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Probation Offices Attacked in Bristol

Hooligans with Conscience | 17.03.2010 10:23 | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

At 2am on 17 March, anarchists attacked the inner-city probation offices in Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Paintbombs were thrown, the windows destroyed, were to personnel gates locks attached and slogans " No prison - no State" and " For Lambros" on the walls were spray-painted. This activity is inaugurated on the death of our comrade Lambros of Athens in Greece, who was murdered by cops and represents part of our active denial of the control system. This attack came also in solidarity with Alfredo and Christos, with G20 and Gaza defendants, and with all prisoners who fight.

Hooligans with Conscience

Hooligans with Conscience


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  2. Well done, Mr. Taxpayer. — anarchist; self employed person who works form home.
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  4. "fuck the police, jail the judges, burn the prisons" — @
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  6. vandalism isn't big and it isn't clever — real anarchist
  7. solidarity people! — Burn them prisons
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