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Fatal police shooting draws fire from expert

15-02-2005 04:00

Gerald Chenery, a Nisga'a, was hit with a dozen bullets fired by two constables that had less than a year on the job.

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 10

15-02-2005 01:44


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Statistics indicate another 9/11 by 2012

15-02-2005 00:31

Using Statistical analysis and data of global terrorist attacks between 1968 to 2004 the authors were able to find a predictable relationship between the occurance and serverity of terrorist attack. Statisticaly it is predicted that somewhere in the world another catastrophic attack will happen by 2012 (Please let it be Southampton).

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Fascist Australian Govt torture exposed

14-02-2005 23:15

Labor's Nicola Roxon suggests the evidence against Mr Habib was tainted. "I think it defies belief that they haven't asked the US the reasons that they released Mr Habib without charge," she said.

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IMC-Manila Bastardization & Monopoly

14-02-2005 21:51

The Case of Manila Indymedia

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Anti War Demo in Cambridge Market Square on Feb 15th

14-02-2005 20:10


Remember 15 February 2003 when two million people marched in London to oppose the invasion of Iraq?

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Iraqi election - fair ?

14-02-2005 19:52

Where the Iraqi election results fair ?

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UBS Bank Have a Word With Crest Plc

14-02-2005 19:07

UBS Bank Crest Plc Protest London
The Shalom Family from Wales who have been caught-up in a Crest Plc - Crest Nicholson Beauty-show, their subsequent houseboat eviction, and have lost possession of their entire worldly belongings, (even though it is alleged that Crest have permitted negligence,

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conscious fashion week attacks London Fashion Week....

14-02-2005 18:41

...well, not really attacked but we paid them a little visit...

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Fight Psychophobia: Join the EADP

14-02-2005 17:58

Join the last great civil rights movement. Fight psychophobia! End the barbarism done in the name of psychiatry! Join the European Association for Democratic Psychiatry (EADP)

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Valentines Party Pooped

14-02-2005 17:43

Even the Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem was booked, but the Law likes a soft target.

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radical left iraqi union leader speaks in london

14-02-2005 17:29

Falah Alwan, leader of the radical Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq, is in Britain and will be speaking at a meeting hosted by University of London Union on Wednesday February 16 at 7.30pm.

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Kyoto Protocol Comes Into Effect

14-02-2005 17:26

On 16 February 2005, the Kyoto Protocol comes into effect, legally binding most industrialised countries to greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2012. The treaty was signed by over 180 countries in 1997 and has since been watered down by special provisions for countries like Canada and Russia as well as limited in its effect by US non-ratification.

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Tatchell-What's wrong with the Left...

14-02-2005 16:54

Peter Tatchell questions the Left on its current behaviour.

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Peak Oil - an online petition

14-02-2005 16:48

The coming peak of oil production has huge consequences for virtually everyone on the planet. The mid-point of historical production means that the era of cheap oil is over. Why is the government no publicly acknowledging this issue?

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radical left Iraqi union leaders speaks in London

14-02-2005 15:38

Falih Alwan, leader of the radical Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq, is speaking at a meeting organised by University of London Union and No Sweat this Wednesday February 16 at 7.30pm.

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atrocities in fallujah

14-02-2005 14:32

what the newsmedia and govt dont want you to hear or see

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Editorial Reflections on Religious Democracy

14-02-2005 14:29

The neoconservative spin on the most popular political religion and its roots in fascist thinking.

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pathfinder schemes

14-02-2005 14:28

In the name of urban renewal, creating sustainable communities, social cleansing on a vast scale is being pushed through unchallenged.

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cyber action

14-02-2005 14:25