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Fugitive US 'Green Scare' eco-activist arrested in China

19-06-2009 08:36

It has been reported on Portland IMC that Justin Solondz, one of the alledged Earth Liberation Front arsonists who went underground after FBI raids, has been arrested.

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Mariz Quimpo

19-06-2009 04:36

25 June 2009

PHILIPPINES. It is quite common these days to read from the newspapers violence being perpetrated by the communist New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) that most Filipinos no longer care as long they are not the poor victims.

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Sri Lanka tops list of nations driving journalists to exile

18-06-2009 23:54

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New York based media watchdog, in a special reported published Wednesday, said Sri Lanka topped the list of countries that drove the largest number of journalists into exile. "At least 11 Sri Lankan journalists were driven into exile in the past 12 months amid an intensive government crackdown on critical reporters and editors," the report said...

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Location for London FreeSchool Announced...

18-06-2009 21:30

The London FreeSchool began occupying 161 Commercial Street. There will be various workshops and discussions held there over this weekend on 'Squatting, Housing & Gentrification'. The event begins at 10am Friday 19th June so feel free to pop in anytime from then onwards. For more information see the website

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Global Detention Project

18-06-2009 21:20
Mapping the use of detention in response to growing global migration.

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Both Shifts at Iran Khodro on Strike Now!

18-06-2009 19:57

Workers from Iran Khodro have come out on strike against repression.

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Campaign against the assassination of workers in Venezuela

18-06-2009 19:55

* El Libertario has joined this campaign and we’re trying to divulge this initiative in an attempt to confront the hired killers that are taking the lives of labor activists in this country.

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Anonymous targets Iranian Goverment

18-06-2009 19:28

Hackers and trolls come out in aid of Iran.

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No Angel at Celebrating Sanctuary this year

18-06-2009 16:36

Burst The Angel Group's bubble and expose the Asylum Profiteers

The Angel Group, the UK's biggest private asylum accommodation provider, has apparently pulled out of sponsoring this year's Celebrating Sanctuary, Corporate Watch has learnt. The 'festival' is Birmingham's version of the national Refugee Week, which is celebrated between 14th and 20th June. Since 2001, Angel had been one of the main sponsors of the event until campaigners started to protest about Celebrating Sanctuary being funded by 'such dodgy asylum profiteers'.

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Palestine Today 061809

18-06-2009 15:27


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday June 18th, 2009.

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Anti-OSCE meeting in Corfu, 26-28 June 2009

18-06-2009 14:05

We call to Corfu, 27-28 June 2009, all people who resist and rise up against fortress Europe.

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More French Scare Stories

18-06-2009 14:04

In another move designed to increase fear amongst Calaisiens, the local préfet Pierre de Bousquet has prohibited the local sale of petrol and gas canisters for the duration of the Camp. Clearly he thinks No Borders is a terrorist organisation. If so, then why isn't he arresting the camp organisers under the catch-all French Anti-Terrorist law of “criminal association in relation to a terrorist undertaking"? More likely he thinks that by denying campers gas to cook with he will starve them out of town. But then again, if they have no petrol to put in the vehicles they arrived in, how will they get away?

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Sustained Media Campaign Against The Calais No Border Camp

18-06-2009 14:01

The location for the Calais No Border Camp and the Camp programme have both been released. This is against the backdrop of a concerted media campaign to demonise No Borders activists as baby-eating monsters who, as one Daily Mail journalist fantasied, have "pledged to help illegal migrants 'tear down border controls and make for Britain'."

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Trial without Jury

18-06-2009 13:56

First trial without jury approved

"The Court of Appeal has ruled that a criminal trial can take place at Crown Court without a jury for the first time in England and Wales."

The UK Legal system needs some serious reform. Its old, the methods are slow, outdated and more thought needs to be put into managing cases like this. Surely with modern technology, the jury could sit in complete anonimity in another part of the country, instead of the case being handled by one judge?

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18-06-2009 13:54

Saturday, December 19, 2009 - International Herald Tribune
Newspaper Ignites Hope, Announces "Civil Disobedience Database"

In a front-page ad in today's International Herald Tribune, the leaders
of the European Union thank the European public for having engaged in
months of civil disobedience leading up to the Copenhagen climate
conference that will be held this December. "It was only thanks to your
massive pressure over the past six months that we could so dramatically
shift our climate-change policies.... To those who were arrested, we
thank you."

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Request the ICC to prosecute CACI

18-06-2009 11:46

Example CACI crime
CACI are awarded senistive government contracts throughout Western Europe because they have never been prosecuted for their employees war-crimes at Abu Ghraib. I've requested the International Criminal Court do prosecute those crimes. I believe there is enough evidence here to justify that, and I hope others also email the ICC Information and Evidence Unit.

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A new wave of wildcat strikes hits Notts

18-06-2009 10:13

Reports are coming in of a wildcat demonstration outside Ratcliffe power station causing delays on the A453. The Independent says that West Burton power plant is also affected. The strikers are supporting fellow workers at the Lindsey refinery in Lincs where over 50 were laid off a week ago.

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News and Demonstrations - Iran Today

18-06-2009 09:43

In our continuing bid to help comrades beat the filters in Iran students and workers have asked for those outside of Iran to post the location of demontstrations, the main slogans and some important news across the internet. We ask comrades and supporters to help in this.

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Midsummer energy 28th June 2009 Green’s Mill Sneinton

18-06-2009 09:37

On 28th June Transition Nottingham is organising its first Midsummer Energy festival.
Nottingham communities and energy producers will be coming together to explore the world of energy in its many forms: from electricity to dance, wind power to wonderful live music.

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Orgreave - 25 years today

18-06-2009 07:49

To mark 25 years since the Battle of Orgreave, we have created an ironic Parody of the battle using an 80s sountrack and game format of the time.