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UKCMRI Camden Animal Lab project. Will it replace Huntingdon Life Sciences?

14-02-2010 23:52

There are plans to build a high level [3] virus containment facility & animal testing lab in Camden. The lab has been described as "becoming the world's largest ever animal testing lab" & will be partially govt funded by 40 -50%. Currently Huntingdon Life Sciences near Cambridge is the third largest such European lab & the two labs could be in direct "competition" with each other say campaigners.

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What Do Empires Do?

14-02-2010 23:39

When I wrote my book Against Empire in 1995, as might be expected, some of my U.S. compatriots thought it was wrong of me to call the United States an empire. It was widely believed that U.S. rulers did not pursue empire; they intervened abroad only out of self-defense or for humanitarian rescue operations or to overthrow tyranny, fight terrorism, and propagate democracy.

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Broxtowe BNP vehicles damaged.

14-02-2010 22:51

Vehicles belonging to Broxtowe BNP councillors Nina and Dave Brown have been damaged.

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Peak soil

14-02-2010 22:14

Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations by David R. Montgomery
"Dirt" (2008) by David Montgomery deals with the relation between soil erosion and civilization collapse. It is neither the first nor the only book that examines this subject. It is, however, written by a soil scientist, and it brings to a deeper level the understanding of how soil disappears and how this affects agriculture and, in turn, society.

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IWW 4 IWD Judi Bari Film Fri. 5th March Glasgow

14-02-2010 16:38

IWW Clydeside celebrates International Womens' Day with a screening of:
'The Forest For The Trees'
The amazing story of the fight to clear Earth First and IWW activist Judi
Bari's name after her car was bombed and she was arrested as a terrorist by
the FBI.
Followed by talk by US IWW member Susan Dorazio.

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Pat O'Donnell - "Hero and Friend" not "Bully and Thug"

14-02-2010 15:41

The Chief November 2009...denied a voice at the North West Development Forum
Disgust at the travesty of justice that sent Pat "The Chief" O'Donnell to prison was expressed at the first UK Shell to Sea gathering.

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UAF have Margaret Hodge speak at their conference

14-02-2010 14:18

they really don't get it do they??! fascism and reaction is created by the state and right wing NuLabour scum like Margaret Hodge. Inviting her, with her tract record of anti-working class politics, to speak show totally ignorance of this process and should be condemned by all anti-fascists and anti-capitalists

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Climate Camp Invades BP Petrol Stations Over Tar Sands

14-02-2010 12:52

On Saturday 13th February activists from the South Coast neighbourhood of the Camp for Climate Action invaded the three BP petrol stations in Brighton, on the Lewes Rd, Ditchling Rd and London Rd, to protest at BP's plans to invest in the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada. Moving by bicycle 8 activists carried a banner reading 'Tar Sands Oil Is Blood Oil'. They handed out information on the Canadian tar sands and BP's plans to invest in it to customers and urged them to boycott BP.

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The anarchist writer Colin Ward, who died..

14-02-2010 12:35

The anarchist writer Colin Ward, who died on the night of 11th February, I later met, I’d been vaguely collecting Colin’s Anarchy (first series), still the best anarchist magazine produced in this country.

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State of Emergency Declared in Italian Prison System

14-02-2010 11:44

2009 was a particularly bad year for the Italian prison system, especially if you happened to be one of its ‘guests’ having to suffer the severe overcrowding that was exacerbated by an overall lack of funding in the system. As a result, the summer saw a series of prison protests, including mass hunger strikes and riots, as well an explosion in a historically already high rate of suicide, self-harm and other ‘suspicious’ deaths.

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Jenny Tonge Sacked Again

14-02-2010 11:20

Jenny Tonge and commented: "Actually I said that if Israel was worried about the allegations they should investigate. The Jewish Chronicle got it wrong as usual."

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'Criminal Element' is VANOC and IOC

14-02-2010 05:13

Alissa Westergarde-Thorpe of the Olympic Resistance Network said compared to the violence to human beings sponsored by the state of Canada, the demonstration resulted in "minor property damage". The march today was" a successful disruption of the messaging of the Olympics", according to Westergarde-Thorpe.

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EU - Internal Security Strategy & Commitee On Internal Security

14-02-2010 02:58

The EU has been waiting for years to launch its Internal Security Strategy (ISS) and the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) which will be responsible for developing it. Back in 2003 It was thought that the Lisbon Treaty would be well in place by now, instead the Lisbon Treaty and the Stockholm Programme have come into effect at the same time. What the ISS and COSI have in common is that they both form part of the matrix of the next stage of the growing European state.

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UKCMRI ignore letters from residents & councillors about Camden germ lab

14-02-2010 00:21

Residents from Camden and Kings Cross have had letters & emails utterly ignored by the UKCMRI. Worryingly they have said that "those who signed up" at last weeks poorly advertised meeing would get the chance to oppose planning permision on reciept of a letter from UKCMRI. The UKCMRI have so far ignored all communication from residents. None of our questions have been answered.

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Solidarity Demo In Greek Embassy In London 10/2/10 And Fotos

13-02-2010 21:12

On Wednesday,10/2/10 at around eleven am. a group of comrades and friends went to the Greek embassy in Holland Park,

London, in protest against prison conditions in Greece, and to hand in a fax to the Greek Ministry of Justice (see below)

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Noahs ark zoo farm - campaign continues

13-02-2010 19:25

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm decided to celebrate Valentine's Day with a themed day at the zoo, so we thought it would be rude of us not to be there too. !

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Obama Radically Advances The Great American Tradition Of Committing Mass Murder

13-02-2010 17:29

By unleashing this new generation of American, Canadian and British etc. mass murderers on the town of Marjah in Helmand province in Afghanistan, Barrack Obama continues to prove that he is just as much a tool of Yankee Imperialism as was George W. Bush.

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Law suit against 4 US presidents and 4 UK prime ministers for war crimes

13-02-2010 16:08

Iraq's current and planned potential ballistic missiles
On 6 October 2009, working with and on behalf of Iraqi plaintiffs, we filed a case before Spanish law against four US presidents and four UK prime ministers for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq.

The case presented spanned 19 years, including not only the wholesale destruction of Iraq witnessed from 2003, but also the sanctions period during which 1.5 million excess Iraqi deaths were recorded.