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Wangari Maathai as ambassador for NUFF Global!

Hermann Greuel | 22.10.2006 14:34 | Culture | Ecology | Education

Green Belt Movement founder and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof Wangari Maathai supports the international youth cinema film idea and film competition on climate change NUFF Global.

Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) is arranging a global Youth Cinema project on climate change. The project is funded by Minor Foundation for Major Challenges in Oslo, Norway. The project will be presented at the World Environment Day June 5. 2007.

Climate change is one of the most serious problems the world faces today. All young people will have to deal with the consequences. The project is meant to stimulate and motivate young, film interested people to treat the subject in their own creative way.

The competition is divided in to parts until November 15th 2006 young filmmakers between 18 and 30 years old can submit theirs film ideas on climate change at NUFF Global. An international jury of film professionals and climate experts will find the ten best ideas and each will receive a production fund of ca. 5.000,- $ to make the idea to short movie which will be screened at the International World Environment Day in June 2007 during the Nordic Youth Film Festival in Tromsø, Norway.

The other part is a film competition where young filmmakers all over the world can submit their films on the theme climate change which are made in the last five years. Five to ten young filmmakers will be invited to participate at the Nordic Youth Film Festival in June 2007.

NUFF Global is supported by a list of public figures from all over the world. Today we are honored to announce the Green Belt Movement founder and 2004 Nobel peace prize winner Prof Wangari Maathai from Nairobi, Kenya and Prof Ole D. Mjøs chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee from Tromsø, Norway as ambassadors for NUFF Global.

Wangari Maathais motivation:
The situation, however, is serious because the youth of today will experience the consequences of their elders' mismanagement of the environment. The creative approach of NUFF Global will inspire young people to tell their own stories on Climate Change and to promote environmental sustainability.

Ole Mjøs motivation:
One of the most important challenges we have to face today – Climate Change and its consequences – causes often conflict! That’s why it is important to stimulate the creativity of youth to contribute with their voices like in projects NUFF Global is initiating.

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