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Video of Manchester Airport Blockade

08-10-2007 12:18

Video showing the beginning of the blockade of Manchester Airport Terminal 3's domestic security checking zone. Passengers are being denied access to the departure lounge by seven activists locked together using arm-tube devices.

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Juana suffers heart attack in Jail

08-10-2007 11:29

Friends of Mapuche chief Juana in Bristol and all around the world are deeply concerned at her plight.
If you care about human rights, please read and act!

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Radicals create havoc at Swiss rightwing rally

08-10-2007 11:07

The Swiss capital of Berne was turned into a battle zone at the weekend when leftwing radicals seized control of the main square outside parliament, routing the main far-right political party two weeks before a general election and catching the Swiss police off guard.

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Press and Prejudice on the Middle East - workshop 19th Oct

08-10-2007 10:48

An exploration of bias in journalism and travel writing focusing on the conflict in the Middle East. 7.30pm - Liverpool Social Centre, 96 Bold Street (next to News From Nowhere Bookshop) -

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Keep Our NHS Public - Liverpool public meeting 18th Oct

08-10-2007 10:07

7pm - Friends Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool (btwn Bluecoat and Hanover St) - 3BT

We need to develop the movement to protect and preserve our NHS, whose vital services and precious resources are being given away to the private sector. All of us rely on the NHS, and all of us will be affected by what is happening to it. The invited speakers have a wealth of experience of working within the NHS and fighting to improve and defend it

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Plane Stupid / Manchester Climate Action blockade Manchester domestic terminal

08-10-2007 08:49

Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid have blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport.

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RAF Lakenheath Blockade

08-10-2007 08:35

Six people are currently blockading the main gate at RAF Lakenheath. Their banner states: Stop the War Crimes Not The Protests. They have photographs that indicate that 492 Squadron from Lakenheath dropped over 1,000 bombs in the recent 4 month deployment in Afghanistan possibly including cluster bombs.

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Climate Change Activists Blockade Domestic Flights

08-10-2007 08:28

Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid have
blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport.
Passengers are being denied access to the departure lounge by seven
activists locked together using arm-tube devices. Two banners have been
unfurled reading, “Manchester City Council...supporting climate chaos” and
“Domestic flights cost the Earth”.

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Ecosocialist International Founded

08-10-2007 07:24

Ecosocialist International founded at meeting in Paris - 7/10/07

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The Plight of Myanmar’s People: Challenges and Responsibilities for the Internat

08-10-2007 06:48

By Christopher B. Roberts
Research Associate - S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)

Republished from:

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2004 Reclaim the Commons video

08-10-2007 06:19

3 days in San Francisco

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a good and bad day for liverpool feminists

08-10-2007 00:11

feminists come to liverpool, hurrah!

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SOCPA - brian haw's protest site is now reminiscent of his glory days

07-10-2007 23:38

thanks to ken livingstone's apparently illegal fencing round the grass at parliament square, (all my enquiries to the mayor's office are met with obfuscation and silence), some of brian's supporters have taken the opportunity to find a place to hang all the banners they keep being given

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America's Energy Wars - A New Front - Africa

07-10-2007 22:59

Energy Corridor
With the U.S. military announcing this week that it is opening up what it is calling The Africa Command

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Iran war - danger of impending false flag

07-10-2007 22:54

This is what a nuclear bomb looks like
If we get October out of the way without a major incident I, for one, will be extremely relieved.

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short film of today's poppy seed guerilla gardening at the ministry

07-10-2007 22:47

this is a short film of today's action
full report and some pics at

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police overtime scam at afghan protest today?

07-10-2007 22:40

the small protest
in a remarkable display of over-policing, 8 cops, 4 forward intelligence, a van, and a rangerover accompanied a peaceful inter-denominational walk through the streets of london. the walk was more of a vigil than anything else, to mark the 6th anniversary of our invasion of afghanistan. after five hours overtime, the police headed off and completely missed the security breach at the ministry of defence that happened shortly after

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Libby Purves - A true child of Geobbles.

07-10-2007 22:28

I do not know who Libby Purves is, but I do know she is guilty of a very serious misrepresentation that there surely must be laws against.

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London Burma Protest

07-10-2007 22:07

Saturday 6 October 2007, 10,000 people marched in solidarity with the peace protestors and monks of Burma.

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Anna Politkovskaya

07-10-2007 21:24