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The anarchist writer Colin Ward, who died.. | 14.02.2010 12:35 | Sheffield

The anarchist writer Colin Ward, who died on the night of 11th February, I later met, I’d been vaguely collecting Colin’s Anarchy (first series), still the best anarchist magazine produced in this country.

The Allotment kept the press afloat. Who went on to publish Colin’s Arcadia for All (co-written with Dennis Hardy), Talking Anarchy (with David Goodway) and Cotters and Squatters. Colin also wrote the introduction to our edition of The London Years by Rudolf Rocker, who of course he knew. Rocker in turn knew Peter Kropotkin, whose Mutual Aid had such an influence on Colin as a political thinker

Five Leaves was not his only publisher by any means. Freedom Press brought out - and kept in print - his classic Anarchy in Action and other books on housing, social policy and - in advance of his time - a book on ecological transport. Housing, environment, transport, architecture, unofficial uses of the landscape, the education of children - Colin’s subjects were always full of positive examples of the way some people live now, and the way we could all live later. He had no time for what he called tittle-tattle. Colin developed a kind of Wardite politics and a close and loyal following ranging from George Mombiot to young libertarians who saw that there was more to life than permanent protest.

There will be many full obituaries, in the broadsheet, the anarchist and the housing press in particular. There are so many things that could be mentioned here, but to simply say that every conversation with Colin was rewarding, educational and fun. He was the most generous of people, strengthened by his many years with Harriet, an activist and writer in her own right. Five Leaves and we know other anarchist have been proud to have worked with Colin over many years and will miss him.

Ken Worpole - another Five Leaves writer (who, like Colin, has been published by several other publishers) - will be fronting communications about any events and memorials. Let Five Leaves know if you would like to be kept informed. Harriet will be putting details of Colin’s funeral in the Guardian. Our condolences to Harriet and the family.

They say the older you get the more deaths but 2 in one week, is somewhat hard to get your head round it is a very sad loss that of Colin Ward, he was the person who got me to understand Anarchy introduced me to likes of Emma Goldman Burkman Kropotkin another grate loss now we owe it to build the biggest DONT VOTE CAMPAIGN to introduce anarchist thought and practice to a wider group of people time to rise comrades..

This was for you Colin Ward and John Rety rest in peace comrades..


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