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NoBorder Dublin Action

01-05-2004 12:23

About 100 people took the streets of dublin today to protest about the EU's immigration policy, and in favour of open borders.

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London's Critical Mass 10th Anniversary (Pics)

01-05-2004 12:09

Critical Mass gathering at the South Bank
Here there are some photos of Friday's Critical Mass in London.

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The abolition of Mayday (or Anarchist blindness and delusions of grandeur)

01-05-2004 11:39

Activists and protestors are astounded and bemused by the so called cancelling of May Day
protests by a handfull of anarchist leaders, who claim not to have had sufficient support at "their meetings" to organise the protest. They do not call on people to go to the demo of the Labour movement, "that one is run by dinosaurs". Instead they want a picnic (seriously folks only a picnic)in St James park front of her majesty's palace.

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2 more Bayer actions

01-05-2004 11:38

There have been reports of more actions to send notice to Bayer, just before their AGM, that if they DO continue to push GM crops in the UK they will be hit again.
Here are the first 2 reports in.

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Soldarity prostes at mountjoy prison Dublin Mayday 04

01-05-2004 10:17

Video of solidarity protest at mountjoy prison for three activists jailed for squating

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Mayday and Anarchism: Remembrance and Resistance from Haymarket to Now

01-05-2004 09:48

Information about new Kate Sharpley Library title: Mayday and Anarchism: Remembrance and Resistance from Haymarket to Now

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VIDEO Mayday Critical Mass Dublin

01-05-2004 09:28

Video I
Video - one less car!
6min Mayday Critical Mass Dublin
Irelands largest ever critical mass

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Okupational Hazzard 3 squatter sun splash festival - 9 May 2004

01-05-2004 09:16

Festival celebrating squatting culture and resistance

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01-05-2004 09:14

Take a look at this email, which was sent to me yesterday by a New Deal resident. Bellow the email is a short storey which will give you some idea about the madness that is happening in my community:

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Mayday samba dawn in Oxford

01-05-2004 08:16

Crowds gathered to see in the mayday dawn in Oxford got an extra chance to celebrate; Breach of the Peace samba band took to the streets (albeit briefly).

Wake Up! Wake Up! Its yer SAMBA BREAKFAST!!

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US West Coast G8 Mobilization

01-05-2004 07:20

US: Call to action in solidarity with UK-Dissent for regional mobilizations against the G8

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War Against War: Sweet Dreams

01-05-2004 06:24

For thousands of Iraqis, liberation has been laser guided destruction and horror. Clinton Fein’s 'Sweet Dreams', 'Uncomfortably Numb' and 'One Summer' provide three brutally realistic audio-visual commentaries.

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Two Media Hacklab open meetings (one tomorrow 5pm!)

01-05-2004 01:26

The next two open meetings for the Hacklab are taking place this
Sunday the 2nd of May (tomorrow) at 5pm at at the at the ex-Grand
Banks social centre and 5pm Saturday the 8th of May at Freedom
Press Bookshop, Whitechapel. Sunday's shorter meeting will mainly
be about the plans for our next benefit event on the 15th of May,
while the 8th of May meeting will be more about the long term
direction of the Hacklab. All are welcome to both.

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nazi eye view of Iraq

01-05-2004 00:03

link to movies taken by troops in Iraq

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SchNEWS at Ten Tour passed through Nottingham

30-04-2004 22:41

The SchNEWS at Ten Tour passed through Nottingham on Thursday 29th April, I have just taken the opportunity to put work up, on this issue, and can be seen now at:
Nottingham Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX 8.30pm Tel. 0845 458 9595. For info about the tour at large:

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - By Robert Tressell

30-04-2004 22:03

Have you read 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressell? If you have then you'll want to see how faithful this play is to the book. If you're touched by the story then read the book. If you're working class then this story nearly a century old will strike a chord with you.

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Memefest 2004 Looking for Artists And Activists

30-04-2004 21:55

Memefest 2004 (, the international festival of radical communications, has thrown open the doors on their annual competition and showcase of creative subversion.

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British troops torture Iraqi civilians

30-04-2004 21:39

The Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into allegations that British soldiers have been pictured torturing an Iraqi prisoner.
The photographs, obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper, show a suspected thief being beaten and urinated on.