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Bristol Coffee Day Report (again - HTML version)

11-09-2001 12:06

Report from Bristol's Coffee Day (again)

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DSEI - report of unreasonable police behaviour

11-09-2001 12:04

Eye witness report of unreasonable police behaviour, particularly from officer 1305.

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DSEI and Oppressive Regimes

11-09-2001 11:59

Richard Bingly talks about preventing weapons from being sold to oppressive regimes.

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DSEI procession starts

11-09-2001 11:54

A quick intro about the procession

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’Anti-Globals’ Use Internet As Collective Intelligence

11-09-2001 11:46

The G-8 summit in Genoa was marked in large part by a huge and unbalanced media extravaganza. It’s probably where the journalists of tomorrow are learning the trade.

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Rupert Murdoch joins RTS

11-09-2001 11:29

Thinking Global; Acting Global: the challenges to the UK tv industry
Rupert Murdoch is in town to talk about his global media empir in Kings College, Cambridge at the Royal Television Soceity (RTS)

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How to Rule the World

11-09-2001 08:32

The leaders of the free world present a glowing example to the rest of the planet...

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G8: Throwing up

11-09-2001 07:54

G8: Throwing up
Genoa: one more photo... it could only be panic...

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Ok, here's the photo...

11-09-2001 07:18

Ok, here's the photo...
one more moment in Genoa...

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Statistics for reflexion

11-09-2001 07:04

Half the world -- nearly three billion people -- live on less than two dollars a day.
The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the poorest 48 nations (i.e. a quarter of the world's countries) is less than the wealth of the world's three richest people combined.
Nearly a billion people will enter the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.
Less than one per cent of what the world spends every year on weapons would be needed to put every child into school by the year 2000.

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Dying of Consumption

11-09-2001 06:59

The more we spend, the happier we become. Probably.

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3 arrested for anti-arms trade grafitti at Excel

11-09-2001 01:32

Three people were arrested on Sunday night on suspicion of daubing anti-arms trade slogans on buildings close to the DSEi arms fair at the Excel centre in London docklands.

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DSEI update: Police set-up foiled!

11-09-2001 00:00

Police created an elaborate set-up in an attempt to arrest a man tonight (Monday 10th Sept) in connection with the arms trade protest set to take place tomorrow Indymedia has learned.

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Public Meeting In Brighton

10-09-2001 21:53

"Why we're protesting at McLabour Conference"

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10-09-2001 21:42

Breaking News

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burn baby burn!

10-09-2001 21:40

burn baby burn!
genova brucia!

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Update on Excel centre this evening

10-09-2001 20:22

Reda the latest report on the atmosphere down at the Excel centre in London's Docklands

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Bristol Coffee Day Report

10-09-2001 16:55

Report and pictures fromBristol's Coffee Day.

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10-09-2001 15:07

Soy pintor (no tengo ni casa y vivo en un estudio que me dejó un amigo. Gano lo justo para comer el día a día). Obras mías forman parte de la colección de Arrabal, Darío Fo, Kundera, Umberto Eco, Cela, Alberti,Jean Baudrillard, Vanarsky, Albiac..Pues bien regalé una obra al IES de Celanova y la tiraron a la basura.

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Paul Robinson Solidarity demo pic.

10-09-2001 13:52

Paul Robinson Solidarity demo pic.
Solidarity for Paul.