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No Abortion Rights in Ireland

30-01-2007 14:50

Nic pic!
And to think that Tony Bliar had ye all nearly hooked up to
the creationist philosophy his wife and immigration minister
so clearly advocate. Would you want a society where its ok
to rape and impregnate a 14 year old girl and then tell her
that she cannot have an abortion?

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The journalist who broke the 45 minute WMD story strikes again

30-01-2007 13:42

Daily Telegraph political editor investigated over misleading articles...again

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Governing against the People

30-01-2007 13:11

The dream of 1989 that democracy and capitalism can be reconciled fades.. Elected governments orient their decisions in the interests of transnational groups and global finance markets.

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Lebanon Crisis Fails Mediation, Plays into Israeli Hands

30-01-2007 12:07

By Nicola Nasser*: The crisis in Lebanon is rapidly accumulating the potential to plunge the country in a second civil war, while Israel is closely watching on the sidelines for the right moment to exploit the ensuing security vulnerability and finish the Lebanese divide off by intervening militarily to conclude what it officially describes as the “inconclusive” war last summer.

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Greece: Three weeks of struggle… and it continues!!!!!

30-01-2007 12:06

Greek universities are paralyzed. More than half of faculties nation wide (Universities and Colleges) are occupied by the students who refuse the privatization of Greek education system .Every day General Assemblies are organized and new faculties are added to the list. At side of the students we find also the university lecturer, primary and secondary education teachers and several trade-unions.

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Iraq’s colonial occupier, the US, denounces “foreign meddling”

30-01-2007 12:01

In recent weeks US government and military officials, aided and abetted by the American media, have stepped up the war of words against Iran. As they did precisely four years ago, in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the political and media establishment is attempting to build up a case for military action against a country that has no designs on American territory and represents no threat to the US population.

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Rossport Solidarity Rolling Shell Blockade

30-01-2007 11:00

Rhythms of Resistance Samba band and London Rising Tide blockaded two Shell garages in London in support of the Rossport campaign against Shell last week.

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Cyclist who refused to stay in the gutter wins re-trial

30-01-2007 10:50

Last year cyclist Daniel Cadden was stopped by police for cycling in the road. They said he should have been cycling in the gutter. The case went to trial, and a celebrity loony juge ruled that Daniel should have been cycling on an off-road path, and fined him for obstructing traffic. Daniel recently appealed and won the re-trial.

Speaking outside court, Daniel Cadden said: “I am overjoyed that the ludicrous decision to prosecute me has been overturned. The recognition in this case must go to the real heroes, all those people who have supported it either financially by giving to the Cyclists Defence Fund, by joining CTC or by sending messages of support to myself and my family. Without the support of these people this fight would not have been possible. The overwhelming sum donated to the Cyclists Defence Fund has been testament to the solidarity shown by the cycling community on this issue. This success serves to reaffirm cyclists’ right to decide when to use cycle facilities and when they are inappropriate or dangerous. The first judgement was unreasonable in denying this.”

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Suicide Bomber in Eilat: Blame al-Qaeda

30-01-2007 09:01

Just in the nick of time, as the US, Israel, and the “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas were about “to renew long-stalled peace talks,” a suicide bomber attacks a bakery in the Israeli resort town of Eilat.

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A former 9-11 Commissioned makes a Freudian Slip

30-01-2007 06:27

Tim Roemer on CNN makes a 9-11 freudian slip

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SDO Demo Crazy Failures mp3

30-01-2007 05:56

SDO Demo Crazy Failures
It is not about defending D Hicks, it is about OUR rights of protection from powerful individuals and state - radical radio 30 mins stereo

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Unelected Police attack Labour government

30-01-2007 03:29

Tory supporter Jan Berry (head of Police Federation) attacked the Labour government yesterday in a piece of blatant right-wing propaganda.

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Tasmanian logging protest movies online

30-01-2007 03:27

Please follow this link to watch a collection of movies from logging protests in Southern Tasmania:

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Photos: Barbara Tucker banned & arrested

30-01-2007 00:41

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
Barbara Tucker the peace protester was arrested outside Downing Street tonight (29.01.07) after a court told her today that she was banned from entering the SOCPA zone.

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SOCPA - barbara tucker faces jail tomorrow

30-01-2007 00:24

in the same week that john reid faces pressure over prison overcrowding, barbara tucker, a peaceful anti-war campaigner, faces jail for breaching draconian bail conditions imposed by judge snow, banning her from entering an area within 1km of parliament.

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The Pace Arctic Global Warming is Staggering

29-01-2007 22:24

....the change "is happening so extremely
fast, much much faster than we have seen
in thousands and thousands of years. It
could have an unpredictable result."

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X rays to be used to age assess asylum seeking children

29-01-2007 21:48

Government Minister confirms the Government is considering use of x-rays to age assess asylum seeking young people.

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Film showing: October's Cry

29-01-2007 21:26

Sun 4th Feb, 6.30pm.

Cafe One, Five Ways shopping centre

Jamila Asleh is visiting from Palestine with the film October’s cry about the death of her 17 year old son in October.

Entry £3

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Capitol Of Culture

29-01-2007 20:41

Next year Liverpool becomes the capitol of culture 08.The photographs attached to this story have had only miminal publicity in Liverpool so i publish the story in IMC UK to attract wider publicity.

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UASC Reform Programme - the next Section 9

29-01-2007 20:37

UASC Reform Proposals to be published by the Home Office are a direct attack on the safety and welfare of unaccompanied asylum seeking children.