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03-06-2003 12:34


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Israeli Claims of Easing Restrictions “Lies"

03-06-2003 11:46

Israeli Claims of Easing Restrictions “Lies"
Tuesday, 3 June 2003, 2:18 pm
Press Release: Palestine Media Center - PMC

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Sunday: Media Center besieged in Geneva

03-06-2003 11:44

This report was written directly after the police raided the Social and Media Center L'Usine in Geneva on Sunday night, by one of the people trapped in the media studio, where the video stream is being produced.

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Lausanne Solidarity Declaration

03-06-2003 11:36

a response to press misinformation

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Looking at the Middle East through Arab Eyes

03-06-2003 09:53

Zichron Yaacov, Israel--It is ironic that in the entire history of
the Middle East conflict it has always been the claim of the pro-
Israel camp that, "the Arabs view their history as one long
conspiracy against them", when in fact- such a view is completely
accurate and the view that the Israeli side receives- is
not at all realistic.

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Evening Standard runs, then drops, report on Evian protest

03-06-2003 09:46

Yesterday the Evening Standard ran a front page piece on Evian protests, reporting the 10 mile exclusion zone, the cutting of the rope by police and injury of Martin Shaw, and showing a front page photo of riot police pointing batons at an apparently unconscious protester. By the afternoon, they'd dropped THE WHOLE STORY.

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The Independent Science Panel on GM Final Report

03-06-2003 09:40

The Case for a GM-free Sustainable World, calling for a ban on GM crops to make way for all forms of sustainable agriculture. This authoritative report, billed as "the strongest, most complete dossier of evidence" ever compiled on the problems and hazards of GM crops as well as the manifold benefits of sustainable agriculture, is being finalised for release 15 June 2003.

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GM Nation?

03-06-2003 09:33

'GM Nation?', the governments so-called public debate on GM food, is being launched today (3rd June).

You probably haven't heard much about this because the government hasn't put aside much money for this exercise and probably doesn't actually want you to get involved...

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Report from Lausanne

03-06-2003 08:11

A report from a participant at Lausanne. More full analysis to follow in a few days.

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New LINKS magazine now online: Challenges in uniting the left

03-06-2003 06:06

New LINKS magazine now online: Challenges in uniting the left
LINKS seeks to promote the international exchange of information, experience of struggle, theoretical analysis and views of political strategy and tactics within the international left.

LINKS No.23: January to April, 2003 -
Introduction (summary of articles) and list of contents with all the LINKS...

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Foreign journalist unwittingly aided U.K. bombers enter Israel

03-06-2003 04:45

Title and intro changed by IMC editor to reflect the fact that this is a corp repost. [note for the trolls: stop reposting 'neutral articles' with tendentious titles and intros - we will edit them out]

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g8 - fax protest for injured climber

03-06-2003 03:51

fax protest

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...not just teargas

03-06-2003 03:20

...not just teargas and broken bones - solidarity and creativity defy "their" control

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Powell not so sure about lying, losing touch....

03-06-2003 02:32

Powell's doubts over CIA intelligence on Iraq prompted him to set up secret review

Specialists removed questionable evidence about weapons from draft of secretary of state's speech to UN

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the strategist and the philospher

03-06-2003 01:54

on the neocons. The more we know about them , the sooner they will be exorcised

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Its a Gas in Geneva. Yes again.

03-06-2003 00:20

Thousands gather in the streets of Geneva to support 400 people penned in following a peaceful protest

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Ripples of Dissent Roll Across Geneva

03-06-2003 00:08

Like a stone thrown into a pond, the latest g8 protest has sent ripples across the city of Geneva. But unlike last night it wasn't window smashing or liberating commodities that caused the up heaval, but as few as 500 strong and determined people using non-violent disobediance.

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Open Letter from an Arab-American Student

02-06-2003 22:51

We are told that multiculturalism and diversity classes are the bridges to world peace and an end to terrorism as we know it. We are told this even though the Saudi terrorists who slaughtered our fellow Americans that September morning were able to manipulate our generally open environment of tolerance to achieve their evil designs.

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Geneve, blockage of the bridge at 21.30

02-06-2003 22:43

two interviews recorded this afternoon at 21.30 aproximately reporting the situation on the streets along the bridge Mont Blanc in the center of Geneve where various activists were trapped while blocking the bridge.

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Will approval of more media mergers change TV?

02-06-2003 22:04

Despite the mounting opposition supporters of media deregulation, like the libertarian Cato Institute, called the changes "incremental" and "modest."