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BBC close Jody McIntyre blog

A N Other | 16.12.2010 18:11 | Education | Other Press | Public sector cuts

The BBC are so afraid of discussion of their activities that they have now closed the blog

The BBC have a problem. Their attempt to blacken Jody McIntyre with an aggressive interview has not gone down well with the public.

It has generated thousands of complaints. The BBC has tried to fob anyone who complains off by directing them to the blog at where a manager claims this is all the fault of "a web campaign".

The BBC have refused to make any more comment. That hasn't gone down too well either. Almost all comments were negative.

They are now trying to stop discussion by closing the blog, "This entry is now closed for comments".

Good job the mass media are becoming increasingly irrelevant and the likes of Indymedia taking over.

A N Other


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