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Bath Climate Camp evicted - BUT THE DEMOS ARE STILL HAPPENING!

(less) Happy Camper x | 19.04.2007 20:06 | Climate Chaos | Repression | Oxford

Bath Climate Camp was today evicted by a stupidly large number of cops, part of a stupidly large polioce operation involving random stop and searches at the train station and on the streets - The reason for the eviction? Section 63 of the CRB - we were apparentley using the demo as a pretext for a free party!

But the demos will go on as planned, and crash space is avaidable -
*Friday - office hours - Demo at Land and Marine HQ near the A4 on Lower Bristol Rd
*saturday, party against petrol - meet 12 noon at Bath Abbey

If you were thinking of coming along, please still do, toshow the cops that thier bullying tactics won't stop our resistance!

(less) Happy Camper x
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  1. Arse! — Gutted
  2. Do you mean the Licensing Act — Sean
  3. Section 63 Criminal Justice Act, not licensing — streetlawyer
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