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Photos - Anti-war protests in Belfast

09-04-2003 00:30

Photos from todays anti-war demo outside city hall in Belfast.

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Bush Busted

09-04-2003 00:04

Bush Busted
Bush should face the same fate as Mussolini

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Peace! Not pieces...

08-04-2003 23:52

Peace! Not pieces...
War is not the answer.

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Madonna give up

08-04-2003 23:51

She has decided to stop the diffusion of the violent, anti-war video for "American Life". out of respect for the troops fighting in Iraq.

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pics of Esso blockade last Thursday, Edinburgh

08-04-2003 23:48

pics of Esso blockade last Thursday, Edinburgh
Last Thursday, there was an Esso garage in Edinburgh blockaded for about an hour by a demonstration.
however, the demonstration was slowly moved by a surrounded police cordon. (article 1)

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Protest Song?

08-04-2003 23:38

While I certainly have strong feelings about the present war in Iraq, it was never my intention to slam anyone with a song I wrote after 911. Racism, bigotry, hate...all things that bother me deeply. It's unfortunate to be accused of those very things.

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Why I demand the right to carry a gun

08-04-2003 22:57

We in Britain believe guns are so dangerous that only criminals should be allowed to have them. If you think this sounds unhinged, you are quite right.

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Blair smuggling Bush into Ireland....

08-04-2003 22:11

Cheapstake Blair smuggling Bush into Ireland, how insulting and belittling is that to the el presidente of the world. Poor el presidente was holed up in a decrepit shitehole, one horse town, for a one horse cowboy, in the middle of no where, hidden from the world

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Can we have Blair, Howard and Elizabeth Windsor arrested?

08-04-2003 21:16

Can we send Blair, Howard and Elizabeth Windsor to the Hague for trial for war crimes ?

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Thursday nite film showing 'After Jenin' at somerstown, NW1

08-04-2003 20:06

a Jenny Morgan film, AFTER JENIN, will be shown as a reminder of the Deir Yassin massacre and an explanation of the historical context of current events in Palestine.
£4 or £2 admission. 1930 on Thursday 10/4 at Somers Town Community Centre, Ossulston St, NW1

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Iranian and Arab media attack Kurds and Kurdistan.

08-04-2003 20:03

Iranian and Arab media attack Kurds and Kurdistan.

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A Statement of Camden Autonomists for cops

08-04-2003 19:58

Your violence on our demonstrations is uncalled for.
If you 'muck things up' for us on our day, then we promise to muck things up for you on your day (ON THE 13TH), in full view of the world media and on live TV too.

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STORY-Camden schoolkids assaulted by 'level one riot cops' at M20 anti war demo

08-04-2003 19:45

Big brave policemen ganging up on small, puny schoolkids.
As they are bragging about being 'level one riot cops', maybe they should get a 'level one' riot delivered to the door of Charing Cross police station!

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Transatlantic attacks on Autonomy Corp!

08-04-2003 19:08

Transatlantic attacks on Autonomy Corp!
Cambridge Students Against the War (CamSAW) collaborated with San Francisco People Against Empire ( to target the Autonomy Corporation and Richard Perle. This is the beginning of a new stage of coordinated targeting of corporate targets associated with the war effort. (article 1)

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DUP/LVF PRO war, murder and mayhem rally last night

08-04-2003 18:49

The DUP under the protection of LVF scumbags, organised the PRO WAR rally. LVF arseholes subsequently ran amok after it, unable to contain their hatred of catholics, targeting and vandalising catholic pubs and taxis. Where were the heavy handed so called impartial PSNI pigs then?. It seems the PSNI think it's ok to manhandle republicans and anti war protesters, but then put on the kid gloves for their DUP/LVF cohorts.

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Supporting Our Troops: SANELY

08-04-2003 18:45

WHAT IS PATRIOTISM? I love England. I love the green grass, the birds, sunrise and the full moon. I have learned to sometimes love fog and rain.

Why should I love the corrupt and bullying Administration of Bush and Co?

These cowards must go!

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Near riot forces PSNI peelers to retreat

08-04-2003 18:39

As crowds stopped to watch PSNI peeler brutality against peaceful anti war protestors, in Belfast city centre today, a near riot situation ensued with shoppers and peaceful protestors standing on the foot paths shouting 'SS PSNI', passing office workers also joined in the chant , disgusted at PSNI brutality.

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Bernadette McAliskey at anti war protest in Belfast city centre

08-04-2003 18:33

The living legend and miracle that is Bernadette McAliskey attended the Anti war protest in belfast city center today. The very reverred Bernadette McAliskey joined anti-war protestors in Belfast city centre. Bernadette who survived a loyalist murder bid, after being shot and left for dead, knows all about the power of the state. What it can do to those who would dare question its policies.

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Bush is a monkey

08-04-2003 18:31

Bush's statement 8/4/03

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You! Contact the UN! Ask for war crimes charges

08-04-2003 18:25

Here are the addresses of the UN! Phone, fax, and write to them