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Vegan Festival Newcastle upon Tyne

Mark James | 05.06.2014 09:20 | Animal Liberation | Liverpool | World

One of the largest vegan festivals in the UK will be hosted this summer at Newcastle upon Tyne, hundreds of stall holders and thousands of attendees will arrive from all corners of Europe.

We’re delighted to be bringing the First Vegan Festival ever to be held in Newcastle upon Tyne in July 2014, the festival will attract thousands of people from all across the UK!

With around 150 companies exhibiting and around 2000 registrations expected, the Newcastle Vegan Festival is set to be the regions first vegan and animal welfare festival. There is no better way to market, promote and develop your vegan business this year. Exhibitors will be offering a wide variety of vegan produce, including cakes and chocolate, hot takeaway food, make up, clothing, pet treats and cheese.

Stalls - Health food shops, local food producers, ethical clothing and gifts, cosmetics, a dedicated smoothie and juice stand, information stalls, animal sanctuaries, campaigners etc.

Speakers - We will have speakers such as Neil Robinson come along to chat about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle.

Screenings - We have screening licence to publicly view some of the most ground breaking documentaries.

Social Media - We will extensively promote your business on our vegan social media pages, including our Vegan Kitchen Facebook page that has over 12,000 vegan followers and our Twitter page with has over 17,000 vegan followers.

Location – Superb location in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, Saturdays are always busy in Newcastle. Our venue is located very near to two of the countries best Universities.

Newcastle Vegan Festival
Saturday 26th July 2014
10am - 6pm
The CastleGate
Newcastle upon Tyne

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