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13-09-2005 19:19



Meet Eros statue,Picadillly Circus. 6.15pm sharp.

Bring bikes, bells and noise. We'll cycle to the Dorchester Hotel, to meet the main protest.

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Baby diaper bloc confront arms dealers

13-09-2005 18:46

let's get dem trains kids!
Pictures from the Baby bloc today at Custom House DLR where kids and their friends suceeded in staging a sit-down protest at the top of the steps for over half an hour.

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East End Adversaries

13-09-2005 18:29

Image of front page of DSEi paper
In the week preceeding the start of protests against DSEi, europes largest arms fair, 10,000 newpapers about the issue were printed and distributed.

The 8 page paper was delivered to an estimated 90% of streets in the Canning Town, Customs House and Beckton directly north of the Excel Centre in Docklands which hosts the event.

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13-09-2005 18:16

This was a march from East Ham Central Park to as close to the Excel Centre as the police would permit, which was not very close.

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Solidarity appeal from Poland

13-09-2005 17:24

Appeal for solidarity with polish activist facing persecution

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13-09-2005 16:56

Jingoism is more important than killing people for profit.

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If we can't beat them, burn them

13-09-2005 16:36

"A new draft US defense paper calls for preventive nuclear strikes against state and non-state adversaries in order to deter them from using weapons of mass destruction and urges US troops to "prepare to use nuclear weapons effectively."

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Pics from CAAT Anti-DSEi March (tues 13th sept)

13-09-2005 16:27

Pictures from today's CAAT march against DSEi arms fair. The march met up at East Ham Central Park and left around 1pm heading towards the Excel Centre where the arms fair is being held.

The march got as close as it could without breaking through police lines, where it paused just past connaught bridge underpass for speeches against the arms trade from local campaigners, including a local councillor.

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Diaper DSEi Baby Bloc Invincibility Police Pics

13-09-2005 16:17

Pics from this mornings baby bloc action outside Custom House docklands railway station.

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Office REED Elsevier targeted in the Netherlands - Destroy DSEi

13-09-2005 14:02

Last night anti-militarist activists of Onkruit decorated the head office of Reed Elsevier in Amsterdam in the Netherlands with slogans and paint bombs.
The action is a protest against the involvement of Reed in the organisation of the DSEi arms fair.

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False Hopes: The Debate about Growth

13-09-2005 13:22

"Developed industrial countries do not need global economic growth but a better distribution of economic success and a palette of goods and services corresponding to the real needs of people.. The dependence of tax revenues and social spending on economic growth is a homemade fairylale.."

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And then the Amber Slips - Josephs Well 12th October

13-09-2005 13:10

Political progressive Indy 4 piece, And then the Amber Slips to play gig at Josephs well 12th October.

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British SWP covers for union betrayal of Gate Gourmet workers

13-09-2005 12:51

British SWP covers for union betrayal of Gate Gourmet workers
By Paul Mitchell
12 September 2005

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Police Searching Flats in Berlin as NATO conference goes on

13-09-2005 12:24

Parallel to the DSEi arms fair in London, NATO defense ministers are meeting in Berlin. This was not left without reaction.

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The state of our health

13-09-2005 10:49

Bristle 20 cover (B&W)
“Welcome once more to Bristle, the quality-assured organ of excellence for revolutionary transformation. This issue finds the Bristle Collective in celebratory & retrospective mood (and not just because we’ve got the fewest typo errors ever!). We are bristling merry in our spiky birthday suits, happy to be celebrating the young punks 20th anniversary."

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13-09-2005 08:32

Thames Magistrates’ Court, Bow Road E3, 9.30 am, Wednesday 14 September: Two activists who occupied the offices of Windrush Communications – the organizer of a string of Iraq-related business conferences – will challenge the legality of privatization measures imposed on Iraq by the US and UK at their trial next Wednesday.

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Clarkson Slob Gets His Just Deserts

13-09-2005 07:04

Well done.

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New Orleans - Nat'l Guard and Army,Police, etc,Refusing To Allow Animal Rescues,

13-09-2005 05:50

Action Needed!

The army can rescue the pets and abandoned animals. The animals can be housed in army portacabins and warehouses. The poor and displaced victims of the hurricane katrina have the right to have their pets rescued from death. The people of New Orleans deserve to be reunited with their loved pet family members. The governments were too slow to save people, now they should save animals while they can.

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12-09-2005 23:47

Held at the Cube Microplex on 9/11/2005. These audio recordings are complete. Part 1 is a film about 9/11 (audio only) and Part 2 is a Question and Answers session from an ex-M16 agent called David Shayler (audio only too)

Please give it a couple of minutes to settle down, it is audible !

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DSEi Candelit Procession + Prayer Vigil @ Excel - Pics

12-09-2005 23:18

Pictures from Monday's anti-arms fair candle light procession and prayer vigil. Around 150 people gathered on Monday (12th sept), meeting at Tidal Basin Road at around 6.30pm before processing inside the security cordon right up to the Excel centre. A silent multi-faith prayer vigil was held as an opportunity to reflect upon the silent voices of the human tragedy of war.