for action

Since sunday the boat Women on Waves is stopped in internacional waters at 18 milles from the portuguese coast by order of the portuguese governement and guarded day and night by military navy. The boat with the objective of reactivating the discussion on the legal and free abortion (ilegal in portugal) is giving the possibility of free abortion allowing women to go to international waters and have a safe, free a secure abortion. This operation has been arranged so that the boat wouldn´t have problems with the portuguese law, and it hasn´t. The response from the portuguese governement wich is extreme and center right has been taken personal by the ministry of national defense, Paulo Portas, with strong conservadorism and religious beliefs.Their arguments are such as,lack of sanitary conditions, the bases of the moral and constitucional state of right and portuguese soberany. All these arguments are irrelevant, fascist and straight religious interest. These matters as paulo Portas sais, aren´t a problem to his policy and it is done as he wishes.
Meanwhile it is really needed some accion, and we appeal to everyone that identifys with this struglle to pressure, in any way that your imagination can think of, the portuguese governement/policy.
Abortion cannot be legislated or regulated by others as any other matter in our lives.we thank any help.

albertina soares