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Take two:Freedom to Conform: Living in Democro-Land

05-08-2001 17:19

here if the correctly formatted version(i hope) of "freedom to conform", a short essay on personal freedom and democracy within the mass media system.

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walden bello reflects on lessons of genoa

05-08-2001 17:03

Genoa was a big setback for the G-8. Our movement now has the moral ascendancy. We cannot afford to lose it. And one of the reasons we continue to have it is that we have continually learned from both our successes and our mistakes. Genoa yielded new challenges. I am confident that we will meet those challenges head on.

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05-08-2001 15:57

From the Italian Indymedia site. Re: Genoa

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Censura en el IES (Instituto de enseñanza )de Celanova (Ourense. España)

05-08-2001 15:32

El director del Instituto de enseñanza secundaria de Celanova ha censurado unos dibujos de plástica en 3º y 4º de la enseñanza secundaria obligatoria (15 y 16 años) y el autor del articulo lleva los dibujos censurados a casa de Fernando Arrabal a París y allí coincide con Darío Fo, Umberto Eco, Jean Baudrillard, Jack Vanarsky... y todos coinciden en pedir la dimisión del censurador.

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Physician's Group Calls for a Halt to Depleted Uranium Ammunition Use

05-08-2001 13:24

Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with Martin Butcher, director of security programs with Physicians for Social Responsibility, a group founded more than 20 years ago to oppose the nuclear arms race. Butcher explains why his group is concerned with the use of depleted uranium weapons, and what he believes should be done about it.

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National Lawyers Guild Considers Campaign to Impeach Supreme Court Justices...

05-08-2001 12:44

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Nathan Newman, vice president of the National Lawyers Guild, who explains why he is advocating the launch of a campaign to impeach Justices William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O'Connor, Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy.

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05-08-2001 12:23

[en] am I jumping onto rushed conclusions?

[it] sto saltando a conclusioni affrettate?

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Bush Administration Charged with Arrogance as it Withdraws from...

05-08-2001 11:47

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Matthew Rothschild, editor of the Progressive Magazine, who examines world reaction to the Bush administration's rejection of numerous international treaties.

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Hunt Saboteurs Association - Press Release - 1str Aug

05-08-2001 11:33

Hunters and Shooters just wanna have FUN!
Forget Foot & Mouth - the ‘Guardians of the
Countryside’ want access

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Smash what is not essential for life and humanity

05-08-2001 09:42

Smash what is not essential for life and humanity
Smash what is not essential for life and humanity
Smash the evil eye. Stop corporate onslaught.
Take your life back.

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More pics from Genova (17) (18) (19)

04-08-2001 20:56


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German Interior Minister, Otto Schily wants Euro-Blackshirt army

04-08-2001 20:56

BBC reports German Interior Minister, Otto Schily's suggestion to create European anti-protest army.
Linked article by Michael Parenti reveals how it was done in 1930's

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More pics from Genova (17) (18) (19)

04-08-2001 20:55


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Protester arrested at Italian Consulate Dublin

04-08-2001 14:33

Irish Police "Get Tough"

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Smash the evil eye

04-08-2001 14:05

Smash the evil eye
Smash the evil eye. Smash corporate ruling.
No more Berlusconis. Stop the environmental

Another world is possible

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Italian citizens resident abroad: Appeal on Genoa

04-08-2001 13:03

- to the President of the Republic of Italy
- to the citizens and Governments of our host countries

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20.8.:GLOBAL ACTION DAY:Genoa-our resistance continues!

04-08-2001 11:50

Over 40 activists arrested because of the anti G8 protests are still in jail in Italy.
Let`s keep up international pressure to free the prisoners and to remind the public of the torture and murder,because it tents to forget very quikly.
Come up with ideas,do actions,create pressure….

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BBC staff are told not to call Israeli killings 'assassination'

04-08-2001 09:57

By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent
04 August 2001

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Freedom to Conform: Living in Democro-Land

04-08-2001 04:24

A short essay on freedom and democracy within the modern mass-media system.

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Shield construction & tactics booklet - UPDATE

04-08-2001 02:40

Bodyhammer 1.1 has some new editions plus a b&w version is up for easier reproduction.
Please read and distribute freely