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Hundreds dead as Sri Lankan army launches final assault

22-04-2009 14:49

The Sri Lankan military has launched an offensive to capture the remaining small patch of land held by the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the country’s north. Aid agencies have warned of a humanitarian disaster as the fighting engulfs an estimated 100,000 civilians still trapped in the government-proclaimed “no-fire” zone.
The government has rejected appeals by the UN, major powers and international organisations for a halt to the fighting, and cynically described the offensive as the world’s “biggest rescue operation” to free civilians. In fact, what is taking place is a war crime that has already cost the lives of hundreds of civilians over the past two days alone.

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Another 3 people from the Lappersfort Forest arrested

22-04-2009 13:57

Around midnight on 21st April three people from the Lappersfort forest occupation in Brugge, Belgium were arrested.

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DIY newspaper hits the streets of Leeds

22-04-2009 13:41

Free copies of the Yorkshire Evening Pest are being handed out to
thousands of people across Leeds, in a format that mimics the city's
Yorkshire Evening Post – albeit with articles on the collapse of the
city centre, climate change, the role of public transport and the
financial turmoil at Elland Road.

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Police State UK for Pakistani students

22-04-2009 12:08

It has been reported that the 12 terror suspects detained without charge on suspicion of terrorism have been released. Yet this is a strange use of the word since they have now been transferred into the custody of the UK Borders Agency to await deportation.

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Smash EDO: Open letter about the Mayday! Mayday! Street Party, May 4th

22-04-2009 11:29

Wednesday 22nd April

For More info contact Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett on 07754135290

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Timetable for Brighton Antimilitarist Conference 2nd-3rd May

22-04-2009 11:21

The 2nd and 3rd of may will see hopefully hundreds of anti war activists coming together for a conference to take forwarded the recently formed uk Anti-militarist network. The provisional timetable is below. Attendence is free of charge and there will be food, accomodation and a kids space available. Open to all!

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Confidential Intelligence Unit: Unaccountable spying operation established in Br

22-04-2009 11:12

With little press coverage, let alone investigatory journalism, it was reported in February that a new police intelligence operation, the Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU), had been established in Britain. According to the only information that is available on the CIU, its remit is to spy on and organise surveillance of “domestic extremists”.

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UK Govt admits British military components were used by Israel in Gaza war

22-04-2009 10:20

'review' to take place, but exports to continue despite clear war crimes

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Stop Deportation Benefit and Info Night - 25th April

22-04-2009 10:09

The Stop Deportation Network are having a benefit and info night on Saturday, 25th April. Proceeds will go to funding campaigning and direct action against deportations and charter flights.

@ 100 Flowers Social Centre, 2a Belgrade Rd, N16, London. From 7pm.
£5/3 suggested donation.

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(Greece) Attack against British educational institute, Thessaloníki (15/4)

22-04-2009 09:40

(Greece) Attack against British educational institute, Thessaloníki (15/4)

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Who is this G20 police victim?

22-04-2009 08:42

G20 riot police assault victim
Please help identify this man who can be seen being punched by a police officer using his riot shield as a weapon. If you know who this is, please get them to contact as soon as possible. Likewise if you witnessed this assault.

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climate thoughtcrime

22-04-2009 08:34

Last December government minister Ed Miliband said that 'popular mobilisation' was needed to create the pressure to reduce carbon emissions. He linked it to previous campaigns that had involved direct action.

"When you think about all the big historic movements, from the suffragettes, to anti-apartheid, to sexual equality in the 1960s, all the big political movements had popular mobilisation"

It sounds great doesn't it? And, when climate activists are essentially only asking for what science demands and what the government claims to want too, what could be the problem?

Someone should pass that thought on to other branches of government and state apparatus, as they appear to think differently on the issue.

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JNC Squats Resist Double Eviction

22-04-2009 05:20

back yard of the hotel
Occupied social centres operating under the Justice Not Crisis banner, thanks to a spirited resistance from the squatters and supporters, escaped eviction on Tuesday. The squats however remain on high eviction alert, and request all supporters to mobilise.

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Bands needed for benefit gigs to help Animal Liberation / Animal Rescue

22-04-2009 02:49

We need bands to play London venues to raise funds for Animal Liberation / Animal Rescue. We particularly want SKA bands [Stop Killing Animals!] for benefit nights...can anyone play in Brixton on the 16th May? Please contact Miss Ska Ska on if you can help. This will be an ongoing venture for new, up and coming bands - and you get to help the animals.

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Happy birthday, military junta!

22-04-2009 01:00

a text on the anniversary of Greece's military junta

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Workers Day Festival - 1 May

21-04-2009 23:01

Wolverhampton's 15th Annual May Day Festival!
All free except the bar - all welcome

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Gloucestershire fascists' wake up to a more colourful world

21-04-2009 22:48

2 fascists in Gloucestershire apparently woke up to a nice birthday present on Monday

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World Week for Laboratory Animals Begins

21-04-2009 22:35

World Week for Animals in Laboratories - - has reported to of kicked off on Monday in Santiago (Chile) and Philadelphia (USA).

The National March in London to mark World Day is this saturday, with thousands of campaigners planning to travel from across the UK and the Europe -