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Fairford - Further erosions of our rights!

24-03-2003 05:38

So the day began. At nine in the morning three coach loads of protesters waited at Euston to head of to the demonstration at RAF Fairford, the US base where B-52 warplanes leave to blitz Iraq.

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What surpises me and what I don't understand is...

24-03-2003 05:37

How is it that Blair is still in power?

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24-03-2003 05:15

Al-Jazeera television broadcast pictures of the bodies of several American soldiers. Watch the footage here...

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How Dare The US Talk of The Geneva Conventions After Guantanamo

24-03-2003 05:06

The US is trying to blame Iraq for showing prisoners on TV and yet no newspaper, TV station or web site has yet mentioned that the US is still violating the rights of hundreds of Afghan POWs.

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Can anyone answer this question?

24-03-2003 04:59

How can I justify my opposition to war if I cannot effectively answer a question in this mp3 recording of a radio talk show...?

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24-03-2003 03:27

Blair doesnt represent us

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Photos Blockade of Oxford St, London, M22

24-03-2003 02:18

Photos Blockade of Oxford St, London, M22
Here there are some photos of the blockade in London's Oxford Street that took place on Saturday 22 after the main anti-war demo and rally in Hyde Park. (article 1)

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Most humane… bombing… EVER

24-03-2003 02:03

We'll tell you what to think.

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Support Our Troops!

24-03-2003 01:45

Information about the military campaign in Iraq that the Pentagon won't show you, courtesy of the finest in the biz, the Russian Military Intelligence service GRU, who routinely intercept telephone calls from Dubya to Blair.

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First pictures of Liberated Iraqis

24-03-2003 01:40

First pictures of Liberated Iraqis
Liberated Iraqi
(counter-propaganda aimed to re-equilibrate fairness and accuracy in news)

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Pictures of our brothers and sisters killed in Basra.

24-03-2003 00:42

Pictures of our brothers and sisters killed in Basra.

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USA: Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Disrupts the War Machine at US Military Base

24-03-2003 00:29

In order to disrupt the killing of innocents, and the illegal war against Iraq, several dozen dedicated peace activist have taken non-violent action in the back country of Vandenberg AFB located in central California

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War is an evil dick! (by Latuff)

24-03-2003 00:26

War is an evil dick! (by Latuff)
Photo by Phil, from Indymedia Philadelphia, during event of Midia Tatica in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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BBC lies

24-03-2003 00:24

I have not done this before so my apologies if its in the wrong place. I want evreyone to know how the bbc and the long arm ofd the law are lying to us. It was stated on the BBC and Manchester evening news web sites that no arrests occurred on the demo. i was there and i saw arrests taking place.

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Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan are preparation for invasion of Iran

24-03-2003 00:16

The ultimate purpose for the invasion of Iraq is not Iraq or Iraq's oil. There is ample evidence, from U.S. and overseas government and industry sources available to the public, that Iraq is not the final goal. Like Afghanistan, Iraq is being taken in preparation for the invasion of Iran.

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Enough of this bogus opinion poll nonsense!

23-03-2003 23:34

Since no-one on Indymedia has bothered to mention about the bogus opinion polls reports about Iraq then I will.

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I, FRENCH HUMAN SHIELD in Baghdad, Luis Miguel Fuste...

23-03-2003 23:00

Within 9 hours should the American attack begin on Iraq, 9 hours which would not only decide on my future but also on your, 9 hours before the whole humanity sinks into the biggest chaos which has never been known, 9 hours before the United States dominate the world...

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23-03-2003 22:43

powerful SAVAGE ROSE antiwar song freely downloadable here:
also listen to SONG OF PALESTINE a. o.

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London M22 Oxford St Video

23-03-2003 22:40

Hundreds of thousands protest the invasion of Iraq on 22 March, 2003.
4:15 min.; mpg4; quicktime6 required

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Black Hawk Down...again!

23-03-2003 22:24

Is it me, or are the Americans and British shit at flying helicopters? This seems to happen every war.