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On The Beach (=)

29-05-2002 14:25

The standard of reportage on British TV concerning the India -Pakistan -Kashmir dispute is lamentable.

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why the reports are one side only

29-05-2002 13:11

one side reports about "palestine"

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Defeating racism

29-05-2002 12:17

Beating racism forum at the Bullion Rooms, Behind Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, London E8, on Tuesday 11 June 7.30pm

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Haiti: violence against plantation workers

29-05-2002 12:01

News flash! - Violent attack on Guacimal plantation workers, injured journalists detained by police. (Issued by the Haiti Support Group - 29 May 2002)

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stop human trafficking, join the network

29-05-2002 11:56

See below:

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CAAT news

29-05-2002 11:18

1) Urgent Action! Call for Arms Embargo on India and Pakistan
2) Resources Available for Stop The Arms Trade Week (8-16th June)
3) Top Arms Company profiles on CAAT website

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An Anarchist FAQ updated

29-05-2002 09:22

An Anarchist FAQ updated to version 9.6

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Kill Jews! Kill Palestinians! (cartoon by Latuff)

29-05-2002 08:46

Kill Jews! Kill Palestinians! (cartoon by Latuff)
Palestinian massacre has been nice for racist statements from both anti-Semitic and pro-Israel creeps. Some claim for killing of Jews, others killing of Palestinians. No difference between them. They're all racists! END RACISM *A N D* OCCUPATION!!!

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29-05-2002 08:11

four video clip of the serie 'cities and globalization:london'. Six, seven or more or less models of shops are eating ours cities.
music of bollywood and plaza pueblo (traditional spanish anarchist song)
(less than 3 minutes)

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Pro-hunt lobby is plotting to 'hijack' RSPCA

29-05-2002 06:49

Pro-hunt lobby is plotting to 'hijack' RSPCA, they are trying to become elected onto the board.

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The 2004 GOP Ticket

29-05-2002 04:55

The 2004 GOP Ticket
When asked to comment on the GOP's new choice for VP, Bush replied, "I'm delightered."

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SPOOKS (beeb tv) more anti-Kurd crap on TV

28-05-2002 22:30

BBC choice screening more anti-Kurd crap on Spooks show.
Kurdish Liberation Army storms Turk consulate with guns.
Complete travesty of reality.

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Bush-Cheney Regime Dissolved

28-05-2002 19:44

Un-Elected and Un-Constitutional "U.S. Administration" Dissolved. New Cabinet Nominated and American Government Re-Organized....

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resistance anarchist bulletin - issue 38 June 2002

28-05-2002 18:24

Monthly bulletin of the British section of the Anarchist Federation (Britain and Ireland)

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M.o.o.t. encryption

28-05-2002 17:48

m-o-o-t is for everybody, including the cryptographically ignorant. One of the major design goals of m-o-o-t is to make it almost impossible for anyone to do anything insecure with it.
If Plod seizes your computer, there's nothing on it.
If Plod intercepts you and demands keys to the interceptions, you can't give them deleted keys

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28-05-2002 17:30


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1500 against Bush in Caen, France [picture Report]

28-05-2002 16:58

About 1500 people gathered in Caen (France) to protest against Bush. I followed a Belgian delegation that came from Brussels all the way to Caen (about 600km) to support the local groups that called for this demo .