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Open Letter To The People of Barnet

11-06-2014 16:12

A message of solidarity to the people of Barnet explaining the efforts of the community in Cat Hill to protect their environment from ruthless landlords London and Quadrant.

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Show your support against FIFA

11-06-2014 15:37

The World Cup is not only a Brazilian problem, thousands are made into slaves in Qatar while Zaha Hadid and Pele were saying deaths among workers are just normal.
FIFA's use of public money claims for international riots!!!!

Anybody knows of people gathering in London tomorrow?Where shall we go to express who we really support?

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exiles in Calais - hunger strike has begun

11-06-2014 14:59

Refugees have been occupying the food distribution centre in Calais, France, for the past two weeks since the evictions of the three camps where they had been living. They have tried to negotiate with the city to be able to live in decent conditions and free from police harassment. However for over a week they have heard nothing from the authorities. Today at 10am a group of people have begun a hunger strike and released a list of their demands and motivations. Please support and spread to networks and media contacts.

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4 Arsons against Bristol's cellular transmission infrastructure over 24 Hours

11-06-2014 12:54

Around Bristol between June 9th-10th, we left 7 mobile phone antennae in flames. Daily continuation of capitalist society is dependent on uninterrupted flows (of goods, people, data, and energy) and the communications grid is no exception. The limited uses most of us can make from these flows only mask the way they are mainly used to oversee and impose the dominant order, and increase its' reach and control. You need only look to how the values of connectivity, speed, and mobility that are embodied in a mobile phone (for example) facilitate a relentless consumer culture and the requirement to be available and flexible at all times: as much for the benefit of the boss and the advertiser as for your family or friends. This is fully consistent with the modern restructuring and decentralisation of the gigantic productive system which this society subjects us to. Hindering all this was our objective.

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London Boris Johnson PR front Evening Standard has been blocking comments

10-06-2014 15:42

Today's the day when Sarah Sands, the unofficial Boris Johnson Special Adviser and sometime Editor of Two-Beards' Evening Standard is sharing the global Civilisation platform thanks top Angelina Jolie. The ES has got Jolie all over the paper's prints today. In the Editorial, Sarah Sands reiterates her Conservative and Boris Johnson dedications. But comments on the pieces are barred. From a number of London campaigners.

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A Tribute to Filipino Labor Leader Romy Castillo

10-06-2014 12:10

Romy Castillo
Who was labor leader Romy Castillo to this young activist?

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Open Letter to Wrexham Council about Armed Forces Day

09-06-2014 18:57

Advertising pillar outside Wrexham's Guildhall

North Wales Armed Forces Day is this year being held in Wrexham. We are being asked to 'celebrate' and 'thank' our Armed Forces without any critical analysis of the recent conflicts they have been involved in. The event will be used by the military as a recruitment exercise, and much of this will be aimed at children.

Over 100 people have signed an open letter to Wrexham County Borough Council protesting its promotion, sponsorship and funding of this event and the use of a picture of a toddler in military gear to advertise it. The council has yet to respond.

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National demonstration against austerity cuts. Saturday June 21st.

09-06-2014 17:46

There will be a national demonstration and free festival against austerity cuts on Saturday the 21st of June in central London. Assemble 1pm at the BBC HQ, Portland Place, nearest tubes Regents Park, Great Portland Street and Oxford Circus. Then march to Parliament Square.

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Franz Ferdinand’s assassination anniversary: Anti-war walk and film 27-28 June,

06-06-2014 18:38

100 years since the assassination of Franz Ferdinand:

A TOUR OF WHITEHALL – remembering the victims and opponents of World War 1
Saturday 28 June, 1.30pm, Parliament Square

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New meetup group for Yorkshire Lesbians

06-06-2014 05:58

New meetup group for gay women across Yorkshire. Primarily aged at thenover 40s, but everyone is able to join. We try and do events that are a bit different, sonfeel free to sign up, attemd and post events.

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UG#684 - The Supranational Deep State (Deep Politics and Middle East Oil)

05-06-2014 18:06

Do you find yourself wondering what's really going on, having seen through some one set of lies, whether you are now faced with another, more carefully crafted set of untruths? Two contributors this week take a close look at the murky bu$ine$$ of Deep Politics. We begin with a new speaker, Charlotte Dennett, who suggests that underneath a lot of facades the Middle East oil (and its exploitation by foreign powers) lies at the heart of geopolitics - including both world wars. In our second hour, a compendious 2014 essay by Peter Dale Scott on "The State, the Deep State and the Wall Street Overworld". Scott reveals superficially separate incidents of political malfeasance such as the Safari Club, BCCI and Adnan Khashoggi are in fact all symptoms of a single political malaise that he terms a "Supranational Deep State".

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05-06-2014 15:14

Something troubling is quietly underway in the Western world, that portion of the world’s governments who style themselves as liberal democracies and free societies. Through a number of avenues, people’s assumptions about the role of government are being undermined as their governments evolve towards a pattern established in the United States.

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Vegan Festival Newcastle upon Tyne

05-06-2014 09:20

One of the largest vegan festivals in the UK will be hosted this summer at Newcastle upon Tyne, hundreds of stall holders and thousands of attendees will arrive from all corners of Europe.

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Temperature Rising as more Arrests are made at West Newton

05-06-2014 03:25

Ditches at the West Newton Site
Activists arrested as anger rises due to waste spillages.

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No UK troops for Nato's Ukraine war games

04-06-2014 16:14

The crisis in Ukraine is fast escalating into a civil and proxy war. Given these circumstances, it is quite extraordinary that NATO is planning war games in Ukraine this July. UK and US troops are due to participate alongside Ukrainian troops in joint military exercises as part of NATO’s ‘Rapid Trident’ manoeuvres.

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Police Spies Demo

04-06-2014 12:13

A demo has been called by Police Spies Out Of Our Lives tommorow 5th June outside 'The Royal Courts of Justice' , The Strand , London from 9am to 10.

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Pope’s unbalanced neutrality in Holy Land

04-06-2014 05:09

The pontiff’s message to the Palestinian people during his three-day “pilgrimage” to the Holy Land boils down to an endorsement of the Israeli and U.S. message to them, i.e.: “The only route to peace” is to negotiate with the Israeli occupying power, refrain from unilateral actions and “violent” resistance and recognize Israel as a fait accompli.

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Calais sea festival/ Evictions and resistance

03-06-2014 19:55

The migrants evicted from the camps have occupied the place of food distribution; the police will not evict them until the end of the week.... we need to use the festival as an occasion to raise awareness/ spread information - since three migrant camps housing well over 600 refugees and migrants were evicted for the occasion!

Three squats opened by No Borders/ Salut a toit, housing over 100 migrants, are also under eviciton and could be evicted any moment.

The women's squat in Victor Hugo will not be evicted thanks to successful campaigning and will stay until the women and children are re- housed in a better place -however we are no more there, since the prefect Denis Robin ordered the association Solid'R to take it over, else it would close it!

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Istanbul's Gezi protests: the first Anniversary

03-06-2014 15:19

Spring 2013 saw anger over a disposal of a park giving birth to Turkey's largest wave of protests seen in decades and a new, rising awareness over much wider area of political issues. When reaching its first Anniversary - what remains of the Gezi spirit and just how big of a mark did it leave in the end?