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from the Stop the War Coalition

09-10-2001 08:04

2000 protest outside Downing Street

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Terrorist Training Camp Spotted In London

09-10-2001 06:12

Terrorist Training Camp Spotted In London
M16 Headquarters

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An interesting little ditty

09-10-2001 04:37

You will be amazed to hear what the Taliban are tuning into!

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Langan behind the lines - BBC propaganda?

09-10-2001 02:52

Is the BBC purposefully showing anti-muslim Propaganda in order to justify the current barbarous bombing campaign? BBC2's "Langan behind the lines" seems to fit quite nicely

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11 October 2001

09-10-2001 01:56

at noon EST on Thursday 11 October 2001, the NY Surveillance Camera Players will perform a play that may be taken to describe what NYC is like these days. Viewable on the World Wide Web.

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Anti-war movement, put down your arms

09-10-2001 00:11

We must put away the papers and slogans if we are to build a substantial and effective opposition to this war. A factionalised and paper selling movement stands no chance of appealling to those we need most.

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Take Action! Petition for the closure of the Angeles prostitution slave camps

09-10-2001 00:10

This is a worldwide petition calling on the Philippine government to close the prostitution slave camps of Angeles, Philippines. We are counting on you to spread the word - please pass this notice on to friends, family, fellow activists, and post it on independent media centers, bulletin boards, and listservs!

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1234 we dont want a racist war

08-10-2001 23:19

1234 we dont want a racist war
1234, we dont want a racist, good for the rich bad for the poor, we dont want a racist war. George Bush we know you, your daddy was a murderer too. Bush, Blair C.I.A. how many kids you killed today. Bush and Blair maintain this is not a war against Islam, but terror. He should be reminded of this next time he meets with Gerry Adams or Ian Paisley.

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letting the reporter go free

08-10-2001 23:15

daily express reporter released at the pakistan border

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Stand Strong Together

08-10-2001 22:33


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Plans for EU riot police

08-10-2001 22:15


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Chomsky: Reaction to the bombing of Afghanistan

08-10-2001 21:54

I dearly wish there had been some surprises, some deviation from traditional patterns of behavior.

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Anti-war vigil in Stoke on Trent

08-10-2001 21:14

For your roundup of peace vigils:

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Chelmsford, Essex Anti-war?

08-10-2001 21:01

Anyone know of any anti-war groups in Chelmsford?
If not anyone want to try and form one?
Contact me

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Where have all the Jehadi sites gone?

08-10-2001 19:57

Interesting post from a guy who ran a Chechen Mujahideen discussion group at Yahoo. Authorities cracking down on Jehadis and closing 'Sakina Security'-Jeehad training.

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Photos Peace March NY 10/7

08-10-2001 17:35

Not in our name. Our Grief is not a cry for war.

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Voice of America Under Pressure to Toe U.S. Line

08-10-2001 17:21

New York Times October 8, 2001
The Voice of America, born during World War II, nurtured in cold war propaganda and remade in the 1990's as a source of objective information for a global audience, is under renewed pressure to be a salesman for government policy in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

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No War But the Class War demo report

08-10-2001 12:46

News of the bombings arrived about 30 minutes into an open meeting called by No War But the Class War in north London, early on Sunday evening. The original intention of the meeting had been for participants to discuss a class-based response to the war, following on from an exchange of ideas and experiences in the first part of the meeting.

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Women's Weekly Anti-War Picket

08-10-2001 09:14

Women's Weekly Anti-War Picket starting tomorrow, tuesday. Letter to the Independent.