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What is Blair waiting for?

19-04-2007 22:41

A worrying thought from The Peoples United Collective.

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The New Shopping Order

19-04-2007 22:02

Do we really care about our shopping habits, or have we just become enveloped in a commercial fantasy that won't let us go? This article offers a way out of our biggest addiction.

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gathering anticivilization 2007

19-04-2007 21:33

After the success of the last gathering in Tavertet, we are calling for a new one this year. It will take place the 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September.

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Letter from David Vengas Reyes, political prisoner in Oaxaca

19-04-2007 20:21

Letter from David Vengas Reyes, political prisoner in Oaxaca

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Bath Climate Camp evicted - BUT THE DEMOS ARE STILL HAPPENING!

19-04-2007 20:06

Bath Climate Camp was today evicted by a stupidly large number of cops, part of a stupidly large polioce operation involving random stop and searches at the train station and on the streets - The reason for the eviction? Section 63 of the CRB - we were apparentley using the demo as a pretext for a free party!

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The Virginia Tech massacre—social roots of another American tragedy

19-04-2007 17:21

A day after the mass killing at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, along with grief and dismay, some reflections on life in the US are clearly in order. The event was horrifying, but no one who has followed the evolution of American society over the past quarter-century will be entirely shocked.

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International Climate Conference! (London)

19-04-2007 15:39

Campaign against Climate Change
Saturday 12 May & Sunday 13 May
London School of Economics, Houghton Streeet, London WC2

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Come to the Oxford Action Resource Centre Benefit Gig! Sat 28th April

19-04-2007 14:03

Benefit Gig for OARC
OARC gig to save our social space.

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Election Leaflet

19-04-2007 13:53

With a difference

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London Mayday 07' - Join the Autonomous Workers Bloc!

19-04-2007 12:50


// Join the Autonomous Workers Block

// 12pm Clerkenwell Green behind the red and black flags

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Take action to protect Freedom of Information Act

19-04-2007 11:42

David Mclean, MP for Penrith, is trying to hide the democratic process by putting forward a private members bill that will remove Parliament from being subject to the Freedom of Information Act (see release from CFOI below). Please contact Mclean and your MP, asking them to work towards making Parliament open and democratic, and not to hide its workings from the people

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'Government policy is racist!' says UCU head

19-04-2007 10:57

Alively Tower Hamlets Save ESOL public meeting, attended by over 100 people, heard from a wide range of speakers last night. Amongst them was Paul Mackney (Joint head of UCU) who pulled no punches about the governments proposals to end free entitlement to ESOL classess from September this year.

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The West Bank & Gaza: the largest open-air prisons constructed in human history

19-04-2007 10:26

On the 4th April 2007 the Daily Telegraph published an article about the second-class treatment afforded to Israel's Arab citizens. Not normally known for daring to risk incurring the ire of far right Zionist extremists, it is wonderful to see the Daily Telegraph highlighting this important and often much neglected issue. Shocking as the treatment of Israeli Arabs is, it is of course just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Art of Misinformation and Crowd Management

19-04-2007 03:55

In answer to growing animosity and the widely held view that the USA is a pariah among nations, compensatory responses from U.S. propagandists are becoming more frequent. The following media ‘staff report’ has been released to a number of international media outlets; India, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand to name the few. However, the ‘news’ release has received little coverage elsewhere, especially in locations familiar with U.S. double standards and hypocrisy. We refer to two Australian releases for our brief analysis.

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SMASH EDO MBM call for court picket

19-04-2007 03:06

april 23-27 brighton magistrates court...9.45 am

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Disparaging the white working-class

18-04-2007 23:46

From Little Britain, to newspaper opinion columns. The message is clear: the white working classes are fat, lazy, thick morons and as such they can be spoken of in ways that would be unthinkable if applied to blacks or Asians.

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More and more Jews reject putting support for Israel over Palestinians

18-04-2007 22:50

It is the solidarity of which I speak that is now being unveiled in pockets across Britain, in universities, unions and most importantly in various Jewish associations. The significance of this reality cannot be over stated. As the status-quo trembles at the shattering of it’s tranquility by those it had claimed as its own even they are aware that any decisive change in Israeli policy will come from within Israel. This development though, has the effect of exfoliating the most powerful of the Israeli government’s protective veneers, the claim, having always given it an aura of moral invulnerability that they and their sponsors abroad speak for Jews everywhere. Such a mass of falsehood and arrogance has come to surround the state of Israel that even the most obvious truths, when they are stated, sound like the greatest of revelations. Here is one that should now be apparent; it is not the state of Israel that makes the Jews, but the Jews that make the state of Israel . . . though even that is but part of the story.

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Petras and Finkelstein: "The Lobby": AIPAC and US Foreign Policy

18-04-2007 21:58

Following is a transcriipt of a debate between James Petras and Norman Finkelstein hosted by Hagit Borer on "The Lobby": AIPAC and US Foreign Policy. An mp3 of the Radio Intifada show which was recorded on 8th Feburary 2007 is attached. Radio Intifada is a weekly one hour radio show on KPFA,

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EDO MBM Hide Evidence of War Crimes

18-04-2007 20:46

EDO MBM have removed references to the 'Zero Force Retention Arming Unit' from their UK website just a few days before it was to be used as evidence in the defence of three anti war protesters.

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My Nuclear Tower

18-04-2007 19:59

My tower of Energy could produce:
1/ The Anti-Big Bang process
2/ The ultimate reservory of an Anti-Matter system through
3/ The Mini-black holes intermediate formation
4/ The Stable Gigahomogein formation of mini-suns
5/ An infinit source of a clean nuclear energy