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BBC close Jody McIntyre blog

16-12-2010 18:11

The BBC are so afraid of discussion of their activities that they have now closed the blog

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CPS blunders led to 'travesty of justice'

16-12-2010 17:51

A litany of mistakes by Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyers in a work-related death case amount to a gross miscarriage of justice, campaigners said today.

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Palestine Today 12 16 2010

16-12-2010 17:11

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, December 16th 2010.

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Peoples Convention Feb 12 | Open Planning Info

16-12-2010 15:58

Subject: [United Left] Fw: Join Together to Build Resistance - 12 Feb conference
Join Together to Build Resistance

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Guerrilla Orchestra - Birmingham musicians & students protest against cuts

16-12-2010 15:55

At 18.00 on Friday 10th December musicians staged a 'Guerrilla Orchestra' in Birmingham city centre in protest of cuts to higher education, the Arts Council, and local councils, another longer video of the action...

Click here to view video..

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Smash EDO: Xmas update and some reports

16-12-2010 14:47

This has been a heavy week for Smash EDO with events at the factory every day.
We will now take a break over xmas and the next noise demo will be the FIRST WEDNESDAY IN JANUARY, on the 5th.

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Pro student letter in todays Northern Echo

16-12-2010 13:51

In response to the right and far right polutting newspaper letters pages and message boards with anti student crap its time we took them on.

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Support Assange? Support PFC Manning too.

16-12-2010 13:26

Londoners are to be congratulated for their support of Wikileaks and for Mr Julian Assage.  But I beg you to note and to help Private First Class Bradley Manning who is suspected by the regime here in Washington of being the source of the secret government cables which have brought to Mr Assange and his organization all of this notoriety.


Londoners are to be congratulated for their support of Wikileaks and for Mr Julian Assane. But I beg you to take not of and to help Private First Class Bradley Manning who is suspected by the regime here in Washington as the ultimate source of the secret government communications which have been published by Mr Assange and his colleagues. 

Mr Glenn Greenwald of has written this day of the odious and abnormal conditions of severe solitary confinement under which PFC Manning is being held in the US Marine Corps Brig (Prison) at Quantico, Virginia, hard by Washington.  I urge all to refer to Mr Greenwald's article for the gory details which include solitary confinement for many months now, deprivation of everything, including blankets and pillows, and of course no human or humane contact at all. 

All the world should know the Brig's Internet information is easily attainable through Google.  Some relevant telephone numbers are:

Commanding Officer:         703 784 6870

Supervisor:                       703 784 6873

First Sergeant:                  703 784 4241

All these people need to know what the whole world thinks of them and of their treatment of PFC Manning.  But there is another interesting telephone number listed in their website:

Special Quarters                703 432 6156

Perhaps here is where special prisoners are confined.  There may be a creature named Lieutenant Villiard associated with this operation.  He needs to hear from you as well.

The treatment meted out to PFC Manning contravenes the European Conventinon on Human Rights and every other form of law in civilized countries.  But it is quite routine in the USA for all prisoners of political note.  This is why Mr Assange should never be extradited hither.   Prisons are what we do here in the USA and since the death of Stalin there has been nothing to compare.

Regards to all,

Chris Herz




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Day X3 student protests UK: My eyewitness account

16-12-2010 13:19

I've tried to keep to what I saw rather than why it might have happened (except where I can't resist). It's in sections so you can scroll to what you want to know about. You may wish to make a cuppa - I know I did. Comments, clarification and reposting all very welcome. All timings are very approximate (I have no idea where 7pm went, for example) and certain details have been changed to protect the innocent!

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The Emperor Wears No Clothes

16-12-2010 12:53

We are writing this statement in support of democracy.

Since Sunday, November 28th, WikiLeaks and five major newspapers from around the world (The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais) have been publishing redacted versions of leaked US Diplomatic Cables in an ongoing story that has become known as "Cablegate." The identity of the original leaker is - as yet - unconfirmed

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Afghan Peoples' Anti-War Petition: 'We Want You Out'

16-12-2010 11:00

A call for a worldwide change through international popular solidarity has been made by Afghan youth

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For Riotous Assemblies not Reasonable Dissent

16-12-2010 10:47

The atmosphere of UK State repression and 'queen's peace' was definitively broken on the 10th November 2010, when the Millbank Tower, Conservative Party HQ, was stormed by a mob of malcontents, during a demonstration against student fees

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WE’VE GOT THE RAGE ! General Strike in Greece

16-12-2010 09:16

Nationwide report from the General Strike in Greece, December 15th 2010

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Julian Assange is a Victim of a Politically Driven Bail Decision, as I Once Was!

16-12-2010 09:07

YOUTUBE (2min22sec) - Irish/Australian Plowshare/Catholic Worker Activist Ciaron O'Reilly does Solidarity Speaks Out Outside Westminster Court While Assange Denied Bail! (Dec 7 2010)
- Solidarity with Assange and Manning!

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New anti-police tactic direct from Athens: Fire extinguishers!

16-12-2010 00:09

As was pointed out tonight on the excellent Occupied London blog from Greece, 'One of the most empowering elements of today’s demonstration was peoples’ sheer anger and their willingness to fight back at the police repression and to defend their right to be on the streets. New tactics, including the incredibly successful use of fire extinguishers in keeping police away from demonstrator blocks, is surely a legacy for the struggles to come'.

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Why Are the FBI Cultivating Their Own "Homegrown Terrorists"?

15-12-2010 23:43

The FBI caught another homegrown terrorist this week, except like many recent plots the agency has “uncovered,” the attack was a plant, a plan concocted by the FBI itself. It’s the latest in a growing number of terrorism plots that the FBI stirs up by infiltrating communities and helping to devise attack plans. The practice raises serious questions about the government’s implementation of it’s ongoing war on terror.

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Kids chanting outside County Hall

15-12-2010 23:23

School children outside County Hall, Nottingham, protesting against the proposed closure of Gedling School.

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Save Gedling School rally at County Hall

15-12-2010 23:23

On Wednesday 15th December, supporters of the Gedling School held a demonstration outside County Hall to protest plans to close the school.

The rally was timed to coincide with a meeting of the council's cabinet at which they were to discuss budget proposals and plans to close Gedling School.

The Post reported that there were 100 people at the protest, although this is probably generous. That said, it was an impressive turnout, particularly from pupils at the school.

I was impressed by the enthusiastic chanting of the kids, which could be heard through much of County Hall. Most impressive, however, was the imaginative chants. It seems that children are the only group of protesters who haven't had the lefty chant sheet drilled into them.

In between fairly straightforward demands that the council, "Save our school" there were a number of more lyrical chants, such as "We love you Gedling we do... oh Gedling we love you." Another was based - I'm told - on a song by Cheryl Cole (apparently a former member of a popular all female beat combo).

The rally was held from 10am-11am. I think at this point the protesters went into the council chamber to listen to the deliberations of the meeting. They reappeared later and relocated their protest to the side of Loughborough Road, where they seemed to be attracting considerable support from passing motorists if the horn honking was any indication.

Unfortunately, despite the protest, and those which had preceded it, cabinet decided to go ahead with a "consultation" on the closure of the school. This is an unfortunate development, but it isn't the end of the story. I'm sure the kids will be back at County Hall before long.

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Solidarity from the South Pacific with UK climate justice activists

15-12-2010 22:58

Climate Camp Aotearoa sends a message of solidarity across the globe to the 20 climate justice activists found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass in the UK. The activists were among 114 people arrested in a dawn raid on Easter Monday last year against activists who planned not only to stop carbon emissions from the Ratcliffe coal power station but to be part of a much wider movement for global social justice.