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The Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides: An Inconvenient Truth

16-03-2010 14:42

Regardless of what pro-Turkish apologists would have us believe, the issue has never been about whether the Turkish regime carried out genocide. Rather, it has always been about when Turkey would be punished and deliver reparations and restitution to the rightful, indigenous inhabitants.

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EU and US Are Involved in the Torture of Palestinians

16-03-2010 12:55

Kwather Salam - Daily Life
The European Union, US war criminal General Keith Dayton, the Egyptian and the Jordanian regimes, are all jointly responsible for the torture of Palestinian prisoners at the PA jails. Dayton is the de-facto head of the corrupt PA repression system; his forces taught the PA thugs numerous kinds of torture and how to violate the rights of political detainees.

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Case of Tristan Anderson may be reopened, adding to Israeli PR 'nightmare'

16-03-2010 12:44

Rachel Corrie - killed March 16, 2003 in Rafah, Gaza

Add this development to what Mel Frykberg at Inter Press Service calls Israel’s growing “public relations nightmare”: renewed attention to the near-fatal shooting of American activist Tristan Anderson. Just as the media spotlight is glaring down on Israel because of a civil trial in the killing of American peace activist Rachel Corrie comes a decision by Israel’s Justice Ministry to reinvestigate the shooting of Anderson.

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City Manager bans shack dwellers protest in 'New South Africa'

16-03-2010 12:08

Durban City Manager Michael Sutcliffe
The notorious Mike Sutcliffe (manager of has banned another Abahlali baseMjondolo march. We have, as always, scrupulously followed the laws that govern protest and we have informed the City in good time that we intend to march on Jacob Zuma on 22 March 2010. Yesterday the march convenor, Troy Morrow from the Hillary AbM branch, was verbally informed that permission to march has been denied. The excuse that has been given this time is that the City does not have enough police officers to be able to ensure security at our march.

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Free Vegan food Giveaway at the AR Spring gathering

16-03-2010 09:31

On 13th March campaigners set up a free vegan food stall outside McDonald's - getting a great response from the public and handing out plenty of 'McLibel' leaflets and information about the relation of diet to a range of other important issues.

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Evidence of British company Lee Cooper trading in illegal Israeli settlement

16-03-2010 00:03

The other day we took a trip to to the settlement Ma'ale Adumim in search of signs of dodgy business dealings -and, for the first time, we found a British company trading directly in a settlement. Lee Cooper, a British denim company established in 1908, were joined by the international businesses Western Union, Dr Fischer and a Tower Records franchise in their willingness to make a profit out of the occupation.

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Animal Rights Summer Gathering

15-03-2010 23:35

ARUK2009 Animal Rights Summer Gathering
Having barely recovered from an exhausting but exhilarating Spring Gathering in Nottingham, this year's Summer Gathering has been announced for Friday 27th August 2010 to Monday 30th August.

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Prosecute Islamic Republic’s judiciary officials not opposition activists!

15-03-2010 22:41

One of the Iran's Islamic regime leader directly been involved in perpetrating most of the state sponsored crimes against the people of Kurdistan.

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Youth March for Jobs in Barking

15-03-2010 21:45

Youth Figth For Jobs banner
Two hundred mainly young people marched through Barking on Saturday 13 March, 2010, calling for the right to a decent job for all at a decent rate of pay and an end to university fees. They called for an end to cuts in jobs and services, proper public housing and for the government to bail out workers rather than bankers and bosses. Pictures Copyright (C) 2010, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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BA Cabin Crew to Strike

15-03-2010 20:35

Strike Dates:
Sat 20-Mon 22
Sat 27-Tues 30

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Freedom from our social prisons requires a Rights Revolution

15-03-2010 20:32

The British people amy find the following submission sent to the UN Human Rights Committee which is presently reviewing New Zealand's Human Rights record. It shows what happens when States follow a discriminatory agenda condoned by the UN and the global elites.

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Brazilian Federal Police raids Native village and abducts Chief Babau in Bahia

15-03-2010 19:47

At around two o’clock in the morning on March 10th a group of unidentified armed people entered the Tupinambá Native American Village Serra do Padeiro in the South of the Brazilian state of Bahia and brutalized, threatened with murder, drugged and abducted the local Chief Babau.

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US-NATO "strategic concept": Global warfare

15-03-2010 19:17

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
On March 12, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen arrived in Warsaw to participate in the NATO’s New Strategic Concept – Global, Transatlantic and Regional Challenges and Tasks Ahead conference.

His address reiterated the now standard demand that NATO combine Article 5 so-called collective defense for its members – in Poland’s case that can only be a reference to Russia – with expeditionary deployments outside NATO’s self-defined area of responsibility as exemplified by recent wars and other armed missions in the Balkans, Afghanistan, the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and the Darfur region of Sudan.

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Activists Hold Noisy Fur Demo at Cashe

15-03-2010 18:53

Activists held an impromptu demo outside Cache in Nottingham today because of their continued sale of real fur and support for the animal cruelty and suffering that goes hand-in-hand with this trade.

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Defending Mother Earth at Bolon Ajaw

15-03-2010 18:15

I have just returned from the Zapatista village of Bolon Ajaw, Chiapas, where on 6th February 230 civilian Zapatistas took part in an action to retake control of their “reclaimed lands” which had been invaded and taken over since 20 January by the paramilitary group OPDDIC. For the state and business interests, the Zapatistas and their determination to defend Mother Earth are “a problem” standing in the way of the realisation of multi-million tourist investments.

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Defend Huntington Lane, New blog set-up.

15-03-2010 17:46

We’ve set up this blog in order to keep you informed of the current situation at UK Coals Huntington Lane SMS (Surface Mine Site) in Telford and to appeal for support. Thanks for taking the time to visit, we hope you’ll be inspired to join us.

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One hostage remanded by greek state, others (temporarily) released...

15-03-2010 15:44

The guy with the dread locks ( has apparently been remanded, as a hostage of the Greek state. The other 4 are temporarily released. Cops violently attacked the solidarity demo outside the courts, one person was hospitalised.

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Lebanon: Checkpoints and more (Film)

15-03-2010 13:52

Film still from "Nahr al-Bared: Checkpoints and more"
Nahr al-Bared refugee camp has still not recovered from the devastating war in 2007 during which it was destroyed.

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Joe Glenton Day of Action 27 March

15-03-2010 13:15

"Stop the War has called a protest on Saturday 27 March at the prison where Lance Corporal Joe Glenton is being held after being court martialled and sentenced to nine months imprisonment for refusing to fight in Afghanistan."