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Drug War Film Festival

10-03-2004 12:08

911 and the BC Compassion Club Society present:
Friday, March 12 8pm
$6 / $4 (911 members)

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What went wrong at the London ESF preparatory meeting? (March 6/7, 2004)

10-03-2004 12:06

I attended the one and a half day meeting which took place in the
basement of the London City Hall, March 6 and 7, 2004. This was, I suppose,
the kick off for the London Economic and Social Forum that will be
organised in October.

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US war on Colombian rebels escalates

10-03-2004 11:30

The beginning of the new year has coincided with a new, menacing increase in U.S. hostilities against the Colombian guerrilla movement, particularly against the 40-year-old Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). A number of signs point to a possible U.S. invasion of that country in the months ahead.

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Freedom Hacklab open meeting and benefit this Saturday

10-03-2004 04:05

The next open meeting to plan the road ahead for the Hacklab is taking place on this Saturday the 13th of March at 6pm at the new 156 Fortess Road social centre, Kentish town. This will be followed by a benefit at 8pm to raise funds for the Hacklab. There will be music, a Cuban rum cocktails bar and food.

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Gay lib: Televised fantasies, political realities

10-03-2004 00:07

Despite the enormous popularity of gay characters in many sitcoms, real gay men and women face more challenges than ever before in the fight for equal rights.

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Naked installation: Abajo-Izquierdo (Below-Left)

09-03-2004 23:25

There'll be a 'Spencer Tunick' style London nude-art 'installation' on Wednesday evening March 10th, at the International Students House Theatre, 229 Gt. Portland Street, London (nearest tube stations are Gt. Portland Street, Warren Street and Regents Park), and the artist is looking for volunteers.

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Libertarian Bloc on March 20th STW demo!!

09-03-2004 23:14

Lib. bloc on the 20th march STW demo. Meet 12 noon, under Marble Arch, bring flags, energy and noise.


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Saturday is a good day for shouting...

09-03-2004 22:34

there are three things happening in manc, football, labour crap and st patricks, so on sat
why aren't we even trying to bring this shit together..

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"ayatollah Charles" >The Picture

09-03-2004 21:56

ayatollah monarch
He is known to Iran's youth as "ayatollah Charles". No wonder why!

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Ayatollah Charles!

09-03-2004 21:51

He is known as "ayatollah Charles" by the Iranian youth who are beaten times and again with British made Electric Batons for their freedom movement.

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urgent blackwood latest info

09-03-2004 20:38

ok short (ish) and not so sweet
please network immediately
for the last two days forty bailiffs, obviously hired for the camp eviction which didnt happen (UP YOURS COSTAIN/ CAERPHILLY COUNCIL VOLDERMORT ET AL WE ARE STILL HERE) have been "protecting" chainsaws as they massacre ancient woodland,

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Indymedia Filmz - Monday 22nd March Bristol

09-03-2004 19:09

An ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalisation throughout the world.

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IRISH QUEERS fight homophobia with culture (NYC)

09-03-2004 19:08

Bigotry shouldn't be paraded

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Norwich Class War Demo

09-03-2004 18:59

Stuff the Judiciary

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do summat get clued up bout globalisation

09-03-2004 17:39

do summat... distribute!
funky beats... short films... know-how

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the television will not be revolutionised.

09-03-2004 17:27

the television will not be revolutionised.

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Rising Tide & Disarm Dsei Meetings in Cardiff this Weekend

09-03-2004 17:22

There is a Rising tide Roadshow
Saturday 13th March, 10 AM
East Moors Community Centre, Sanquahar Street,
Splott, Cardiff.

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We need you on March 20th

09-03-2004 17:14

Be a part of the second superpower. Stand up against future illegal, preemptive wars and protest the continuing suppression of human rights and free speech which have characterised this one. Help us get the word out that we're making a second showing on Saturday, March 20th.

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Cambridge Bail Circle Launched

09-03-2004 16:51

A new organisation to help asylum seekers detained at the Oakington reception centre has been launched this week. The Cambridge Bail Circle is made up of local volunteers who object to the Government’s policy of locking up asylum seekers who have committed no crime while their applications for asylum are being considered.