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A Raw Deal or Fair Comment? Iran and the Western Media

03-10-2007 16:44

Parliamentary Roundtable Discussion,
The Attlee Suite,
Palace of Westminster
3rd October, 7pm

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Bush's Global 'Dirty War'

03-10-2007 15:33

George W. Bush has transformed elite units of the U.S. military – including Special Forces and highly trained sniper teams – into “death squads” with a license to kill unarmed targets on the suspicion that they are a threat to American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to evidence from recent court cases.

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UK-US Iraqi Holocaust And Iraqi Genocide - 3.9 Million Deaths

03-10-2007 14:58

Undoubtedly what is happening in Iraq is a continuing 2-decade HOLOCAUST (i.e. involves a huge number of deaths).

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Medialens - Iraq Body Count: “A Very Misleading Exercise”

03-10-2007 14:55

The mainstream media are continuing to use figures provided by the website Iraq Body Count (IBC) to sell the public a number for total post-invasion deaths of Iraqis that is perhaps 5-10% of the true death toll.

As we recently reported, only a handful of media outlets covered a new ORB poll revealing that 1.2 million Iraqis had been murdered since the 2003 invasion. BBC Online provided a rare example:

“A UK-based polling agency, Opinion Research Business (ORB), said it had extrapolated the figure by asking a random sample of 1,461 Iraqi adults how many people living in their household had died as a result of the violence rather than from natural causes.

“The results lend weight to a 2006 survey of Iraqi households published by the Lancet, which suggested that about 655,000 Iraqi deaths were 'a consequence of the war'.

“However, these estimates are both far higher than the running total of reported civilian deaths maintained by the campaign group Iraq Body Count which puts the figure at between 71,000 and 78,000.” (BBC Online, ’US contractors in Iraq shootout,’ September 17, 2007;

BBC’s Newsnight programme used IBC’s figures in the same way:

“More than a million Iraqis have been killed since the invasion in 2003, according to the British polling company ORB. The study’s likely to fuel controversy over the true, human cost of the war. It’s significantly up on the previous highest estimate of 650,000 deaths published by the Lancet last October... The independent Iraqi [sic] Body Count group puts the current total at closer to 75,000.” (Newsnight, BBC2, September 14, 2007)

These reports again raise serious issues about what IBC’s figures actually mean, how they are being used and misused to cast doubt on higher numbers, and about what IBC is doing to promote or reduce the confusion. (See our 2006 Media Alerts archive for previous analysis, beginning with:

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Crest Nicholson upsets Gloucestershire Residents

03-10-2007 14:25

The Crest Nicholson Bushcombe Lane Eyesore
Crest Nicholson have upset residents in a Cotswold village by ignoring requests by the local community for a review of serious issues associated with a development in Woodmancote near Cheltenham. Local resident have repeatedly requested meetings with Crest Nicholson to discuss what is seen by many as a local eyesore. A Downing Street E Petition has been started by residents in order to force a central government review of the planning decisions that led to the development.

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UK police can now force you to reveal decryption keys

03-10-2007 12:49

Users of encryption technology can no longer refuse to reveal keys to UK authorities after amendments to the powers of the state to intercept communications took effect on Monday (Oct 1).

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Protest Total Oil this Friday in London

03-10-2007 10:54

CALL TO ACTION: 'Die-in' and demo at London TOTAL Oil HQ over Burma links
8:30 - 10:30 am
33 Cavendish Square, London, WC1

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Freedom of Information Act

03-10-2007 09:59

British secret UFO files revealed

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The Art of Racial Discrimination as practised by the Commonwealth of Australia

03-10-2007 00:28

UNHRC to be told Institutionalised Racial Discrimination jailed Phuong Ngo
The Art of Racial Discrimination can only succeed with the deliberate and concerted efforts of the 3 branches of a "democracy": the Executive (the Prime Minister), the Judiciary (Judges and Laws) and the Parliament (Law makers):

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demo at manchester trial

02-10-2007 22:15

RFFJ demonstate at manchester crown court....2 arrests

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Afghanistan: A heroic resistance that puts us to shame

02-10-2007 21:20

Forget the Neo-Con, the Neo-Dem, the Neo-Lib and the Neo-Nuts. The role the demonization and dehumanization of the (many, many, many...) Empire’s enemies has played in supporting imperialism and colonialism can be more easily seen in those Western liberal and progressive writers, journalists, intellectuals and anti-war movement’s planners who always resort to human rights, women rights, gay rights’ violations of the Empire’s enemy of the month as the reason why we, the enlightened people, can’t surely sympathies, let alone support the "other" peoples who try to defend themselves and resist against wars of aggression and occupations, which is to say, colonialism and imperialism.

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Brown's Britain: 'Mother of Hypocrocies'

02-10-2007 21:02

So Britain lectures Burma on the right of people to protest, the U.N., sends an envoy there and the U.S. - whilst behaving in Iraq and Afghanistan as Burma's Junta, shooting, beating, torturing, imprisoning without trial - go in to broken record mode about the right to peacefully demonstrate and 'freedom and democrocy'. Meanwhile, the British government, under the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown (who as Chancellor of the Exchequer write the cheques for the Iraq and Afghanistan bloodbaths) has instructed the police to ban a peaceful march and Lobby of Parliament - on 8th October, the day that Parliament re-convenes after the summer break - demanding that British troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Housing4All demonstration in Brum, Monday 8th Oct

02-10-2007 19:59

Demonstrate for accessible housing and against homelessness and disability discrimination at Birmingham City Council House, Monday 8th Oct, 1pm

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Norfolk hospital workers could strike

02-10-2007 19:50

Dozens of cleaners, porters, and catering staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital are voting this week on whether to take strike action as a dispute over pay threatened to boil over.

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A Free Market Tesconomy

02-10-2007 19:41

In support of the "Keep Tesco off Mill Road" campaign!

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US Politicians, Not Ahmadinejad, Have Blood on Their Hands

02-10-2007 19:09

How American politicians can call Iran a dangerous country and claim that it poses a threat to the U.S. is a mystery. On second thought, it is not a mystery. It just tells you that the politicians think you and I are so stupid that we will fall for the exact same parade of lies and exaggerations that was used to justify the war against Iraq.

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Thatcher gave Pergau Dam arms company “unjustifiable” £300m contract

02-10-2007 17:33

In 1988 the Thatcher government illegally paid the Malaysian government £234 million from the overseas aid budget to secure an order for two British arms companies. Anti-fraud campaigner and former MCCS employee Rob McCartney reveals how they simultaneously lied to cover up important evidence about fraud allegations being made against one of the companies, and awarded it a £300 million contract without any apparent justification.

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Palestine Today – 100207

02-10-2007 17:22

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday October 2, 2007.

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Deaths in Mental Health Custody

02-10-2007 17:06

As deaths in mental health custody rise in British hospitals, the family of a woman who died a year ago today carry on a campaign for justice. Sandra Jean Allen died on 2nd October 2006 after systemic problems with her mental healthcare. Supporters of the campaign are urged to join at or to email