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BIG NEWS ON USA MICROSOFT: Slavery to It Is Ending

27-05-2005 18:15

Only $220US, because there's no "Microsoft tax."
Mass-produced computers can KILL Microsoft and free the world's computer users. They'll be too cheap to accommodate MS Windows -- MS's bread and butter. Computers will go the way of TVs and VCRs -- cheap offshore (non-USA) production. They'll be cheap, simple, general-purpose (FREE SOFTWARE), all-electronic (no disk drive) -- in other words, real electronic computers, finally. READ ABOUT THE OPENING SHOT, MOBILIS, FIRED IN BANGALORE, INDIA, ON MAY 26, 2005.

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Block the Builders! 31 May

27-05-2005 16:47

Block the Builders have called for a nonviolent blockade of AWE Aldermaston for Tuesday 31 May.

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Second ciclonudista (world naked bike demonstration)

27-05-2005 13:15

Saturday june 11th , 2005
¡Naked before the traffic! ¡Justice on the streets!

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'Sanctuary for Zahrieh, Alirezah and Navid'

27-05-2005 13:10

The Rahimi Larki family Zahrieh, Alirezah and Navid; nationals of Iran, were taken from their Wolverhampton home on Monday 16th May and taken to Yarl's Wood Removal Centre, where the are today.Most of their belongings were left behind. One of the Immigration officers packed their son, Navid's, belongings, bundling a lot of useless stuff into the bag, such as a blanket and toy puppets.

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Protest at Trafalgar Square on Saturday 28th May at 2 pm

27-05-2005 13:01

against the human rights violations committed by UK Immigration in forcibly deporting people against their will through beatings and intimidation

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Radical History at Free Festival Of Mapping!! London June 2005

27-05-2005 12:56

SOUTH LONDON RADICAL HISTORY GROUP presenting a bunch of stuff... YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? A Free Festival of Mapping

South London June 2005

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27-05-2005 12:43

Saturday 28th May at 2pm Trafalgar Square
to be followed by further protests outside the Home Office

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Lockheed Martin gives children in Sierra Leone Electronic Welfare

27-05-2005 11:37

The Red Carpet for this lot
A conference on Electronic Warfare was picketted by activists yesterday. Titled 'Wider Horizons, Infinite Challenges' the conference, organised by The Shephard Group and hosted by the Royal Lancester Hotel, was attended by major arms dealers like BAE Systems,Lockheed Martin and EDO.

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Radio show today ~ sonic adventures in the g8 dark side 2_3pm

27-05-2005 10:05

Radio ~ Sonic adventure in the g8 today 2pm to 3pm

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resistance anarchist bulletin issue 74

27-05-2005 10:02

Monthly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation

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Beanfield Party a go-go??

27-05-2005 09:27

Police on stand-by to halt illegal forest rave

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R .. E .. S .. P .. E .. C .. T

27-05-2005 03:39

The criminal Justice Act is Anti Social Behavior?

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Tune Liberation Party

27-05-2005 02:19

Event Flyer fundraiser event with 9 excellent bands and more. Circle Centre, 49 Tufnell Park Road, N7 (off the holloway road, by the odeon cinema)

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26-05-2005 23:08

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Spain, Netherlands, China, Russia, and Cuba.

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John Ross (author and latin american correspondent) talking at the Common Place

26-05-2005 22:56

John Ross, one of the first journalists to talk to Subcommandante Marcos after the Zapatista uprising in Mexico, acting as a human shield in Baghdad in 2003, author of 'murdered by capitalism', and latin american corespondant for 20 years, is speaking in Leeds on Friday 27th May.

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G8 desktop design

26-05-2005 22:01

G8 desktop
some people may like this

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26-05-2005 20:06

A night of musical fundraising for Cuban youth.

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26-05-2005 19:58

this from the front page of today’s sun online.

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Army's recruitment crisis deepens

26-05-2005 15:52

The mainstream article below gives an idea of how badly it’s looking for the imperialists. Get active against this war and the capitalists that are so damaging our world and our lives. Marx and others knew some time back that ultimately capitalism would be dependent upon aggressive imperialism for survival. Here we are. And at a time when the rulers realize that their ability to get the public to go along with the murder and mayhem is in grave doubt. Organize, organize, organize!