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on violence

05-10-2001 14:02

this si my translation of an article appeared in the spanish journal el pais, i of course do so without their consent but let us thank the author.

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Blunkett Delivers a Blinder...

05-10-2001 13:50

Home Secretary, David...

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SWP sectarianism split the Socialist Alliance

05-10-2001 12:31

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) castigates the SWP for going it alone and abandoning the principle of 'left unity'.

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Bombing Britain back to the Nineteenth Century

05-10-2001 12:02

It will take more than Palmerstonian tactics to save our civilisation.

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Section 60 - Police Use Legal?

05-10-2001 11:51

There are a lot of excellent legal documents on imc and other sites about section 60. But most dont mention how the police actually use section 60's...

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Afghan War Crminal in Surrey!-Rawa

05-10-2001 11:42

UK: Afghan warlord should be investigated (Amnesty)
and BBC feature on him

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PGA call to action against WTO summit in Qatar, Nov 9-13 2001

05-10-2001 11:41

PGA call to action against the WTO summit in Qatar,
Nov 9-13 2001

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Campaign for Digital Rights : CD Action Day

05-10-2001 10:34

Press Contacts: Julian T. J. Midgley
Phone: +44 7713 166000 Jim Peters
Cambridge, England -

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Liberty/Charter 88: Gov backs away from ID cards

05-10-2001 09:43


ID cards: Government steps back from 'tackling terrorism' claims

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Ebola like Virus at Pakistani Border

05-10-2001 09:37


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Media's Role During the Nation's Crisis: Investigative Journalism or...

05-10-2001 09:30

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with journalist and author Danny Schechter, executive editor at, who, over the last four decades, has worked for both corporate and independent media outlets. He examines the role of the press since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

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Statewatch: EU para-military anti-protest riot police

05-10-2001 08:42

STATEWATCH press release, 2 October 2001

Proposal to create EU para-military police units to counter protests

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opus dei and the anticapitalist movement in the colleges

04-10-2001 23:11

freaky right wing brain control cult opus dei is attempting to gain influence in uk colleges under the guise of a third world development society called "people first"

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Deatained in Parliament

04-10-2001 22:38

Dragged out of the Stranger's gallery in the Houses of Parliment and subjected to Draconian laws and suspension of human rights act as the HP is not answerable to ordinary law.

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Fake Terror - The Road To Dictatorship

04-10-2001 21:09

The Oldest Trick In The Book

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UK activists in Palestine

04-10-2001 21:06

UK activists in Palestine
UK activists take part in direct action against Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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India's CIA accused

04-10-2001 18:52

This stories been hard to access at the main page so Ill mirror it here,Id like to think I tried.

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The Invisible Dictatorship

04-10-2001 18:11

If things go really bad how will the people be able to respond to State repression?

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Russell Banks, Noam Chomsky, Assia Djebar, Alice Walker, Howard Zinn on S11

04-10-2001 18:02

Russell Banks, Noam Chomsky, Assia Djebar, Alice Walker, Howard Zinn on S11
Two days after the World Trade Center disaster, Seven Stories pressed asked some of their authors and friends to share their thoughts and feelings about 9/11. Here are communiqués from Russell Banks, Assia Djebar, Alice Walker, and Howard Zinn, as well as an interview with Noam Chomsky that was broadcast on Radio B92 (Belgrade).

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The Enemy Within

04-10-2001 17:28

The enemy within