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BUSh_Powell action now???

19-11-2003 16:39

Going back to school? Posted by James on 19/11/2003 at 16:27 GMT
"We now have a lot of police and American military at
Senate House at the University of London in Malet Street. From what I can gather either Bush or Powell will be speaking in the next hour or so. Better start getting folks down here for a protest."

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Park Nook Under Attack (Liverpool)

19-11-2003 15:59

Shortly before 8am this morning Tuesday 18th November 2003, bulldozers moved in to clear trees on a piece of land adjacent to Princes Park, Toxteth, locally known as Park Nook. Contracters from McDermott Developements, Burnley intend to build a block of flats on the area.

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19-11-2003 15:57

This url here lists a thousand reasons to tell Bush to sod off.

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November Critical Mass in Manchester

19-11-2003 15:47

Critical Mass flyer
just to let you know this month's critical mass will be happening at the usual time (5pm) in the same place as last time (Central Library) on the 28th November.....

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No Afraid to Say We Told You So - a view from the States

19-11-2003 15:32

Bush said: "The terrorists have a strategic goal. They want us to leave Iraq before our work is done. They want to shake the will of the civilized world." It seems to me I recall the civilized world warning Washington about invading Iraq in the first place!

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19-11-2003 15:25

News posting on a weekend of prisoner solidarity activities in Bradford and Leeds in support of the Thessaloniki 7 and the Campaign Against Prison Slavery.

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Anti-Bush Street Party marches to Trafalgar Square

19-11-2003 15:22

100 protesters take part in Street Party through central London

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Wednesday morning pics of Bush visit protests

19-11-2003 15:17

Started with a critical mass
Various pics of fluffy protests on Wednesday morning of war criminal Bush visit

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Bush and Blair Toppled

19-11-2003 14:53

Goodbye Mr. Bush
The people of Cambridge gathered in the Market Square this lunch time to witness (and take part in!) the toppling of statues of two of the most dangerous political leaders in the world.

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pics from todays alternative state procession

19-11-2003 14:49

people on march
ok some stills of todays procession

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Liverpool STOP BUSH demo

19-11-2003 14:02

200 stand up scousers stopped the traffic outside Liverpool Town Hall for an hour between 12-1.00 today. Big respect to all those there.

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Cardiff City Centre Closed in Anti Bush Protest

19-11-2003 13:38

Cardiff City Centre Closed in Anti Bush Protest

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Ode' To George W.

19-11-2003 13:27

Seeing as George is about to hit the town in London, I thought I'd post this little something I got down whilst I watched lil' George address his lil' servants in the the Australian Parliament last month. A very sad day in Aussie history!

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Senior Royal and tart Shocker

19-11-2003 11:57

Pie and Palace

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do summat... buy nuffin.. actions planned for 29th november

19-11-2003 11:40

buy nuffin
.. the day is all about trying to stop over consumption, unethical
companies and corporate rule in general. we have 2 sides to the day one
is direct action against corporate scum and the other is a fun community
event.. so there's summat fer everyone...

see our website fer more info or...

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Americans love you, anti Bush activists

19-11-2003 10:57

Thank you for your actions in speaking out against the Bush regime. We need all the help we can get.

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From Simon Chapman to Bush in London - policing & repression

19-11-2003 10:55

The policing of mass demonstrations is becoming increasingly repressive and politicised

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19-11-2003 10:44

In addition to the various actions in protest at Bush's visit to the UK an online sit-in of Tony Blairs website will take place.

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The Regeneration Game

19-11-2003 10:41

Local government is still oppressing British communities with absolutely no opposition from the left wing. In fact there are many sectarian far left-wingers who care nothing about democracy involved in this oppressive process.

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Protests in London / Americans turn against Bush: 'We won't die for oil!'

19-11-2003 10:11

The current GLW cover
[BRITAIN] 100,000 expected for anti-Bush demonstration
- BY MARCUS GREVILLE, Australians Against the War UK

[COVER STORY] Washington's unpopular war: Americans turn against Bush

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