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Stop Shell Speaker Tour comes to Birmingham - 9th November

22-10-2006 22:59

Stop Shell Speaker Tour at Birmingham University, 9th November

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The David Kelly "Dead in the Woods" PSYOP

22-10-2006 22:37

The media and "establishment" are well into their plans to allow Phoney Bliar the War Criminal to step down from power gracefully, instead of being forced out in disgrace, and held to account for his actions. It's up to us to ensure that this is not allowed to happen.

Direct Action at public events. Blanketing the streets with reminders about Bliar's many crimes and deceptions. Massive rallies denouncing his reign.

These must be undertaken in earnest, so that this can never happen again, or worse, be perpetuated through his successor.

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The Price of Land

22-10-2006 20:47

...according to Reuters yesterday we are on the cusp of a recession after the 'Fed' declared its 17th successive hike in interest rates - which brings it to - 5.25% - oh - thats the same as ours - does this mean we are going into a Bust phase too?

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Glow In The Dark Foundations

22-10-2006 20:40

The sale of radio active hardcore

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*PRESS RELEASE*:- Greek Government sentences Mt. Athos monks to 2 years in jail

22-10-2006 18:41

Dear all

5 disabled monks have already died as a result of this blockade. See

They are being sentenced for "heresy" (as a result of their beliefs). They
are not actually "heretical" in True Orthodox Christian terms. It is their
accusers, the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Greek Government who are.

Support the monks in maintaining their peaceful existence in the face of
state sponsored violence.


Adrian Whyatt ( )

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How I tracked down Terry Lloyd's killers (repost)

22-10-2006 18:33

ITN reporter Terry Lloyd was killed with an American bullet during the invasion of Iraq - the one where the 'liberators' were expected to be greeted with flowers (not their own friendly fire). A brave colleague went out there to confirm the truth. Here is the story.

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Cambridge Anarchist Cheerleaders! Recuiting Now!

22-10-2006 16:40

Recuiting Now!
Cambridge has long needed an Anarchist Cheerleading Squad and now Arts Council funding has been secured, the fun work of recruiting can begin.

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Hackney rise - more stories from the John McDonnell campaign

22-10-2006 16:28

John McDonnell is just late enough for this evening's political gathering in Hackney to spark a few nervous cellphone calls from a few nervous organisers. 'He's on his way,' they report to the crowd after the first call. 'He's probably underground,' they say after several attempts at a second. 'He's at Bethnal Green tube station waiting for a taxi,' they tell us after the third.

So, thing are a bit tense at the start. McDonnell's not the only one missing. The organisers - the Hackney TUC and the Leabridge branch of the Labour party - are concerned that there aren't enough people in the audience. Then suddenly, it becomes clear that are going to be too many, and that people will have to be turned away for health and safety reasons.

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Change to Worthing meeting

22-10-2006 15:48

Unfortunately, the Irish speakers from the Rossport Solidarity Camp in Mayo have had to postpone part of their English tour and will not be appearing at the Worthing Alliance meeting on Thursday October 26.

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Racism, another word that helps divide and silence

22-10-2006 15:33

The British people have suddenly awoken to the knowledge that their all inspiring multi-cultural system is in fact crumbling under the pressure of sectional ethnic interests that is causing greater division rather than uniting people under one flag of life. Ireland is about to experience the same problems that have being festering in England for far too long, but people in Ireland think they have a better hang on the problem and will not go down the same roads of racism silencing tones that vested groups use to keep us all from airing our concerns.The lions have awoken but have they awoken too late to solve their problems?

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Death in Custody in Ireland (I) / London Protest 28.10.

22-10-2006 15:09

Just one small example of politically motivated abuse ... (Irishvidhead / indy.i
Abuse of power knows no borders. Neither do the weak excuses and clumsy cover-ups of local police forces, 'independent' complaints authorities and courts alike. Though the irish Garda Síochána is far from reaching the extraordinary death toll of their UK-collegues (in average ONE FATALITY EVERY WEEK), concerning 'delay, denial and cover-up' plus harassing persistent relatives of the victims the Gardaí are perhaps even bolder.

Confronted by more and more scandalous episodes leaking to the public and the recent rise of persistent family campaigns demanding truly independent inquiries, the latter might be just about to change. Currently an ombudsman board is being installed.

In the UK also an 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission had been installed a few years ago (only after persistent family campaigning, just in case you were harboring any doubts). But still the 'friendly unarmed bobbies' kill far more people than police forces of other european countries, while factual immunity of officers prevails.

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Wangari Maathai as ambassador for NUFF Global!

22-10-2006 14:34

Green Belt Movement founder and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof Wangari Maathai supports the international youth cinema film idea and film competition on climate change NUFF Global.

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Remember Afghanistan and Iraq - Troops Out Now!

22-10-2006 14:00

The Oxford Stop the War Coalition has organised a rally with speakers around the theme: Remember Afghanistan and Iraq -- Troops Out Now! It will take place on Broad Street in the Oxford city centre on November 11, 2006 starting at 1 pm. All are welcome.

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22-10-2006 13:36


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200 More British Police in Calais

22-10-2006 13:05

There are many police officers and I know that the English police force is present at the wearing of Calais. These last times, some refugees said to me they have heard that 200 additional English police officers would have arrived in our city.

Indeed, I start to see appearing in the streets of the special vehicles, registered in the United Kingdom and which are the same of vehicles of police force.

Does anyone have any information for this special police force in Calais?

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22-10-2006 12:11

Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, the emissions from aviation are excluded from the Kyoto protocol and the government has a gargantuan plan of airport expansion over the coming decade. Its madness and we need to figure out what can we do to stop it!

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Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign and police at Starbucks, 21 October 2006

22-10-2006 11:52

Starbucks, New Street, Birmingham, 21 Oct 2006
On Saturday 21 October 2006 around a dozen people attended a vigil outside
Starbucks coffee shop in New Street, called by Birmingham Guantanamo
Campaign to draw attention to the fact that Starbucks also has a shop
at Guantanamo.

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Upon Red Rivers of Genocide

22-10-2006 11:39

For what can you call what is happening in Iraq in the first decade of the twenty-first century anything but genocide, the complete and systematic decimation – the annihilation – of an entire culture, of an entire society, of an entire nation?

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Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war on Lebanon - UK press look away

22-10-2006 10:53

Here's a story totally ignored by the UK press

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Surrender meeting

22-10-2006 10:23

Surrender meeting
Why was Blair "attack us with WMD in 45 minutes" not there.