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Protests held against Workfare in Norwich,Norfolk.

16-02-2013 19:44

Norwich-A group of around 25 activists from a broad colition of Anarchists,Socialists,Greens ,Trade Unionists and local people, including a vocal member of Unities' Cambridge branch today protested today against the governments workfare program, which forces jobseekers to work up to eight weeks unpaided and without receiving the minimum wage of £6.19 an hour.

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Vegetarianism, Reincarnation, Fallibility In The Early Christian Church

16-02-2013 18:49

Papal infallibility did not become Catholic doctrine until 1870. Long before that
vegetarian and reincarnation teachings had been quashed.

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Court report on baton use at student demonstrations from Meadows retrial

16-02-2013 18:25

A POLICE Commander has described his officers as 'superbly restrained' after watching video footage of them striking down at protesters' heads with batons during a student demonstration.

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Dontate to UNITY by phone

15-02-2013 20:55

 Now you can donate to UNITY with your phone:

Just text “UNIT11 £10″ to 70070 and donate £10 to Unity!
It’s quick! It’s easy! Make a difference today – donate to Unity with your phone!
(JustTextGiving by Vodafone)

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15-02-2013 20:54

A DECLARATION FROM THE Poor oppressed People OF ENGLAND, DIRECTED To all that call themselves, or are called Lords of Manors, through this NATION; That have begun to cut, or that through fear and covetousness, do intend to cut down the Woods and Trees that grow upon the Commons and Waste Land

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Bulgaria: Unknown number of dogs fall victim in military's chemical-weapons test

15-02-2013 18:20

The access to information on what happen to tens of thousands of impounded animals in Bulgaria is failing due to corruption and dirty interests obsessing Bulgarian authorities. And communication on how to deal with pet population dynamics, too.

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ABC Belarus Infotour in Cardiff next weekend

15-02-2013 18:06

Belarus ABC infotour comes to Cardiff
On Friday the 23rd of Feb. @ 6pm there will be an info talk by a member of Belarus ABC at the Wells Hotel.

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Iraq: Was it Worth It?...Are You Kidding?

15-02-2013 15:56

Today marks the ten year anniversary of the day over a million people marched against attacking Iraq. The papers are full of ‘Iraq: Was it Worth It?’ articles. To those of us implacably opposed to this attack, such a question is as ludicrous as asking ‘The Holocaust: Was it Worth it?’ The bogus War on Terror and the neoliberal principle of intervention for profit under the guise of extending democracy has made the world a more dangerous place. Pursuing this ideology in the face of mass opposition has made the world a less democratic place.

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Leafleting against E-On

15-02-2013 11:06

Stop G8 Notts hit the streets of Nottingham yesterday distributing a leaflet that made connecting the everyday reality of poverty in the city, where people are forced to choose between eating or staying warm to the capitalist spectacle of the G8 summit taking place later this year.

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Doors locked at E-on Open House

15-02-2013 10:55

Last night the doors to the Nottingham E-on Open House on Lister Gate were d-locked shut in solidarity with anyone struggling to stay warm this winter.

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UG616 - The Secret, Silent Poisoning (Nuclear Victims in Peace and War)

15-02-2013 05:13

We hear how not only the Japanese but also the Marshall Islanders continue to suffer as a result of the US military's determination to assert its nuclear superiority, whatever the cost to human life. Complementing out main focus on Nuclear Weapons, we hear from Chris Busby that the safety of Nuclear Power may be overestimated by a factor of 400.

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AMAZON employ Nazis as paramilitary enforcers

15-02-2013 00:18

Not content with pursuing the kind of tax scams that are causing the whole-scale destruction of public services here in the UK, corporate tax cheats AMAZON have been filmed employing Nazi thugs to intimidate its foreign temp workers in Germany.

An ARD channel TV documentary showed AMAZON employing paramilitary guards from a security company named after Nazi leader Rudolph HESS, some wearing clothing from a company called Thor Steinar, whose products are (ironically) banned from sale on Amazon because of Thor Steinar's well-known Nazi connections & use of Nazi imagery!

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remember 'reclaim love X' this saturday in london

14-02-2013 23:01

the tenth annual unofficial street party and love-happening will take place this weekend at piccadilly circus in london.

come and celebrate a non-commercial alternative to valentine, and maybe even help heal the planet. 2pm saturday 16th feb 2013 eros piccadilly london uk

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Brazil: SEMI-ARID will be a thing of the past?

14-02-2013 18:14

Dilma Roussef
In this process truly poetic rather than scientific, in which consortia of species succeed in building an environment increasingly rich and varied, every plant, every animal, every micro-organism has its contributory role, being the man for the first time in history, leaving his sad protagonist role of stingy tormentor of nature and life and move creatively to assume the coordination of the construction process.

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Packed meeting calls for a halt to Whittington sell off

14-02-2013 17:58

Packed meeting rejected Whittington Hospital board claims
Mass meeting rejects Whittington Hospital, Islington, board plan to raise money by selling up around one third of its property and business.