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Hunt monitor Bryan Griffith found not guilty of manslaughter

17-03-2010 17:39

Bryan Griffith found not guilty
Today Hunt monitor Bryan Griffith has been found not guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence by a jury at Birmingham crown court.

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Workers' Fightback - Greek "State of War"/Sussex Solidarity/Junk mail

17-03-2010 16:44

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Court of Appeal Update + New Prisoner Number For Elijah Smith

17-03-2010 16:35

The crown prosecution admitted defeat, and chose not to take the arguement to the court of appeal.

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Néjàd vu, all over again: The media, 'pretext', context & 9/11

17-03-2010 16:02

authors of the report written in 2000 by the Project of the New American Century
The mainstream media's favorite scapegoat, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, resurfaced on Saturday amidst reports that he called the attacks of September 11, 2001 "a big lie."

According to the immediate and rabid response of virtually every Western news network around, this was simply the latest insane claim of the same raving madman who has previously threatened to wipe a foreign state off the map and denied the Holocaust.

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Waihopai Ploughshares activists acquitted by New Zealand jury

17-03-2010 15:49


Adrian Leason, Father Peter Murnane and Sam Land - the three men who were charged with intentional damage and unlawful entry at Waihopai spy base - have today expressed their thanks to the jury, the judge, and the prosecution and defence lawyers.

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Constructive Protest Voting

17-03-2010 14:56

Instead of "spoiling" ballot papers or staying away from the polls we can vote for None of the Above and add a powerful call for reform.

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Bloody Sunday - Free the Truth - Protest 20th March

17-03-2010 13:27

Bloody Sunday, 30th January 1972 was when British soldiers murdered fourteen peaceful demonstrators in Derry. The relatives of those killed and those who were wounded are still waiting for justice.
Please Support the Protest Vigil and Petitioning on Sat 20th March 12.00 - 2pm Victoria Square Birmingham City Centre

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NATO'S Fire Sale - One Dead Afghan Child, $2,000

17-03-2010 13:15

On January 11, 2010, we sent out a media alert titled, ‘Were Afghan children executed by US-led forces? And why aren't the media interested?’

The alert concerned credible reports that American-led troops had dragged Afghan children from their beds and shot them during a night raid in Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan on December 27 last year. Ten people were killed, including eight schoolboys from one family. We noted that the alleged atrocity had been almost wholly ignored by the corporate media, including the BBC.

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Titnore Woods - amazing victory!

17-03-2010 12:21

IN A TOTALLY unexpected move, Worthing borough councillors have thrown out the 875-home housing scheme threatening Titnore Woods.

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A Bad Week For Minorities In The South

17-03-2010 11:19

This Week's goings on in Hampshire and Surrey including new regional infomation on institutional racism, religious intolerance and fox hunting.

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Black outs in Thessaloniki - Clashes in Athens

17-03-2010 11:18

German Radio reports during the night: Workers´ strikes lead to powercuts in parts of Thessaloniki, in Athens police uses stun grenades against youths.

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Probation Offices Attacked in Bristol

17-03-2010 10:23

At 2am on 17 March, anarchists attacked the inner-city probation offices in Stokes Croft, Bristol.

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Resistance film festival

17-03-2010 00:51

Edinburgh AFed are curating a one-day, free, film festival on Saturday 20th March, celebrating “cultures of resistance” across the world, the diverse films share the theme of collective action against political or economic injustice.

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Report on protest against BNP Sutton meeting

16-03-2010 23:23

The BNP held a fundraising dinner in the East Midlands on Sunday (March 14). There was a hastily arranged protest against it.

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16-03-2010 22:27

So what exactly happened at Pogo’s recently?
Many people are asking questions and demanding answers. The focus of the whole debacle seems to be some non-vegan produce in a freezer.

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50 face imminent deportation to Iraq

16-03-2010 22:24

More than fifty men from northern Iraq have been given deportation tickets telling them they will be removed to Erbil in the Kurdistan Regional Government controlled area in northern Iraq. The 50 are currently being held in immigration prisons in Heathrow, Gatwick and Doncaster. They told the detainees that they will be removed at 6pm tomorrow morning (17 March). The tickets state that they will be:

‘removed no sooner than 7 days and no later than 22 days from the date of this notice’.

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KFC protest

16-03-2010 21:48

Animal rights activists target cruel KFC

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World Day for Lab Animals - Yorkshire Coach

16-03-2010 20:59

World Day for Lab Animals - Yorkshire Coach

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Flashback:How the forgotten city of Halabja became the launchpad for war on Iraq

16-03-2010 18:24

Tony Blair, George Bush and Jose Maria Aznar at the Azores Summit, 16 March 2003
When the Bush administration went to war with Iraq in March 2003, the centerpiece of its justification for war was weapons of mass destruction.

But its precise timing was driven, in large part, by the March 16 anniversary of the poison gas attack on the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja. On the fifth and twentieth anniversaries of these two tragic events, a study of the connection between them reveals a deliberate pattern of twisting and fabricating intelligence to meet policy objectives.

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tesco resistance in bristol - quick report

16-03-2010 17:05

There has been a spirited defence of the building today

The occupiers received a tip off from Trinity rd police station which gave them advance notice that the baliffs and police were preparing to leave.

They arrived at about 10am and initially tried to keep the road open. This proved futile and the road outside has been closed for most of the day.

It took the baliffs at least an hour to gain access to areas of the building. Several people had positioned themselved on scaffolding tripods and ladders to make eviction more difficult.