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Australian state government prepares savage attack on democratic rights

14-12-2005 20:56

To further its own right-wing "law and order" agenda
Likewise, in the wake of the racial violence, there will be no public discussion or even the semblance of a parliamentary debate on Iemma's new legislation today. Having created the social and political climate that has led to the clashes in Sydney, the political establishment is rushing to exploit the situation to further its own right-wing "law and order" agenda.

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Solidarity Cafe Night - Friday 16th Dec

14-12-2005 20:17

Solidarity Cafe Night - Friday 16th Dec
*Support the occupation of Tony's Cafe
*Against the gentrification of Hackney

6pm onwards

Hot food & drink, all welcome

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WTO Protests – You Cannot Speak If You Wear Too Little

14-12-2005 19:03

I am a Hong Kong girl who went to protests today in the Victoria Park. My idea today, was to launch an action. It was a peaceful one. Yet, I was besieged by more than ten policemen.

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Dalai Lama becomes vegetarian again!

14-12-2005 18:35

“Lately I have turned to a vegetarian diet. Today’s youth, particularly the ones who have come from Tibet and have a refugee status must inculcate these principles for their own development and to have peace of mind. The message from mahakaruna [Sanskrit: ‘great compassion’] has clearly asked us to follow and preach love and compassion for all living beings.”

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After December 15, Iraq will be at mercy of US corporations

14-12-2005 18:21

If George W. Bush's policies on Iraq are mystifying, fret not -- there's a method to his organized chaos after all.

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WTO - HK05 - Images of Resistance

14-12-2005 17:30

Compilation of images from last two days of resistance against the WTO in Hong Kong

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URGENT: Tree sitters needed at Dalkeith, Edinburgh

14-12-2005 17:29

11 trees felled today, work stopped, but really need more tree sitters.

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Glasgow Immigration Center "dawn raided"

14-12-2005 17:19

Dawn Protest at Glasgow Brand Street immigration center

Glasgow's Brand Street Immigration Centre was the target of another early morning protest today [report].

Around 30 Anarchists, Christians, Communists, Clowns, liberals, muslims, pagans, refugee support workers, socialists and people of no particular allegiance descended on Brand St at 5am with the aim of preventing a dawn raid for one day at least.

An informal candlelit vigil was held outside.

After a while, a distraction of clowns arrived and the mood lightened a little. They declared themselves to be from Elsewhere and attempted to turn themselves in for deportation to Denmark, Jamaica, any country more sane than this one [report].

Around 8.30 the protesters left, satisfied that no raids would or could take place that day.

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UK Muslim author delivers anti-war speech to California!!

14-12-2005 16:23

Yorkshire-born author, Suhayl Saadi won a prestigious PEN Oakland-Josephine Miles Literary Award on December 2nd for his novel, Psychoraag. Although he was unable to attend the event in California, he delivered an anti-war speech via CD.

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Turk dissident Orhan Pamuk- trial due...

14-12-2005 16:03

As I recall the Turkish writer and dissident is due in court on December 16th over his comments about the 'massacre' of Armenians and Kurds during the 1st world war.
Here's the article in the ObserverOctober 23nd.

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Court agrees to review constitutional questions in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

14-12-2005 15:43

Supporters of Pennsylvania death row inmate and independent journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal celebrated on December 6th as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals granted two "certificates of appealabilty" to Jamal for alleged violations of constitutional rights in his 1982 trial and his 1985 state appeal. The court also called for a brief on a third point that had been previously certified for appeal

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Saorsa Centre winter benefit gig

14-12-2005 15:35

flyer: print and distribute!
Start Hogmanay early with yet another fantastic line up from Section 60 with a benefit gig for the G42 Collective. The venue is the 13th Note in Glasgow and the date is Friday 30th December.

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latest from a neighbourhood without law

14-12-2005 15:17

Soldiers have big weapons. Human Righst Observers fight them with their cameras. Then the soldiers erase the tapes

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Earth First! Summer gathering 2006

14-12-2005 14:53

The Earth First! Summer Gathering 2006 will take place from Wed 16th to Sun 20th August 2006. The location will be at a new site in Wales.

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Alternative Carol Singing in support of Palestinians

14-12-2005 14:37

please come to sing
with Sea Green Singers and others
in support of Palestinians
at 5.15pm (for5.30-6.30pm)
in Cornmarket St.
(outside St. Michael in the Northgate Church),
Words provided - see you there!

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Another Dawn Raid on Brand Street Immigration Centre

14-12-2005 14:29

"No Dawn Raids Today ?!"
Glasgow's Brand Street Immigration Centre, centre of the "Dawn Raid" asylum abuse scandals, was the target of another early morning protest today.

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14-12-2005 14:05

Bristol International Airport plans to double the number of passengers by 2015 (to 9m) and treble by 2030. The Stroud District Green party responded to phase two of their consultation process, which closed on Monday, with a damning report that argues it will be an economic and environmental disaster to much of the South-West including Gloucestershire (i).

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Buncefield did worst-hit building house a "secure data centre"

14-12-2005 13:29

Did the worst-hit building at Buncefield (the HQ of a company with a former head of MI5 on its board) house a "secure data centre"?

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Palestine Solidarity Action in Diss

14-12-2005 13:11

Sharon gets it
On Saturday 10th December a small group of activists in Diss protested against the sale of Israeli goods in the towns new Tesco store.

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Victory for the Irish Ferry Workers?

14-12-2005 12:32

Support In Ireland
Liverpool has shown its support with Irish Ferry Workers in a dispute which may have been resolved this morning… (14/12)?