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Anti-fur demo in Worcester - Victory for the animals!

14-02-2004 21:57

PIA shoes in Worcester ditch the fur!

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Asahi Glass demo on Blackpool promenade

14-02-2004 21:38

The giant letters
Asahi Glass named and shamed again.

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Mad CowBoy

14-02-2004 21:36

How I learned to Love the Bomb

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Anti Fur Protest in Truro

14-02-2004 20:19

'VIA APPIA', 6, Catherdral Road, Truro, Kernow is selling fur which they claim is 'fashionable'. We think this is unacceptable, and went today to tell them and passers by all about our disgust!

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Nine Ladies Guardian article

14-02-2004 19:06

This article about Nine Ladies protest site was on the front page of the Guardian today.

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7 arrested. Surrey police acting as private security for hunt

14-02-2004 18:49

Press release detailing abuse of Surrey Police powers against hunt saboteurs

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14-02-2004 16:50

crowd control, a website about repression technologies

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Irish Green MP, Ciaran Cuffe Speaks Out Against Irish State Racism

14-02-2004 16:06

Speaking in front of the Dail to a protest by Residents Aganist Racism in Dublin.

70 Asylum Seekers were deported from the Republic of Ireland this week.

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Wrexham - 'forced' privatisation of council housing

14-02-2004 15:24

Wrexham is another local authority that is carrying out neo-Labour's dirty work and trying to force it's council tenants into the private sector by means of a 'rigged' ballot.

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ISM Reports: The arrest of Nariman_Andrew in Jenin

14-02-2004 15:21

1) The arrest of Nariman_Andrew in Jenin
2) Resisting the Apartheid Wall_CKUT Radio interview
3) Reflections from Palestine_S'ra
4) The peaceful way works best_Gideon Levy, Haaretz


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ISM Reports: ISM Activist Wins Libel Suit Against Right Wing Israeli Journalist

14-02-2004 15:16


February 13, 2004

For Immediate Release


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Tyneside - 'forced' transfer of council housing to the private sector

14-02-2004 15:06

On Tyneside can be found yet another council trying to shaft its council tenants and do neo-Labour's dirty work for them by transferring their council houses to the private sector.

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ESF democratic deficit!

14-02-2004 14:25

ESF democratic deficit

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DISSENT - Anti G8 Day (London Sat 21st Feb)

14-02-2004 14:22

An invitation to a day event (& evening social) to discuss the forthcoming G8 Summit in the UK in 2005. SATURDAY 21ST FEB. 2pm

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Is There A Legal Age for Political Dissent? Teens at Protests!

14-02-2004 13:01

Proud mom...
Teens and Protests...should we be sharing nonviolent protest training with them? Are protests age-rated events? Should a street medic treat a teen without parental consent? Much like sex ed for teens, these topics are thorny...

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Iraq Had No Capability To Deliver WMD, Inspector S

14-02-2004 06:27

WASHINGTON ( -- A top Australian weapons inspector says he never believed Saddam Hussein had the ability to attack his neighbors with chemical or biological weapons, but the Australian government failed to properly consult with the inspector before deploying troops into Iraq.

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How to defeat Bushism in the U.S. in 2004

14-02-2004 03:38

The defeat of Bush is a global obligation.

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USA Federal Reserve is illegal criminal orginization

14-02-2004 02:58

USA Federal Reserve is illegal & criminal

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Notting Hill Housing Trust

14-02-2004 02:41

Up to present, I have been discriminated by the Notting Hill Housing Trust for more than 8 years. The Notting Hill Housing Trust is a housing association (Registered Social landlord). I have 3'000 pieces of evidence and support from the British government. Due to very severe disrepair to the property, I lived like an animal for 5 years. It was redecorated in 2000 only when the lady who lived above collapsed and died.